B&B Monday Update 6/20/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/20/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam holds the earring and looks confused. He turns around and sees a stallion horse picture. He asks himself what the hell.

Bill walks into his kitchen. Katie and Will are wearing chef hats and Bill wonders what is going on. Katie explains that they are making chocolate chip cookies. Bill calls Will his chocolate chips. Bill asks Will if he can have a chocolate chip and he feeds Bill one. Katie thinks that he is in a good mood. Bill believes that he has everything he needs. Katie believes that everything he needs is right in this room.

Nicole walks into Rick's office and kisses Zende. Zende wonders what that was for. Nicole explains that it was for being an amazing boyfriend and understanding her issue with him working with Sasha. Zende promises it was fine. Nicole knows that he will have another assignment soon. Zende explains that he already has one. Nicole wonders what it is. Zende is photographing shoes for the catalog.

In the photo studio Steffy is getting the lingerie models ready. Ridge comes in and introduces the photographer. Sasha introduces herself to him. Thomas explains that Saks is one of the best photographers in New York. Steffy thinks that it was great that they were able to get him when Zende dropped out. Sasha doesn't think he really had much of a choice.

Nicole believes that shoes make the outfit. Zende will make it work. Nicole believes the plus side to this is that shoes can't talk back like models do. Nicole will admit that she was impressed that Sasha was able to step down. Zende couldn't let Sasha sacrifice an opportunity like that.

Saks films two of the models and Sasha watches. She remembers Zende filming her as this happens.

In Ridge's office Thomas asks if Zende and Sasha are over. Ridge says they are but Nicole wasn't happy with the idea of them working together. Rick walks in and asks what he is hearing about a new photographer. Steffy turns and tells him to ask his nephew. Ridge is glad he is here. He wants them to be able to work together. He wants to put everything behind him and start over. Rick wonders what the catch is. Ridge doesn't have a catch. He knows that Brooke is heartbroken by the idea that he could leave town. The fact is, is that they need Rick at Forrester.

Bill has dough on his nose and asks Will if he sees anything on there. Will laughs at him. Katie thinks that Bill is so cute with Will. Bill asks if Will can help him clean his face. Katie loves his commitment to his family. Katie hopes that he keeps up with whatever it is he is up to. Bill plans on it. This is the man he plans to be from now on.

Allison walks into Bill's secret room. Liam wonders when this all happened. He knows this used to be Bill's private gym. Allison explains that this is now his private napping room. Bill has been reading articles about how napping is good for you. Allison sees that Liam found Mrs. Spencer's earring. Liam thought this was a napping room. Allison explains that it isn't always easy with a little one at home. Liam asks if this is Katie's then. Allison promises that it most definitely is.

Zende doesn't need Nicole to keep thanking him. Nicole has to thought. She just wouldn't have been able to deal with it. She trusts him. Zende knows she doesn't trust Sasha. Nicole is grateful that he did this for them.

Saks photographs Sasha alone. He thinks that she looks great. Sasha starts to see Zende while she is getting photographed.

Rick is shocked that Ridge needs him. He never thought he would hear those words come out of his mouth. Ridge tells him to believe them because they do need him. They all know how important he is to the company. They might even be able to work together on a few projects. Rick asks Steffy if he is on something. Steffy isn't sure. Ridge really wants him to be able to stick around. Rick knows there are some things to hash out but an invitation from him is hard to say no. Rick is just going to tell Maya the good news. Rick leaves. Steffy wants to know what that was all about.

Bill feeds Will a cookie. He tells them that they are so good. Katie explains that Will is a premier cookie chef. Will calls them Spencer Cookies. Katie tells Bill that she is sorry. Bill doesn't think that she has anything to say sorry for. Katie knows that she has not been easy to deal with. She knows that she hasn't been the wife he wants her to be. Bill believes that the important thing is to find fulfillment in your life. Allison calls Bill. Bill tells her it better be good. Allison explains that they have an issue because Liam discovered his napping room. Allison told him that he was catching up on naps. He found a woman's earring. He didn't appear suspicious but she couldn't tell. Bill thanks her and hangs up. Katie wonders what this is about an earring. Bill explains that it is for Eye on Fashion. Will says he is thirsty. Liam walks in. He asks if Bill had a good day at work.

Nicole sits down next to Vivienne in Rick's office. She knows why she feels bad for Zende but thinks that Nicole made the right choice. Nicole wonders if she is asking for too much. Vivienne doesn't think so at all. She was very smart not to let that happen.

Sasha continues to have her shoot. Sasha thinks he is too much fun. Zende watches from behind. Saks thinks that she was an absolute joy to work with. He leaves. Zende walks out and thinks the shoot went well. Sasha thinks that it did but he should be the photographer and nobody else.

Ridge is just trying to keep some peace around here. Steffy points out that he has actively been trying to kick Ridge out. It doesn't make any sense. Ridge wonders what choice he has. Steffy wonders if Thomas believes this. Thomas makes something up. Steffy points out that neither of them like Rick. Thomas tells her to drop it. Thomas believes that Rick has enough to deal with. There is enough drama already. Steffy demands to know what is going on.

Bill asks if they should give Liam one of the cookies Will didn't eat. Will says no. Bill offers to give him ten bucks and a new car. Bill guesses that Will isn't going to give him one. Katie takes Will to have a nap. She leaves. Liam explains that he stumbled upon his new napping room at work. Bill wonders what he thought of it. Liam wants to know why he would do that. Bill asks if it looks like he needs to work out anymore. Bill tells Liam that a twenty-minute power nap is great. Bill wonders why he found a woman's earring on the bed if he is napping.

Steffy knows the two of them to well. Ridge doesn't think that she should be concerned with them when they are concerned about her. Thomas knows that with Liam being back it must be hard for her. Steffy is married to Wyatt. Ridge is glad but they both know she still has feelings for Liam.

Liam assumes it is Katie's earring. Bill tells him of course it is. He isn't to say anything to her because she would be embarrassed. Liam was a little freaked out. It made him wonder for a second. Bill tells Liam that when you are married you have to spice things up. Liam knows how much commitment and marriage mean to him. He isn't running to Steffy right now because of the example he set.

Nicole asked Zende to give up a lot. Vivienne believes he is a grown man and can make his own choices. It was the right choice for both of them. No reason to play with fire. Nicole just hopes that this doesn't push him back. Vivienne wonders if she means back to Sasha.

Zende respects that she tried to back out on his behalf. That isn't necessary. It just tells him a lot of who she is. Sasha just doesn't want him to lose out. Pam walks in carrying boxes of shoes. She tells him good luck dealing with all the heals. Sasha asks if this is really his assignment. Sasha cannot believe he gave up the lingerie line for footwear. Zende doesn't blame Nicole for not being ok. Sasha thinks it is ridicules that Zende committing to Nicole would be a huge mistake. Nicole is asking him to turn down an incredible opportunity. Zende wants a little slice and flavor in his life. Sasha is sorry she lied about the pregnancy and she wishes she could have taken it back. She felt him slipping away. Zende really is the first and only guy to make her feel kind of loved. She didn't want to lose him. She still doesn't want to lose him.

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