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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/30/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy loves Wyatt but they have to have a serious conversation about this. The problem isn't that she isn't calling ahead. Wyatt gets it. Steffy just doesn't want her near her or her family.

Eric asks Quinn what took so long. Quinn got caught up in something. Eric hopes it wasn't Deacon Sharpe. Eric explains that her landline rang and rang. Quinn is sure that it is telemarketers. Quinn doesn't think he is anything like Deacon. Eric wonders what keeps him coming back then. Quinn promises that Eric isn't stalking her. He is saving her.

Bill and Katie hug. Katie sometimes forgets what they were. Bill promises that Katie is alright. They are both alright. Katie is not crazy. She just sometimes has trouble believing things. Bill asks if she can at least believe that he loves their son. Katie can. Bill wonders if she can really believe that he would do anything to lose him. He knows she would go for sole custody if they divorced. Katie would go for more than that. Bill thinks that they will never know because it won't happen. Katie says it if did happen and it was because of Brooke she would take his entire company. Not just half of it. All of it.

Brooke and Ridge walk into Ridge's office. Brooke thanks Ridge for coming to her rescue again. Ridge is just happy that this time he didn't have to jump out of a chopper without a parachute. Brooke knows that he didn't give up on her. Ridge will never give up on her. They both know that the only person who can rescue her from Bill is herself.

Katie is sorry. She doesn't know why she is talking like this. Bill thinks that it is better for him to know how she feels. Bill gets a phone call. He says that he will be available in the morning. It is revealed to be Liam. He is in Bill's office. He needs to know where Bill's secret cash stash is. He has a source that is willing to give them information for five grand. Bill tells Liam that he pays him well enough so he can withdraw it from his account. Bill hangs up. Bill asks if this is going to escalate into an accusation. Katie is not threatening him. She wants him to take the advice that he and Brooke are always giving her. Not to dwell on certain things when they both know it will never happen.

Brooke has to tell Ridge since he is the only person that will ever know about her second chapter with Bill. She has to say. She held back. They didn't… Ridge is shocked. She must have fought it then. Brooke couldn't take the last step. Brooke wishes that Stephanie was here to call her the girl who couldn't say no. Brooke would tell her that she must be mistaken with someone else. Brooke is not the slut from the valley.

Wyatt isn't ignoring what Steffy is saying about his mother. He just thinks they are going to have to have a conversation about this conversation because she is sounding very aggressive with him right now. Steffy thinks that he is just not getting it. There cannot be a next time. She does not want Quinn in her life.

Quinn is not in prison which is a good thing. She is a pariah. Eric guesses that it is cause and effect. Quinn notes here he is though. Eric knows that she wanted him to evaluate some new designs. Quinn knows that was very thorough. Quinn asks why he isn't scared of her. Eric is known for his bad judgment. Quinn laughs. Quinn knew that was something they always had in common.

Liam looks around Bill's office. He goes over to Bill's sex room and tries to open the door. It is locked. Allison walks in and asks if Liam needs something. Liam does and wonders why the door is locked. Allison asks what he is looking for. Liam needs five thousand in cash. Allison will be right back with it.

Bill believes that Katie is being a bit passive aggressive. Katie guesses she shouldn't have said anything and should have just let Bill go on about how much he loves Will. Katie asks if this is a trust speech. Katie asks if they are arguing. Katie is just telling him what she would do if he did something. This is a pointless conversation. Bill has to head into the office. Katie asks if something came up. Bill tells him that it was Liam. He should only be a couple of hours. He kisses Katie. Bill is glad they talked. Katie doesn't think that talking is the best thing they do. Bill believes that talking isn't the clearest thing they do. Katie is counting on Bill. Bill loves her too.

Quinn hands Eric a paper cup. Eric needs to be reminded to get Quinn some wine glasses. Quinn has wine glasses she just hasn't unpacked them. She wants everything in her life to be dispensable right now. Eric wonders if she wants them to be as well. Quinn guesses that time will tell. Eric wonders what he is doing here. Quinn guesses that he is waiting for her to get undressed. Eric thinks that he needs to make it clear that no one can find out about this. His children and grandchildren would never understand. Steffy especially. Quinn thinks it is alright. They can take all that off with their clothes. Eric takes her glass. He says alright and starts to kiss her.

Liam walks into Katie's kitchen. He is sorry and knows it is late. Katie says that if he is looking for his father then he is at the office. Liam just came from there. Katie says that is where he said he was going or maybe she misunderstood. Katie suggest that Liam call Bill. Liam can wait until morning. Katie believes that if he is here then it obviously cannot wait. Katie asks if Liam is her friend. Liam says that of course he is. Katie asks how many of his secrets is he keeping from her. Liam thinks that Katie is the one who needs to call Bill. Katie wonders where she would find him right now if she did. She wonders if he would be alone.

Brooke thanks Ridge for being there for her. It just seems that for a long time he hasn't been on her side. Ridge is sorry about that. Brooke isn't blaming him. Ridge is blaming him. He promises to be there for her from now on.

Wyatt asks if Steffy is done laying down the law now. Steffy wonders if that is what it feels like. Wyatt thinks it does. Steffy knows she is naturally abrasive like her grandmother. Wyatt thinks that he abrasive too. He wonders if they are done arguing. Steffy doesn't think they were arguing. Wyatt asks if they can still have make up sex. Steffy doesn't think that they were arguing. Wyatt knows they are about his mother. Steffy asks if he said make up sex. Steffy wonders if maybe they are arguing. The two kiss each other.

Eric doesn't think that this is a late great departure of him hooking up with bad girls. He hooked up with Sheila, Sally, Jackie, and Donna. Quinn doesn't know any of those woman but Donna she doesn't get. Eric wants her to use her imagination. Eric says there were pictures of that one and he wanted to get caught. He doesn't know if he did. Quinn knows he doesn't want his name associated with her. Eric doesn't like the things she has done. Quinn has to live with the consequences. Eric knows that won't be easy for her with Steffy and Wyatt. Eric once advocated for her. Quinn asks if he has an idea that she is using him for something. Quinn thinks that is perfectly understandable. The thing is though is that she is only using him for the effect that he has on her. He is kind and undemanding. He is generous and treats her really well. Those are all things she has learned to appreciates and that is all she needs.

Katie thinks that when you have been told a life changing lie. You think to yourself you will never fall for that again. If you listen closely though everything people say sounds the same. It all sounds like it could be a lie. Liam doesn't think it is though. Katie knows that her sister loves her and her husband loves her. It isn't a lie.

Brooke walks out of Ridge's office. She gets a call. She picks it up and it is Bill. She tells him not to call him. Bill explains that he is back at his office. Bill did as she asked. He went home and said all the right things. Katie won't hear them anymore. Brooke suggest that if he keeps saying them then maybe she will. Bill doesn't think that will happen. Katie knows what she knows about them. Their marriage is hanging together by an act of Will. Katie struggles every day. All she can think about now is how she will punish them when all is said and done. Brooke is saying no. Will power has nothing to do with it. Brooke is saying no. She hangs up the phone.

Steffy and Wyatt are naked on the floor of their living room. Steffy starts to think about the past and Liam telling her that he wants her.

Quinn offers Eric the chance to spend the night. Eric cannot get past the moment of waking up with her. Quinn asks if Eric is looking for his keys. Eric thanks her. Quinn explains that she might not be here this weekend because she will be at a trade show this weekend in Huston for high end jewelry designers. Eric hands her the room key back. Eric tells her that this isn't going anywhere. Quinn doesn't think they are vehicles. Quinn asks where they are supposed to be going. Eric wonders how long it will be before she starts blackmailing him. Quinn admits she might not have money anymore but money has never been her thing. Eric knows she will thing of something. Quinn might and usually does. The advantage might be Eric though. Eric knows there are a lot of years between them. Quinn knows that he has wisdom and class. She hasn't had that in a man since… She has never had that in a man before. So she tells him to keep the key as a memory or maybe he forgot a sock or a watch or needs a moment. Eric puts the key on the table. Eric says goodnight to Quinn.

Steffy continues to think while Wyatt is asleep. She looks at Wyatt and looks scared.

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