B&B Thursday Update 6/16/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/16/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole thinks that after everything that Sasha has done she cannot trust her. Zende gets that. He thinks that she is trying to forgive her though. Nicole is but it is hard. Zende wants to see this as a great opportunity. Nicole thinks that Sasha might see it that way too. She is sorry but she needs him to pass on the lingerie line. She wants to believe that Sasha has changed. She knows that Zende is an amazing photographer but it also feels like tempting fate. Things have been so good between them and she doesn't want things to mess them up. Zende promises that if she doesn't want him to work with Sasha then he won't. The two hug.

Brooke doesn't think this is right what they are doing. Bill thinks they can be themselves in this room. Brooke reminds him that he was just with Katie and discussing loyalty and the commitment of marriage. Bill thinks that he cannot live without Brooke.

Steffy smells something and wonders what Wyatt is cooking as she walks into her house. She turns around and cannot believe that Quinn is here. She wonders what she is doing here.

Sasha cannot thank Ridge enough for doing this. Ridge has been trying to rework the lingerie line for a while. He wants her to go downstairs and take some test shots with Zende right now.

Quinn knows the last time they saw each other they said a lot of things they didn't mean. Steffy meant it when she said that she was not welcome here. So she needs to get out of her house.

Brooke and Bill kiss passionately. Bill starts to undress. Brooke tells him to stop. She thinks this is crazy. Bill thinks that denying their feelings are hurting Brooke. It isn't about Katie it is about hurting himself. He isn't going to not be with her anymore.

Zende walks into Ridge's office. Ridge tells him that he just sent Sasha downstairs. Zende wanted to tell him that he is sorry but he cannot work with Sasha on the line.

Sasha is in her outfit. She asks where Zende went. Nicole says that he is upstairs telling Ridge that he cannot shoot the line. Sasha asks if it is because of her. Nicole states it is because of Sasha. Sasha cannot believe she convinced him to turn it down because she still doesn't trust her.

Ridge thinks that a champagne like this could make or break a career. Zende just cannot be a part of this. Ridge guesses that he respects that. He will hire someone else if that is really what he wants.

Sasha thought that she was going to give her another chance. Nicole reminds her it has only been a few days and she is already trying to get back with Zende. Sasha points out that the lingerie line was Ridge's idea not hers. Nicole hopes that she gets to keep it but Zende won't be filming it. Sasha thinks this could lead to big things. This is what Zende has waned. She begs her not to take this away from Zende because this is his dream.

Quinn reminds her that they are family. Steffy is family with Wyatt. It doesn't mean she has to have a relationship with her. She twisted all their lives for a crazy agenda. He didn't make her fall in love with Wyatt. She did that because she wanted to. Steffy is done talking about this. Wyatt and her get to decide who gets a place in their lives and right now she doesn't have one.

Brooke doesn't think that this is like before. Katie hasn't given up on their marriage. Bill is done with her. Bill isn't doing anything wrong. He cannot live this way anymore. One way or another they will be together. Bill will not allow them to deny this. It is the only way.

Sasha is comfortable in her body. Maybe if Nicole wasn't so uptight. This is the kind of campaign that Ridge wants. They can give it to them. She is asking them again to not deny her this opportunity. Ridge and Zende walk in. Ridge explains that there has been a change of plans. He doesn't want her to worry this doesn't have to affect her. Ridge can get another photographer. Sasha doesn't want him to get another photographer. He can just find another model.

Quinn knows that she isn't Steffy's favorite person right now but she is Wyatt's mother. Her place in his life is permanent. Steffy doesn't want her here. They are both creative and ambitious. They have to get along. Wyatt walks in. Steffy asks if he knew she would be here. Wyatt didn't. He asks what she did. Quinn made lunch. She was just trying to explain to Steffy that they need each other in their lives.

Bill wants her to think about all the times they spent together. They had an incredible love story. It ended to soon. Now they can have it back again. Brooke loves her sister. Bill dreams about her. She thinks it is a mistake. Bill thinks that the other night was the most alive they have felt in years. They cannot know what tomorrow will bring. All they have is them. This is where they belong. This is how they want to feel. Bill and Brooke kiss each other passionately. They go on the bed with Brooke's dress unzipped.

Nicole tells Sasha that no one is telling her to quit. Ridge explains to all of them that normally when he makes an offer like this he has people fighting over it not the other way around. Sasha asks if Zende told Ridge why. Zende tells her that work isn't his only priority. Sasha doesn't think this is work for him. He is an artist. Just like his parents and Ridge as well as Eric. Sasha loves being a print model more than anything. Ridge says it is her call. Zende will get another opportunity but Sasha needs to take it.

Brooke and Bill kiss passionately on the bed. Brooke is now on top. Brooke needs Bill to just hold her for a second. Brooke admits that she does want this. It has to stop though. Bill is not living without her. He will leave Katie but he will not give Brooke up. Bill has tried to be supportive and loyal and through her drinking and anger. He has tried. He will do what she wants and stay with Katie and be a devoted father. He however knows that the two of them feel something that is like breathing. He needs Brooke. She needs him too. Brooke has never felt better and at the same time she never has felt worse. Bill kisses Brooke and they hold each other.

Wyatt tells Quinn that she cannot just show up like this. She cannot break in. Quinn didn't break in because she has a key. Steffy demands that key back. Quinn was trying to apologize. Steffy thinks she was manipulated and she demands that Wyatt do something about it. Steffy tells her that she did this all on her own. This friendship routine is not easy to deal with. Steffy thought she was better. She thought she was stable but the whole time she was holding Liam hostage. Quinn fought so hard because she knew they belonged together. Quinn is so proud to call her, her daughter-in-law. Steffy hates to put Wyatt in this position but she doesn't want her in their life. Wyatt tells Quinn that Steffy is his wife and if she doesn't want her here then she needs to leave. Quinn begs for a chance. Wyatt says goodbye. Steffy knows that was hard on her. She thanks him. Quinn looks in the window and Steffy looks out it.

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