B&B Tuesday Update 6/28/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/28/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill stands in his office thinking about Brooke. He sits down on his desk thinking about Brooke telling him goodbye. He calls Brooke.

Brooke answers her phone. Bill asks where she is. Brooke says that she cannot talk right now and tells him not to call back. She hangs up her phone. Ridge asks if Brooke is involved with Ridge.

Bill tells Marcy that everything looks great. Marcy thanks him. She has been doing this for years. Bill guesses she is a jack of all trades. Bill thanks her for putting this together. Steffy and Wyatt walk in and ask what this is all about. Bill says that he called the meeting and is providing the refreshments. Steffy thinks that champagne and caviar is great. Marcy takes a photo for Steffy saying she used to be a photographer. She then poses with Steffy claiming she used to be a model. Bill tells Marcy that they have it from here. Marcy leaves. Bill doesn't think this is bad. Despite everything they have a lot to be grateful for. Bill believes that Wyatt and Steffy are bright stars in his otherwise cloudy sky. Wyatt asks if there is a problem. Bill thinks that it will all work out. Wyatt asks if Steffy has posted the picture. Steffy says yes. Bill tells her to put the phone on silent. Wyatt feels that she has to keep on marketing. Bill wonders what Steffy is marketing. Steffy claims that she is marketing herself. Bill tells her to be careful. She is starting to sound like him.

Ridge asks when this latest chapter started. Brooke doesn't think it ever really ended. Ridge assumes that means she was with him the whole time them. Brooke made a clean break or at least she thought she did. She really wanted Katie to work things out but then Katie started drinking and she has some serious problems. Ridge bets that Bill turned to Brooke for help. Brooke tells him that Katie turned to her for help and she couldn't help her. He knows how she gets when she isn't herself. Brooke doesn't think that she ever thought loving Bill. He gave her something that she hasn't had since… Ridge thinks himself. A man who adored him. Ridge thinks that Brooke has made a mistake. He has made a few himself.

Wyatt thinks they have a demo problem. Bill sarcastically says that it is great to hear about another demographic. Wyatt feels that they need to reach a younger demographic. They get their entertainment from the internet. Bill asks what he has in mind. Wyatt explains that Steffy posts a picture of champagne to the internet and she drives thousands to Forrester. Bill explains that they have a team that is involved in marketing. Wyatt thinks they need a face. Wyatt wants to use Steffy as the face of Spencer. They need to market it on social media. Steffy can bring people to this brand. Show people a glimpse of the world they live in. Steffy thinks this might be a little out there. Wyatt thinks it is the dream life. They can write it off as well. Bill likes it and thinks it is a good pitch. If he can get his wife on board then he thinks they can run with it. Liam walks in and asks what is going on. Wyatt tells him that they are doing a company makeover and cannot wait for him to hear about it.

Ridge thinks that Brooke needs to get through this. He will help her get through this. Brooke just feels lost. Ridge is sorry and will get her back on track. Brooke thinks that he was always good at that. Brooke doesn't need to be defined by a man. She was a strong woman at some point. Ridge thinks that this is tough. Brooke cannot believe she was doing this to Brooke. Ridge believes that Will deserves his real mom and dad to raise him. Every child deserves that. Brooke knows and thank him. Brooke wonders if he realizes what he just said. Every child deserves to be raised by their real parents.

Liam asks if he missed a memo because it looks like there is a meeting going on. Bill explains that Wyatt is pitching something. Liam wonders if it is profitable. Bill can sense the sarcasm but yes. Liam is glad and they can put some of the profit into his foundation. Bill tells Liam that they already resolved this. Liam didn't have it resolved to his satisfaction. Bill is running a business and not a charity. Wyatt tells Liam that he should be generous with his own bank account. Steffy tells them all she would like to hear more about this foundation. Liam knows that they all give to charity. He asks why they are not trying to help solve problems. PR from this would help them. Bill is on his phone. Liam screams that he is talking. Bill tells him to go on. Liam asks if Steffy sees what he sees. Steffy does. Wyatt believes that he is asking to change their entire business model. Liam isn't even asking for it to be in the building. Steffy tells Liam that Eric and Ridge might be interested in it. Bill is not interested. He helps the world be employing thousands and thousands of people. He doesn't have time for this. Liam will do it on his own. Bill told him to do it two hours ago and not on company time. Wyatt tells him not to do it on company expenses either. Liam knows he cannot mess with the precious profit. He leaves.

Ridge believes that he tried to give Caroline everything she wanted. Brooke doesn't think that anyone can fault him for that. Ridge doesn't know. He was being selfish. He was being king Ridge. Brooke thinks that he was doing what he thought was best for Douglas. Ridge was doing what was best for him as always. He cannot believe he took someone else's child. To be fair he thought that Thomas had taken advantage of Caroline. Ridge guesses that he was wrong because it was a misunderstanding. Ridge guesses the only one taking advantage of Caroline was him. He has given up all rights to Douglas. Brooke asks if Ridge told Caroline this. Ridge did and Thomas as well. They haven't gone public yet to control the story. Brooke thinks that he must be devastated. Ridge doesn't know. He thinks he is numb right now. It isn't his family. It is Thomas. He did the right thing though. Brooke needs to do the right thing as well. Brooke needs to let Bill go. Ridge thanks Brooke for letting her lay that on her. Brooke doesn't think he should have to thank her. Ridge guesses that they have always worked well together. Brooke remembers when he first came back from Paris. She thought he was coming back for her. Ridge thinks that she needs to stay away from Bill. Brooke already told Bill to stay with Katie. He is not accepting it. Ridge tells her to not let him do this to her. That is her job. Brooke nods and smiles.

In their living room Steffy tells Wyatt that there is nothing wrong with wanting to help the world. Wyatt doesn't think so either. If Liam wants to do that then he should and they will be the first to contribute. Wyatt knows that Liam's foundation will be a success. Wyatt needs her on board with him. Steffy isn't sure if she could do it. It seems like something Caroline would do. Wyatt doesn't mean any offense to the queen of selfies but she has more followers and he wants to promote her. Wyatt wants to sell their life style and it will be fun. Wyatt thinks it is important to him. Steffy know that Bill believes in him. Wyatt needs to show proof to Bill. Liam will with his foundation. Wyatt needs to do it with the company. The world will not be able to resist Steffy. He asks if Steffy is with him. Steffy wonders how she can resist. The two kiss passionately.

Bill is in his office. Brooke walks in. Bill knew that she would come back. Brooke tells him that this has to stop. Bill thinks it will work out for them and to trust him. He loves her. Brooke and Bill kiss passionately. Ridge walks in and tells him that is enough. He needs to take his hands off her.

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