B&B Friday Update 6/17/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/17/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke turns around in the secret room and looks at Bill. She smiles. The two kiss each other in bed.

In the Spencer lobby Liam asks Allison if Bill is in his office. Allison tells him that Bill is not to be disturbed. Liam tells her to tell him that he is going out. Allison will tell him when he is finished. Liam wonders what he needs to be finished with. Allison explains that Bill gave her strict instructions not to disturb him.

In Ridge's office he tells Steffy that Zende turned down a job to be the photographer for the lingerie line. Steffy knows that Nicole just doesn't want Zende working with Sasha. Ridge guesses that he cannot blame him. Sacrifices do have to be made. Ridge thinks it is a lot like when a woman is in love with two men. Steffy hates that she is like this. She can be miserable sometimes. Quinn turned her life upside down. Ridge knows that she still has some feelings for Liam.

Liam asks if Bill is alone in there. Allison doesn't know. She was away from her desk. Liam wants to know what is going on. Allison suggests that Bill might be meditating.

Bill tells Brooke that this is how it should be and has to be. He wants all of her. Brooke doesn't think that they can do that considering. Brooke cannot do this to Katie. Bill promises they will work it out. The two hug each other. Bill suggests that they get out of here. On the bed an earring is left on the pillow. Bill promises that they will make this work out. Brooke wonders how she will keep this secret from Katie. This is exactly why she didn't this. Bill wants her to trust him. Katie will be able to cope so long as the time is right. Neither one of them is going to suffer. Allison calls. She tells him that Liam is here and wants to see him. Bill wonders if he is standing right at her desk right now. Allison says yes. Bill needs a minute. Bill tells Brooke that this will be fine. Bill wants Brooke to exit through the back way. Bill opens the door and lets Liam in. Liam asks what he was doing in here.

Ridge knows she married Wyatt because she loves the man. Steffy does. Ridge knows she does. She needs to focus on her husband. Steffy thinks he sounds like Bill.

Bill tells Liam to run this by Wyatt. Bill tells him that his brother is not his enemy. Liam knows. Bill reminds him that his brother saved him. He knows he has been hard on him. Bill feels worse than everyone but he needs Liam to get back in the game. Quinn knocked him down but he wasn't knocked out. Bill understands that his world changed dramatically. Bill wants him to be a man and move on. Liam is trying. It isn't because he will fall out of love with Steffy but because of Bill. It is because of him helping Katie get through things.

Brooke is in the kitchen when Katie walks in. She explains that she pulled in as she did. Brooke assumes that Katie needs her sunglasses. Katie wants her to keep them. Katie is here because she wants her to know that she appreciates her. Katie knows she hurt her with her accusations and words. Katie will make it up to her. From now on she will be as loyal and supportive as she is to her.

Ridge doesn't like sharing anything with Bill Spencer and that includes an opinion. She should be loyal to her husband. He knows that he didn't get to pick his parents. Steffy feels like she was robbed of something. Ridge knows she has feelings for Liam. Steffy does and they are deep. Ridge knows that Liam will be fine. He wonders if she will be.

Liam promises that he will pull through this or at least he will try. Bill wants to hear that. He doesn't want to be credited though. Bill is far from perfect. Bill explains that Katie is his wife and he will always be there for her. Bill wants Liam to have Wyatt's back because they are brothers. Liam thinks that his life was fundamentally changed because of Quinn. Bill feels that sometimes you have to cut your losses. Bill doesn't think that Quinn is a factor anymore. Liam thinks he is fighting the battle. Liam thinks that Bill is a great example of respecting marriage. Bill believes that the bond of loyalty and commitment is important in a marriage. He will have zero tolerance for Liam mistreating his brother and his marriage.

Katie cannot believe how she treated her. Brooke knows that she had every right to treat her the way she did. Katie needs to say these things. She should have listened to her. Katie is not beating herself up. She is telling herself the truth. She hasn't been herself for a while now. She knows that Brooke and Bill loved each other and still do. Some people have histories that cannot be erased. She said such hurtful things to Brooke and really wants to try to fix things. She has to break the habit of thinking the worst about her. She knows that Brooke loves her and she does as well. Katie asks if Brooke is ok.

Liam knows that marriage is a lifetime commitment even for Wyatt and Steffy. Liam asks if Bill could just let go. He can tell that Bill couldn't. Bill is telling him what needs to be said. The reason he isn't going to do this is because of his total commitment to Katie. He wants that and he also wants that for Wyatt as well. Bill feels his pain and thinks that they will get through this together. He has to get home to his wife.

Ridge is sorry for all she has been through. She has Wyatt though and Liam will find someone. Steffy sure he will find someone to make him happy. Ridge wonders if this is enough for her marriage and for the rest of her life.

Katie knows she is concerned for her but she doesn't have to be. She knows that there were so many times she could have given up on her but she wants to thank Brooke for being so loyal and supportive. The two hug each other.

Liam looks at a picture of Bill and Katie. He then sees a picture of Wyatt and Steffy together. Liam notices the door open in Bill's office and walks inside it. He sees the bed which is slightly messy. Liam looks around and notices the earring. Liam walks over to the bed and picks it up. He holds it in his hand.

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