B&B Monday Update 6/27/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/27/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie asks yes or no if Bill has kissed Brooke. Brooke wonders where this is coming from. Katie has this voice in her head telling her that something is going on. It makes her want to drink. She needs the truth. Katie doesn't want her to think that she is protecting Katie by not saying anything. Katie wants the truth. She wants to know if Brooke and Bill have crossed the line.

Thomas thanks Ridge. Ridge tells Thomas not to thank him. A father should know his son and a son should know his father. He never should have asked him to do something otherwise. Ridge tried to protect his family because of what he thought happened. Ridge broke up with Caroline and she went looking for comfort. He misjudged Thomas. This is his baby with Caroline. Thomas asks if Douglas heard what his granddad just said. Ridge guesses that is what he should have been called all along. Thomas tells him that Douglas will always have Ridge to look up to and admire. Ridge loves Thomas very much and is sorry that he took away those precious moments from the two of them. Ridge thinks they need to talk about what they will do about the public but first Thomas and Caroline need to talk as a family. He leaves the two of them together. He watches them act as a family. Ridge walks upstairs.

Katie thinks that she is being awfully quiet. She wonders if she is right. Katie asks if she has been right. Katie thinks that they are back to where they started where they cannot keep their hands off each other or is it all just Bill. Bill walks in and asks what was all Bill. Bill asks what is going on. Brooke explains that Katie is feeling the urge to drink again and she thinks it has to do with the two of them. Katie asks if it is possible that the reason she cannot be free of these thoughts is because the two of them cannot be free of each other. Bill told her that he and Brooke care about her being alright. If she feels that she needs to drink then she shouldn't give in. He is committed to this marriage and their family. Whatever he has to do and whatever sacrifices he has to make Katie and Will come first. Bill is doing his part. Katie needs to do hers. She needs to let go of her insecurities once and for all. The two hug. Brooke looks angry with Bill. Katie is sorry. She guesses that she has let them both down again. She is trying to rise against her doubts. She is just having a hard time. Bill understands that she has been through a lot. Bill thinks the one thing she can be sure of…. Katie knows that it is that he would never betray her. Bill asks where Will is. Katie is going to go check on him. She leaves. Bill knows that she was going to tell Katie about them.

Caroline tells Thomas that it is time for Douglas to take a nap. Thomas would like to spend a little more time with his son. Ridge listens to the two of them from upstairs. Thomas and Caroline joke around about parenthood. Ridge walks more downstairs. Thomas looks at Caroline. He thinks that this is how it should be. Their new family spending time under one roof. He likes it being the three of them under one roof. Just the three of them.

Brooke thinks that Bill heard Katie. Bill tells Brooke that she did as well. She is drinking and is unstable. All over the place. Brooke knows it is because they have been lying to her. They never should have given into their feelings. Brooke thinks that they are hurting the one person they love so much. Brooke cannot allow Katie to stand their thinking they are not betraying her. Bill thinks that life is complicated. There are circumstances involved here. Them not being together is not an option. Brooke tells him to not say that. Bill knows that Brooke cares about him. They both love and care about Katie. Brooke tells Bill to let go. This is going to stop. Brooke leaves.

Thomas puts Douglas to sleep. He tells Caroline to sit with him. Thomas believes that Douglas needs to know that they are a family. He needs to see that Thomas is his dad. See him with Caroline instead of Ridge. Caroline knows that Ridge loves Douglas. Thomas can never get his time back. He cannot see his son being born or take his first breath. The night they made love made a baby boy. They have something. Caroline was vulnerable and fell in love with an older man. The way he controlled their lives was not right. He wants to be there for Douglas and for Caroline. He wants Caroline to let him. Ridge walks outside the mansion. He looks sad and angry.

Bill tells Brooke that she can do this. Brooke has to. She cannot live this way. Bill thinks that Katie is able to live happily. Brooke thinks she is being hurt. Brooke cannot let Katie be driven to drinking. Bill promises to be there for Katie like he always has been. Brooke doesn't think that is enough. She cannot lie to her face and then turn her back and have an affair. It is wrong and destructive. Bill does not think they can deny the love they have for each other. Brooke tells Bill that he is not coming over to her house anymore and she won't see him anymore. Bill refuses to allow her to walk away. Brooke cannot do this anymore. Brooke says goodbye to Bill. She walks off. In the hallway Brooke starts to cry and whispers goodbye.

Thomas thinks that they have an opportunity to do what is right for Douglas. He wants to be with Caroline but also with their son. Thomas is thinking about Douglas. What is would be for him to have his parents together. He wants Douglas to have the best life possible. That is what every parent wants. Thomas thinks they have the opportunity to do that for him. Caroline knows that a lot has happened today but she still loves Ridge very much. They will work this out but they cannot be a family. Not like that.

Bill looks outside and Katie walks in. Katie says that Will is fine. He is hiding from dragons. Katie wonders if Brooke is gone. Bill says that she is. Katie thinks that he seems upset. She guesses it is because she put them on the spot again. Katie knows that he has been patient and she repays him with accusations and doubts. Katie knows he is tired. She knows he doesn't like feeling like this. She just hopes that he hasn't given up on them. Katie loves him and she knows he loves her. Katie hugs him.

Brooke goes into the photo studio at Forrester and starts to listen to the voices in her head repeat events in her life. Brooke starts to cry. Ridge walks in. He asks her what is wrong. Brooke explains that she betrayed someone she loved. Ridge asks who. Brooke says it was Katie. Brooke says it was with her husband.

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