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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/23/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy looks at outfits in Ridge's office and starts to think of her wedding to Wyatt. She then remembers Liam running to her on the beach. Caroline walks in with Douglas and she runs over to help her. Caroline doesn't think that even Ridge gets that caught up in his work. Steffy wishes that she was caught up in her work. Caroline wonders what that means. Steffy says it is nothing and that she better go to Spencer to visit Wyatt. Caroline begs for Steffy to stick around because she needs some grown up time. Steffy explains that she is having a hard time with the Spencer family.

Bill tells Wyatt and Liam in his office that they are all Spencer's. Wyatt doesn't think that he has to tell him what that means. Liam was actually talking about the company and how the Spencer name holds power. He wants them to look at that and ask what their role is.

Thomas walks in from the backyard. Ridge walks in through the front door. Ridge wonders what he wanted to discuss that he couldn't do at the office. Thomas feels it is better that they do it here. It has to do with Douglas. Ridge thinks that he is fine and he doesn't need to worry about him. Thomas needs Ridge to hear him out. He just did a mile in the pool trying to sort this out. Ridge wonders what he sorted out. Thomas means his relationship with Douglas. Ridge wonders what he is missing. Thomas cannot do this anymore.

Steffy thinks that Douglas is a little trouble maker. Caroline believes that he is a little angel. Caroline wonders what is going on and if Bill is already making her regret becoming a Spencer. Steffy explains that Bill is actually being really supportive. At least he is for being Bill. Caroline knows she mentioned her family. Steffy doesn't think they should talk about it. Caroline wants to know how it is going with Wyatt and Liam.

Liam thinks that they should play a bigger role. Wyatt believes they are already large enough. Bill thinks that expansion is risky. Wyatt doesn't think that it is if they do research. He believes that even Liam realizes they have to expand. They need to diversify their revenues. Liam wanted to make a difference in the world.

Thomas understands the situation but he cannot keep lying about this and he doesn't think Ridge can either. Ridge is focused on raising his son. Thomas says it is his son. Ridge doesn't think paternity is an issue here. Thomas points out that Bill, Katie, and Brooke already know about this. Ridge reminds him that they all agreed to not say anything. Thomas knows that someone will eventually slip up or Bill will use it against them. They cannot keep hiding from it. They cannot keep controlling this. They cannot keep dragging themselves through this situation. Ridge knows this is difficult. They have an agreement though. Thomas tells him they don't.

Caroline wonders where they were. Steffy thought she had her whole life planned out but then she was blindsided. She knows that she can have this incredible future with Wyatt. That hasn't changed. Steffy hopes that Liam will move on. Caroline knows that he is ready to do that. Caroline wonders if there is more to it. Steffy thinks there is always more with Spencer and Forrester drama. She thinks that Spencer's are worse.

Liam thinks they are looking at a new era. Wyatt doesn't think that they should sit back and relax. Liam wants to create a meaningful donation to their foundation. Wyatt didn't even know they had a foundation. Liam thinks they can start one. Bill doesn't think that Spencer is a charity and doesn't believe in hand outs. Liam thinks that it will be a tax right off and PR. Liam thinks that this could show global leadership. Bill likes dominance and doesn't think that it is their job to save the world. Liam thinks that they have magazines that only gossip. It is not real journalism. It is trash and they have got to stop it. Wyatt knows that the trash gets them advertisement. He has been here long enough to know that if you get rid of those then it will affect their profits negatively.

Steffy thought that Liam never wanted to see her again. Caroline assumes she was devastated. Wyatt was there and Quinn manipulated all of them. Her feelings are real for Wyatt but she thinks that they are both great in different ways. Caroline knows they both love him. Steffy understands. She thinks that keeping secrets doesn't solve anything. Thomas reminds Ridge that Douglas is his son. He needs to know that. He needs to know this. He asks if Thomas thinks that he will resent him. Ridge wanted to thank his father for giving him the life he did. Thomas explains that Eric and Massimo didn't know about Ridge. He does know about Douglas. His father took his son away from him. Ridge thinks that the night between Caroline and Thomas never should have happened. Thomas tells him to stop. It was a misunderstanding. Ridge asks if that is seriously how he is going to justify this. Thomas will not let him take away his son. Ridge won't let anyone rock the boat. Ridge tells him to get back to the plan. Thomas knows that nobody treats the great and powerful Ridge Forrester but this boy is his son.

Liam asks why he is even fighting this. They cannot buy the kind of publicity that would come from this. Wyatt doesn't think that business works like this. Bill doesn't think they have to change anything but his topic. They are on top of their game. Wyatt wonders who this will help other than their completion who will sweep in. Steffy walks in and says that Allison said it was ok to come in. Liam thinks it is good timing. It will be someone on his side. Liam thinks that they need to do things differently. He wants to start to discuss all the ways that they can help people out there. Bill feels that there are too many. Liam isn't saying that they can help everyone but they can try. Wyatt reminds him that as executives their first priority is to their shareholders and employees. Wyatt assumes that Steffy would agree. Steffy mentions that they do charity events and have continued Stephanie's work with the homeless. Wyatt suggest that they can do that. Liam wants to do more. They need to think globally. Liam wants to make a difference. It is the only thing left making sense to him. Wyatt just thinks it is a little crazy. Liam asks Steffy if he is crazy.

Thomas knows that Ridge wants to protect Caroline and Douglas. Ridge feels that keeping the secret is the only way to do it. Thomas completely disagrees. Ridge reminds him that he did. Thomas shouldn't have. Ridge wants him to give it a chance. Thomas is done with this. He is going to declare Douglas as his son. Ridge thinks it is to late. Thomas will take this to court. Ridge asks if Bill said something. Thomas will beat him to it. This secret is to much. It is time for the truth to come out. Ridge thinks it won't. Caroline walks in. Caroline asks what is wrong. Ridge explains that Thomas has a problem with the arrangement. Ridge tells Thomas that they will help him work through this but the secret stays a secret. Thomas tells him no. To many people already know. The truth is going to come out. They need to do what is right. Ridge thinks this is right. Caroline thinks that a baby is supposed to bring a family closer together. They are all trying to do the right thing. Caroline loves Ridge so much. She loves that he wants to protect their family and privacy but Thomas is right. They need to be honest with everyone with who Douglas's father really is.

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