B&B Friday Update 7/1/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/1/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy works out on the Sky lounge. She keeps hearing Liam in her mind telling her she loves him. Steffy starts beating the heck out of a punching bag, Thomas walks out and decides he will not be sparing with her. Steffy doesn't know what he is talking about and continues to punch the bag. Thomas assumes it has to do with Liam.

Katie is in her kitchen. She turns around from the sink and Liam is standing there waving hello. Katie laughs. She is embarrassed. Liam asks why. Katie knows that he is checking up on her. Liam claims that he is a little concerned. Katie promises that she is fine. She shouldn't have said that stuff. Katie promises she is ok. Bill is ok. Brooke is ok.

Bill thanks Brooke for coming. Brooke shouldn't have. Bill notes that she did and that tells him that she doesn't like how they left things either. Brooke isn't betraying Katie.

Wyatt thanks Quinn for allowing him to come to her motel room. He knows that she cannot come to his house. Quinn suggests that might change someday. Wyatt tells Quinn to drop that. Quinn will take what she can get. Wyatt thinks something is different about her and says no again.

Eric looks out the window of his room and thinks about Quinn.

Steffy thinks that sometimes working out is just working out. Thomas gets a phone call. He picks it up. It is Eric. Eric wonders if he has plans for lunch. Thomas does. He can cancel though. He wonders what is going on. Eric promises that it is fine and says to have a good time.

Quinn wants Wyatt to tell her what he means. Wyatt doesn't know. She has positive glow about her. Quinn thinks it is because he is here letting her be a part of his life. Wyatt promises that she will always be a part of his life. Quinn wonders if that will be the case if his wife has anything to say about it.

Katie suggests that the next time she acts like that to just slap her across the face. Liam could not resort to violence and remind her that Bill is crazy about her. Katie knows. Liam promises that while Bill bends the rules about a lot of things Katie has never been one of them. She has no reason to doubt him.

Brooke wants to know about last night. Bill went to Katie and tried to reach out. He tried to reassure her. Brooke is glad. He just has to do that every day and eventually… Bill assumes she means that he will forget he has feelings for her but that will never happen.

Steffy asks if Eric is ok. Thomas says he invited him to lunch and hasn't done that in a while. Steffy is sure he is just worried about him. Thomas guesses but he should be more worried with Steffy than him. Steffy only has one problem and that is Quinn.

Wyatt asks if she can blame Steffy for wanting to stay away from her. Quinn doesn't but she wants to prove she is not a problem. Wyatt needs her to stay away from Steffy, the company, and her family. She needs to stay away.

Eric offers to take Ridge and Caroline to lunch. Ridge turns him down in a phone call. Eric guesses it is just lunch and they can do it another time.

Liam better get to work before Bill gives away his parking spot. Katie asks if he resents him. Liam wonders if she means Wyatt or Bill. Katie means either. Liam does both of them. Liam guesses that Wyatt really did think that he was gone and Bill is just protecting his son. He just doesn't always like what Bill preaches but he always does what he preaches. Such as Katie and the family. He thinks that is something they should all strive for. Which is why he has removed himself with Steffy and Wyatt. Katie respects him for doing the right thing. Liam thanks her. He wants her to be brutally honest with him ten years from now if he is still moping around waiting for Steffy to leave Wyatt and they are still happily married. Katie promises to do so but he has to be honest to her as well about Brooke and Bill. Liam thought she was good with that. Katie is but needs someone to look out for her. Liam promises to.

Brooke promises that he can forget his feelings. She has done it. Bill doesn't think that she has. She shut herself in her house and got drunk pretending to forget. Brooke doesn't need Bill to think about her. Bill thinks about her all the time. Brooke tells Bill no. Bill needs one more time. He just wants one more time that is all he asks.

Thomas thinks that Steffy really wins the prize for world's worst mother-in-law. Steffy admits that Quinn paid them a visit yesterday. She laid down the law and told her that she couldn't come by anymore. Thomas is glad. Steffy doesn't think it feels good. Thomas believes that she has every right to be angry after what Quinn did. Her life would be so different if it wasn't for Quinn.

Quinn asks Wyatt if that is the only reason he came here. To tell her to stay away from his wife. Wyatt says no. He cares about Quinn but it isn't a different situation. Making things right is not in Quinn's mindset. She is just going to make things worse. Wyatt sees the change in her. Steffy could see this too but in her own way and own time. Wyatt tells her to stay away from the Forrester's.

Eric texts John saying that he should have joined him on his trip and might do so next time. He sits down and sighs.

Brooke tells Bill that he needs Katie and Will. Brooke thinks this is too risky. Bill thinks that they need one more time in the other room. Brooke says ok. Bill calls Allison. Allison has been waiting for his lunch order. Bill tells her that she can decide. Allison jokes that this is such power. Bill wants her to wait a few minutes for her to put it in. He wants to interruptions even from her. Brooke doesn't feel right about this and will slip out the back. Bill tells her to do so after.

Liam attempts to walk into Bill's office. Allison tells him no. His father is not to be disturbed. He is occupied. Liam asks how. Allison says he is to not be disturbed. Liam asks if it is by anything particular or should he say anyone. Allison doesn't answer.

Someone knocks on Eric's door and he opens it. It is Quinn. Quinn asks if she may come in. Eric allows her in. Quinn knows that he said it was the last time but she was lonely. She was wondering if maybe he was lonely too. Quinn takes off her coat and she is wearing lingerie. Eric kisses her. He looks at her.

Steffy asks if he needs a spotter. Thomas says he has it. Steffy decides that she will leave then. Thomas tells Steffy to wait then. He wonders if she is moving on and if Liam is moving on. Steffy thinks he is trying ever since Bill told him to respect his marriage. Thomas asks if he is doing that. Steffy thinks that he is trying. Bill is just a good example. Thomas wonders if Bill wasn't a good example if he would be fighting for him right now. Thomas doesn't know. He feels like something will happen with her and Liam. Like something will make them find their ways back to each other.

Allison gets off the phone. She takes a file down stairs. Liam walks up behind her desk and looks at Bill's office door.

Brooke asks if Katie is at home. Bill promises that she is. Brooke cannot allow Katie to think there is something going on again. Bill admits that Katie will take Will from her if he is ever with Brooke again. She would go for full custody and go after his company as well. Brooke is leaving. Bill begs her to stay. Brooke is trying to do the right thing. Bill asks if she can really deny her feelings. Brooke cannot act on this. Brooke cannot keep making the same mistake. She will not do this to him or her family. He just said that she would take Will. Bill promises that she will never have to know.

Liam barges into Bill's office saying that he knows he doesn't want to be disturbed. Liam is confused when he doesn't see Bill in the room. He looks at the door. Brooke thinks that being with him isn't just betraying her sister but also her brother. He died for her. And this is how he is repaying him. Bill doesn't want her to think about that.

Liam goes over to the door and is about to open it.

Bill is not letting her go. Brooke doesn't think he has any choice. Brooke loves him and always will but she cannot even express it. She cannot let anyone see even him. She just doesn't trust herself. Bill wants her to trust him. They need their time together.

Liam listens in at the door.

Bill needs her. Bill needs one last time. One more time holding her. One more time kissing her. One kiss. One final kiss, Bill and Brooke kiss each other.

Liam opens the door and sees Brooke and Bill kissing each other.

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