B&B Monday Update 7/4/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/4/16


Written By Anthony
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Liam continues to watch as Brooke and Bill kiss in the other room. Brooke tells Bill that they cannot keep doing this. It has to stop. Liam looks shocked and in disbelief.

In Steffy’s backyard Katie and her get together a party. Katie thinks this is nice getting everyone together for a celebration. Katie was thinking about inviting Brooke. Steffy doesn’t have a problem with it. Katie knows she just wanted to keep it family. Steffy tells her she can invite anyone she wants so long as her name isn’t Quinn.

Quinn and Eric continue to kiss. Eric asks if she just took a chance he would be there. Quinn is glad she did. Eric is as well but his family wouldn’t be. Steffy would be furious if she saw him with her. Quinn reminds him that it is independence day. Everyone is off at a barbeque or getting ready to watch fireworks. His car looked so lonely in the driveway. She was just wondering if he was lonely too.

Liam starts to head for the door. He walks into the hallway. He looks like he has seen a ghost. He starts to remember finding the earring on the bed. Allison walks by and is shocked he is still here. She informs him that Bill is still busy but she can give him a message. Liam doesn’t even know what he would say.

Bill tells Brooke that he is not letting her go. Brooke thinks they have to. Bill believes that they have both tried and it doesn’t work. Brooke knows she shouldn’t have come here. Bill tells her to not go. Brooke thinks that he belongs with Katie and Will. Brooke explains this is the last time this is happening. She runs off.

In Steffy’s living room Katie can tell that Steffy needed a day off from Quinn. Katie hopes that aside from Quinn that Steffy and Wyatt are doing well. She knows that it was complicated when Liam came back. Steffy knows it is a cliché for a wife to complain about her husband’s mother but Quinn is evil. This is difficult for Wyatt but she doesn’t want her anywhere near family.

Eric asks if Quinn doesn’t have plans for today. Quinn wouldn’t say that. Quinn asks if he needs to be persuaded. Eric needs to know that she understands him. He enjoys her company but that is as far as this goes. Given the history she has with his family this cannot go any further. The two start to kiss passionately.

Katie asks if Quinn is worried that Quinn will show up today. Steffy tells her that she better not if she knows what is best for her. Katie wonders if Bill knows about this. Steffy believes that Quinn just needs to grasp what is right. That is how she can make it up to her. Katie assumes that she can never forgive her. Steffy cannot. Wyatt walks in and says hello to Katie. He informs them that the waves outside are awesome if they want to get in some surfing. Steffy says maybe later. Katie has to run home for a minute but will be back later. Wyatt asks if she needs him to do anything. Steffy will need him to be on the grill later. Wyatt can do that. He wonders if there will be fireworks. Steffy is sure there will be fireworks especially if Quinn shows up. Wyatt looks shocked by her response.

Quinn and Eric are naked under a blanket in bed. Quinn asks if he is still worried that they do not understand each other. She thinks they just proved they did. Eric believes that he has been flirting with dangerous woman his entire life. His brother is the one who travels and gets into wild situations but he is the one who manages to find danger. Quinn believes that she finds trouble wherever she comes. Eric wonders when he will stop finding that attractive. Quinn would be honored to know that she is his type. Eric appreciates her. Quinn wouldn’t be here if he didn’t. They kiss again.

In Katie’s kitchen Brooke walks in with her. Brooke was shocked to get her call. She assumed that Katie and Bill have plans for the holiday. Katie does. She asked her here because she wants her to join them. Brooke starts to think about Bill.

Bill looks out the window of his office. Liam walks in and slams the door behind him. He asks if he is disturbing him rudely. Bill asks what it is annoyed. Liam just wanted a word with the great and powerful OZ. He is just standing there and they all just bow down to him because they respect his judgment. He is not the leader he pretends to be. He is a hypocrite.

Steffy tells Wyatt that his mother better not crash this party. Wyatt doesn’t want Steffy to worry. Steffy wonders if Quinn even works or is with Deacon. Wyatt doesn’t care. She is keeping her distance. Steffy asks if he has ever known his mother to give up. Wyatt suggests that she has learned a lesson. Steffy asks where she is and with whom. Steffy hopes he is right. She better stay away from her and her family.

Quinn doesn’t think the show is over. He could call for an encore. Eric doesn’t want her to think he isn’t tempted. Eric has to go see his family. Quinn knows it isn’t an option for her to go with him to the party. Eric wouldn’t do that to Steffy. He cannot keep doing this. Quinn asks why they are stopping if they are not hurting anyone. Eric believes she is fantastic but this is not going to go anywhere. Quinn tells him that he needs to keep telling himself that and to start believing it. She doesn’t want him to get attached. Eric kisses her hand. Quinn smiles.

Brooke asks where she wants them to join them. Katie explains that it is just Wyatt and Steffy’s house. It is just family but she wants Brooke to come.

Bill tells Liam that if he wants to talk then he can talk. He needs to cool his jets. Liam believed him. He listened to him go on about how family meant everything. That was the same day he found his napping room and the earring he claimed belonged to Katie. Bill thinks that he lost him. Liam wants to hear the lecture one last time. Bill doesn’t like this attitude. Liam thinks it is bad enough that he wants to be unfaithful but his wife’s sister. Katie loves him but he does this to her. Bill doesn’t think his private life is any of his concern. Bill explains that Brooke and him have an adult arrangement. Liam knows what an affair is. He is concerned about Katie. Liam knows why Katie has been going through hell lately and now he knows why. He tried to keep his feelings from Steffy bottled up. He tried to keep his example. Liam asks why he should do that. Everything he says is a lie. He is a liar.

Wyatt doesn’t think that Steffy even needs to worry about Quinn. He was careful to not even mention it to her. Steffy asks if he saw her and when. Wyatt did earlier that day. At her apartment. He wanted to make sure she was ok. He thinks she seemed better. Steffy doesn’t want Quinn thinking she can just show up here. Wyatt believes that Quinn knows that already. She is just hoping that someday that will change. For now it looks like she is just looking for a fresh start.

Quinn cannot go back in the past or change the mistakes she made. All she can do is move forward.

Katie still struggles sometimes. She can admit that. Brooke thinks they all day. Katie admits that her life was just out of control. It devastated her to find out that Brooke still has feelings for Bill. Brooke never intended to hurt her. Katie does know that. It is wrong of her to accuse her of doing anything. Katie doesn’t want her to rehash the past. She wants to move on. She is trying to make peace with what they had. Katie knows she never would have done it. She will keep telling herself that. Katie needs her in her life.

Liam saw Bill with Brooke just now. Bill asks what he could have seen. Liam saw enough to know that it has been going on for a while. Liam tells Bill that Katie has been consumed with doubt. Bill explains that Katie is afraid that he is going to leave her. He isn’t though. He is committed to his marriage. Liam asks who he is lying to right now. She isn’t afraid he is going to leave her. She is afraid that he is going to cheat on her. Bill tells him that his involvement with Brooke which didn’t go as far as he thinks it did is over. Liam reminds him that Katie is on pills and had a heart transplant. Bill knows that and that is why he isn’t going to say anything. Liam is going to say something. He doesn’t get to tell him something anymore. He doesn’t get to cheat on his wife. Bill figures out that this is about Steffy. Liam thinks that it sure is part of it. He only stayed out of it because Spencer men stay committed. Liam wants to see Bill do that first then. Liam wants to see how strong Spencer men should be and tell the truth. Liam doesn’t have to listen to any of this. He doesn’t think Bill live up the sword. Bill asks what Liam is doing. Liam is going to get the girl.

Steffy sits by her window. She goes into her purse and finds the sea shell Liam gave her. She remembers that it is a reminder that it means that they will get back to each other and be together again. Steffy puts it away.

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