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Written By Anthony
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Thomas tells Liam that he is sorry if he is getting water and sand on his floors as they walk into Liam's house. Liam doesn't care about his floors. Thomas is sure that Liam must have noticed that he was a little rusty with his surfing. It is because of how long he was in Paris. Liam asks why he called up and suggested it. Thomas knows they were almost brother-in-law's. Liam points out that they aren't. Thomas doesn't think that it is any fault of his own.

Steffy is on her laptop in Ridge's office. Bill walks in and slams the door shut. He is glad she isn't busy. Steffy tells him to call and make an appointment. She informs him though that she won't let him have an appointment. Bill doesn't think that family needs an appointment. Especially appointments about not disgracing family.

Brooke walks into her bedroom. She starts to think about the passionate time she spent with Bill the other day.

Nicole wants to make sure that she didn't over react. Vivienne feels that treating someone fairly doesn't mean that you have to give a woman a chance to do what they did again. That means any woman. Sasha walking around in lingerie taking pictures is a big no.

Zende doesn't want Sasha to be sad. He is ok with shoes. He can take pictures of shoes all day. Sasha mentions that there is actually a museum of shoes in Chicago. It must be like twenty feet high. Vivienne took them there all the time. Sasha guesses that Nicole can tell him all about it now that she has launched his new shoe career. Zende believes that if he does a good job maybe he will be graduated to hand bags. Sasha knows that he was supposed to have the lingerie line and now she feels terrible.

Nicole thinks that Sasha is sorry for what she did. Vivienne explains that being sorry and being a better person are two different things. Vivienne is all for giving Sasha the benefit of the doubt but it is obvious Sasha wants Zende. Nicole wonders if she should trust Zende. Vivienne wonders if she remembers her aunt's dog. She wonders if Nicole would have trusted him with her hamburger next to her.

Zende is willing to do anything. He hasn't been here that long. He is lucky they even allow him to use the copy machine. Sasha thinks that all the timing aside she has been here half as long as he has and she wants to be able to do some good for her.

Steffy tells Bill that he needs to stop playing favorites with his sons. Bill doesn't think that he can be accused of doing that in this scenario. Steffy is accusing him. Wyatt used to be the black sheep and now it is Liam. It is because he smells of Quinn to him. Steffy tells him to leave him alone and all of them alone. Bill won't do that until she promises to stop doing what she is doing.

Liam believes that he had a future with Steffy. Thomas was a part of that too. He is grateful to have his memory back but it is like having a map to a planet he can't get home to. He just wants to get home.

Vivienne explains that she better get home to Julius. Nicole wonders how things are with her and Julius. Vivienne says they are working on it. Vivienne wonders how she is doing. Nicole is just worried. Vivienne doesn't want her to feel bad. Nicole is just worried. Vivienne reminds Nicole that Zende's mother is a Forrester. He will have many more career opportunities that don't involve Sasha.

Sasha is playing with two shoes while Zende shoots them. Zende and Sasha are playing around with the shoes and joking around. Zende wonders if he looks excited. Sasha thinks he looks cheered up. Zende believes it is just a job. Zende reminds her that he is just a worker bee and doesn't call shots around here. Sasha states that he doesn't yet.

Brooke gets out of the shower and is in a robe. She starts to think of being with Bill again. Bill tells Steffy that she is not leaving Wyatt. She is not even going to think about leaving Wyatt. Steffy sat through the lectures he had with his sons. She wonders what the point even is. Bill knows that she is the only person with the power in this situation. People who are victimized will do anything to feel victimized. Liam is struggling with that. It is understandable but Steffy was not a victim. Steffy believes that they were all victims. Quinn manipulated them. Bill guesses that is true but Steffy fell in love with Wyatt because she wanted to. She might make some desire to claim that it was only because Liam was missing but she made the choice. She can't make it harder than it already is.

Liam walks into his living room again. Thomas always thinks of Liam as the type of guy that would kick down the door to get his sister back. Thomas doesn't think that marriage applies to people like this. Liam is ok with all of this because when he looks at Bill he has only been with Katie. She is not an easy person. Bill stays put. He stays put. He wonders if marriage is worthy of that respect even if it was a mistake or stolen.

Zende poses the shoes. Nicole walks in and tells him that she is real jealous of the way he looks at those shoes. Zende takes photos of her shoes. Nicole feels awful. He must think she is petty. She wishes she didn't have these feelings but she does.

Steffy walks back into Ridge's office and thinks about Liam running to her on the beach.

Thomas should probably get going. Liam thanks him for coming by. Thomas thought he could use the time. Liam guesses it isn't great for him to be alone in this house. Thomas respects that he respects his brothers marriage. Liam thinks that people marry wrongly all the time. Liam guesses that Bill makes him think that there is something sacred about marriage.

Brooke does her hair. She looks at herself in the mirror and Bill is standing behind her. Brooke asks if he is insane. Bill promises that nobody is home. Brooke explains that Rick and Maya will be home any minute. Bill tells her to drop the robe. Brooke thinks this is wrong. Brooke is not an option for Bill. Bill thinks that he needs her. He will stay married but only if he has her in his life Brooke doesn't think they can have things both ways. Bill believes that is exactly what they are going to do. He kisses her.

Nicole knows that Zende is disappointed. He sacrificed this job for her. Zende wonders if she wants to talk about sacrifice. She gave her sister a baby and he backed out when things got hard. He took up with what they thought was her best friend. When it turned out she was her sister she did everything she could to get her accepted into the family. She is like a weekend hero. Nicole loves Zende. Zende loves her. Zende thinks they will have a dog and kids. Nicole wants him to have everything he wants. She doesn't want to ask him to give up everything. Yet she did. Zende explains that when he was adopted he was given books. Fairy tales. He loved them. They reminded him of stories that his biological parents told him. He knows this is not a fairy tale and he would give up much more for her. He kisses Nicole. The two hug. Zende looks at the shoes and rolls his eyes.

Bill loves Brooke. He never forgot their past. He knows she didn't either. Brooke cannot go through with what they did before. Bill thinks that things are better than they were. Bill wonders if a visit from her stallion brightens her day. Brooke laughs. Bill needs this. They need this. Bill believes that they want they want. This is like breathing. They only thought they had a choice.

Liam is in Ridge's office with Steffy. Steffy explains that he just missed his father. She feels that his father would agree that he doesn't belong here. Liam guesses that Bill was protecting the marriage. Liam reminds her she can get the ring removed. Steffy thinks that they should be good people. Liam is trying to do what his father said and yet he still had to come here because she is all he thinks about. He is married to the idea of them.

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