B&B Wednesday Update 6/22/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/22/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy tells Liam that he shouldn't be saying these things. Liam wonders if she means that he leaves her and will always love her and they should be married. He will find a roof top and shout these things because they will always be true. Steffy thought he left. Liam gets it. Their lives were completely messed with. Liam loves Wyatt but not enough to hand him over to him. Liam is only not doing anything because of the example that Bill has set with Katie.

In Katie's kitchen she tells Wyatt that she is glad he stopped by. He hasn't been over in a while. Wyatt thinks that Katie seems happy. Katie is happy and of course it all has to do with Bill.

Brooke cannot do this. She will not hurt Katie. Brooke wonders how they even got back to this place. Bill doesn't think that they ever left it. They love each other and they cannot deny it. Brooke does love him but she cannot betray her sister. Bill thinks that Katie is happy. He can only stay in this marriage if Brooke is in his life. Brooke asks if he knows how crazy that sounds. Bill guess it does but he is never going to let go of her again.

Wyatt suggests that he might want to sit at his father's feet and learn something. Katie is sure that he is doing fine. Wyatt is glad that things are going well for her. Katie has her son and she is working things out with her sister. Life could not be better. Bill knows that Brooke wants this as much as he does. Brooke doesn't think it matters. She remembers that she lost her earring in that room. Bill has it. Bill wants less talking and more kissing. Brooke tells Bill that it is not going to happen. He picks Brooke up and carries her over to her bed. The two start to kiss passionately. Rick starts to knock on the door asking if Brooke is in there.

Liam explains that Bill expects him to let go of Steffy. He just wishes that he knew how. Steffy doesn't know how. It is hard for her too but they have to. They heard Bill he will cut him off from the family. Liam keeps replaying the happy moment in his head of them starting over but in reality Quinn got everything she wanted. Steffy is stuck in a marriage. Steffy was not stuck. Liam thinks it is crazy how one ordinary day in a parking lot changed their lives. Steffy is married to Wyatt.

Katie asks if Wyatt cannot honestly tell her that he wasn't nervous when Liam came back after he married Steffy. Wyatt was nervous to tell him but not to tell Steffy. He thinks that he and Steffy are a solid fit. He isn't worried at all. Katie fees the same way with Bill finally. Wyatt is glad that she and Bill are back in a good space. Katie is as well. She thinks that Bill hasn't been like that in a long time.

Rick asks if Brooke is ok. Brooke tells him that she is fine. Brooke tells Bill to get in the bathroom. She walks over to her door and opens it. She asks what is up with Rick. Rick wonders if she was sleeping. Brooke claims she was. Rick wonders if she is ok. She seems out of breath.

Liam thinks that she got together with Wyatt so fast. Steffy admits that she did but it doesn't change how she feels. Liam cannot help but wonder what would have happened had she waited. Steffy tells Liam to grasp that she made vows and she meant them. Liam asks if she really loves him. Steffy tells Liam that the last thing she wants to do is hurt Liam but she didn't think he was coming back so she had to move on. Liam asks if she can really forget. Steffy will never forget but they should not be talking about this. They need to move on. Liam asks how they are supposed to do this. He wonders how he is supposed to look into her eyes and not to kiss her. Steffy cries and tells him to hold her.

Wyatt feels they had a rather shocking family meeting today. Katie admits that she was proud of the way that Bill stood up for him. He said they all had to respect him and his marriage. Wyatt was shocked that Bill took his side over Liam's. Wyatt wonders if Liam will really stick to Bill's words. Katie hopes that he does. They cannot move on as a family if there is a dynamic between him and Liam. Wyatt agrees. It means a lot that Bill and her are taking his side. Katie knows that Bill eventually always does the right thing. Wyatt is glad to hear that things are back on the right track.

Brooke is just a little sleepy. Rick wonders if she has a fever. He wants to get her back to bed then he realizes that she was up to something. Rick just wanted her to know that he spoke to Ridge. He admitted that Forrester needs him. Which means that he isn't leaving after all. Brooke is so glad. Rick leaves. Rick tells her that whoever the lucky guy is that he is happy for her. Rick leaves. Bill asks if she is ok. Brooke is not ok. Bill promises that the two of them are going to move on. It will just be the two of them. This is the only way they will be together. They both need this. Bill and Brooke kiss each other passionately.

Liam needs this. He knows that he has to let her go. He wonders if she remembers the first time they met. The two remember all the times they spent together. Liam thinks that this is wrong and it isn't supposed to end like this.

Katie thinks that Bill is right. Wyatt is married to Steffy and Liam has to respect that. Wyatt knows it is hard on Liam and Steffy. He knows that Steffy's feelings for him have not just disappeared. Wyatt knows that Liam lost everything. Wyatt is not about to hand her over. Liam is not going to get her.

Liam knows that Wyatt and Steffy are his family. He will have to learn to accept that and it will be the hardest thing he has ever done. He guesses he will have to live with it. He guesses this is just how he is going to have to live. Steffy touches his sword.

Brooke thinks the sword is significant that to him that he has his sons wear it. Brooke thinks it is a little hypocritical that they should hold themselves to higher standards. He wants Liam to be respectful to Wyatt's marriage. Now they are disrespecting his own marriage. Bill is saving his marriage. He knows that Katie will be happy and they will have their secret. Brooke doesn't think that he can just drop by unannounced. Bill cannot live without her.

Liam tells Steffy that no matter how difficult it is he has to be a Spencer and live up to honor.

Bill says to hell with honor and the two kiss each other.

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