B&B Friday Update 6/24/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/24/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Katie’s kitchen Brooke tells Katie that Hope says hi. Katie wonders what Hope thinks about Steffy and Wyatt’s marriage. Brooke didn’t get into that with her. She thinks that she is trying not to discuss that. Katie is proud of Bill’s views that Liam has to back off and respect that they are married. He stood up for his son and marriage. It just shows how he feels about marriage and her.

Caroline knows that Ridge doesn’t want to hear this but Thomas is right. Ridge asks what Caroline is saying. Ridge thought they decided they were telling everyone he was the father. Caroline thinks it is time they tell everyone the truth.

Liam wants the two of them to think about all the charities out there that make a difference. Wyatt tells him that he can spend his paycheck on whatever he wants. Liam doesn’t think that it will effect anyone’s paycheck. Wyatt points out that it would have a huge effect on how much they are all worth. He doesn’t think that Bill will want to tell Will one day that he had a thriving company until one day they just decided that profit wasn’t necessary. This foundation idea is kind of crazy. Steffy doesn’t want to call it crazy. It is a worthy idea to help others. Bill thinks that Liam needs to think about all the employees worldwide. This is a business first and foremost.

Brooke is glad that Katie is talking about her marriage like this. Katie is trying. She is still coping with a few things. Brooke wonders what she means. Katie knows that Bill had his reasons for telling Brooke about Douglas. She is still trying to put it behind her though. Katie doesn’t think that Ridge and Thomas are in a good place. Katie doesn’t think it will last. She thinks it will make sense if Thomas and Caroline will end up together.

Ridge doesn’t think this is happening. Thomas tells Ridge to look at what this secret is doing to his wife. Ridge thinks they can still do this. Ridge doesn’t want her to give up on their family.

Wyatt hates to see Liam go. Bill tells them that Liam is not leaving Spencer. If Liam wants to start a foundation, then he will do it on his own time. He needs both of them. He expects them both to keep the company on top. He reminds them that it is all about the dollar… Bill. Bill leaves. Wyatt explains that he was joking. Wyatt wants them to get along together. Liam knows but this is very new to him. Wyatt is grateful that they are accepting all these things together.

Caroline feels that they have to acknowledge that Thomas is the father. Ridge thinks that they did in private. Caroline thinks that to many people know. Caroline doesn’t think that this has to be a scandal or shameful secret. Caroline wishes that Ridge was the father but they have to give Thomas his son.

Katie suggests that Brooke talk to Ridge about this. Brooke is not going to tell Ridge that his wife would be better off with his son. Katie thinks that he would expect to see the truth. Katie heard that Brooke is seeing someone. It doesn’t take a genius to know who and she shouldn’t even think about lying to her.

Wyatt gets off the phone. He has a meeting. He wonders if Steffy wants to stick around because the meeting shouldn’t take that long. Steffy says that should be fine. Wyatt leaves. Liam tells Steffy that he isn’t giving up on this foundation. It might not happen at Spencer but he will do it. He needs to sink his teeth into something to stay positive. He thinks that it will help distract him from Steffy until she is ready for him.

Ridge thinks that Caroline is exhausted and not thinking straight. Caroline cries and tells Ridge that she is exhausted. It isn’t from motherhood. It is by lying. Thomas tells Ridge not to do this to his wife. Ridge knows what is best for her. Thomas isn’t asking him to love Douglas any left. He just wants the right to be the father. Caroline knows it will come out. They can control it. Douglas has a mother and a father and a wonderful step-father. They will all be in his life. They will be. Just not the way that they have been doing it. Caroline cannot live the lie anymore.

Katie thinks that it is Ridge. It makes sense because she is his destiny. Brooke tells her it isn’t Ridge. Ridge has always been important to her but it was in the past. Katie knows she is seeing someone but she doesn’t want to tell her who it is. Katie says it is Bill.

Liam wonders if there is more to life than money with Bill. Steffy wonders if Liam is doing this to impress her. Liam isn’t believe it or not. Liam knows that Liam wants Steffy just as much as he wants her. They kiss… It was all a day dream of Liam’s. Steffy says she is impressed with him. Wyatt walks in and says it is time to go home.

Ridge tells Caroline that together they can do anything. Caroline knows he is trying to protect their family but it isn’t working. She cannot lie anymore. It is not fair to Douglas or Thomas. Ridge thinks that holding the baby is all he needs. Caroline is being torn apart. It isn’t just the secret but his anger. He is still so hurt about what happened that night. It happened. They broke up, she took pills and they both drank. He didn’t take advantage of her. Thomas was there for her. Ridge will not allow her to say this. Caroline loves Ridge so much and she knows that he is trying to protect them but he doesn’t have to protect them from Thomas. They need to let go of the anger towards his son. She cannot live like this anymore. She cannot do this. Ridge was angry with his son because he didn’t know what this night was until just now. He just wanted to give her the world. Caroline cannot let this continue to go on. Especially for Douglas. Douglas cries and Ridge holds him. Ridge tells Douglas that he is not his father. He will not do it call himself his father anymore. Ridge hands Douglas to Thomas. Caroline cries. Thomas holds the baby.

Katie never wanted to drink before. That was what was so confusing. The only way she can quiet the voice is to drink. If her sister and husband are being faithful, then why does she still want a drink. Katie knows that her sister has not given up. Katie needs to know who she is seeing. Brooke thinks that the voice is her disease. Katie is not like Brooke. She only drinks because she thinks people are betraying her. Brooke says she isn’t in a relationship with him. Katie asks if Bill’s lips have touched hers. Katie demands to know the truth.

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