B&B Wednesday Update 6/15/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/15/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Bill is in his office and he thinks of kissing Brooke passionately. Katie walks in and asks if she is the first one here. She wonders what this is about. Bill says it is a family meeting. Steffy and Wyatt walk in. Wyatt wonders if they are late. Bill tells them that they are waiting for Liam. Katie asks if they know what this is about. Liam walks in and says he is sorry he is late. Bill wants to talk about this media scandal and what it means for the public. Liam assumes he is referring to the minister not being real. Wyatt reminds him that he was. Bill tells them enough. They are working together as Spencer’s. They need love and respect. He already discussed it with him but he is going to bring it up in front of the entire family. He is to respect Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage. He wonders if that is clear.

In Ridge’s office Sasha is confused that Ridge wants to keep her here at Forrester. Ridge wonders if the issues she has with her family can be worked out. Sasha tells him she can. Ridge is glad. He likes having her here and would like to promote her. She will have a photoshoot and more campaigns. Ridge says that it means she will be working closer with Zende. He asks if that is a problem.

Zende and Nicole kiss each other passionately in the photo studio. Zende cannot believe she got him his favorite salad. He is the one who is supposed to be getting her gifts. Zende thanks her and thanks her for making him so happy. Zende is grateful they get a second chance. Zende asks how things are going over at Brooke’s. Nicole assumes that he has heard. Zende knows that Rick and Maya want to leave LA with Lizzie. Nicole really hopes that it doesn’t happen. Especially now that their family is starting to heal and she is trying to forgive Sasha. Nicole is still working on trying to forgive her but in all honesty she isn’t sure if it is possible to do so.

Sasha can work with Zende. Sasha still cannot believe this is happening. Ridge hands her, her wardrobe. Sasha doesn’t see much here. Ridge explains that it is a lingerie line. Ridge says if she isn’t comfortable with it… Sasha is fine. Ridge tells her to come with him.

Liam asks if he is done lecturing him. Bill isn’t doing that. Liam thinks as his boss he has every right but this is his personal life. Bill knows that what Quinn did was not right. He is sorry for what happened to him but Wyatt and Steffy are married and nothing is going to change that. Steffy looks back at Liam.

Nicole is officially going to cut Zende off. He will make her a deal. He will eat them all real fast and if she needs to ask then they say they shared them. Nicole thinks that he was born with that Forrester charm. Zende wasn’t born a Forrester but he guesses that they do. Zende is still amazed with what she did for Rick and Maya. Nicole wishes it hadn’t come between the two of them. Zende knows they found their way back to each other and that has made it even better. Ridge and Sasha walk in. Ridge explains that Sasha and him are working hard. Sasha wonders if they can believe it. She is the head of Forrester’s new lingerie line. It is a dream come true.

Katie asks if Liam realizes what Bill is trying to do. He is just trying to bring them all together. Bill reminds Liam that Wyatt saved him and brought him back from Quinn. He needs to remember that. Wyatt promises that he and Steffy will do whatever it takes to bring the family back together. Katie knows Steffy and Wyatt are married and he has to respect and protect that. It won’t be easy. Bill and her have had their ups and downs but they stick together because they love each other. She wants that to be the foundation of their family. Bill is sure that Liam remembers what the sword means to them. He wants him to wear it again like he does and his brother does. Liam allows him to put it on. Brooke walks in. She is sorry to interrupt. Will is in daycare now. Katie actually thinks it is perfect. They were just talking about commitment and marriage and the importance of it. She wonders if Brooke would like to chime in. Brooke isn’t sure if she should be the one weighing in on this. Wyatt wants them to all get along. Wyatt has to go. He has something he needs to take care of. Liam has work to take care of. Steffy should leave too. Bill is counting on him and doesn’t want him to let him down. Katie wonders if any of that got through. Bill thinks it did if they know what is good for them. Katie loves Bill and she knows that he loves her.

Nicole asks when this happened. Sasha says it did right now. Ridge just asked her. Ridge asks if Zende is on board. He wonders what this means. Ridge wants the two of them working together. Nicole needs a moment alone with Zende. Zende thanks him for the opportunity. The two leave. Zende wonders if Nicole is ok. Nicole doesn’t trust Sasha.

Liam is in his office. Steffy walks in and tells Liam that Bill loves him and he loves his family. It is killing him seeing Liam this way. He needs to move on. Liam thinks that moving on means moving away from Steffy. Liam cannot shut off his feelings the way he wants him too. Steffy wonders if he needs to for all of their sake.

Katie has to go take Will to the park. She thanks Brooke for watching him. Brooke was glad to do so. Katie tells Bill that she is proud of him. Katie wants to have lunch with Brooke. Brooke promises they will. Bill tells Allison to hold his calls with no interruptions. Bill takes Brooke over to a room. He walks inside and explains that this used to be his private gym. Obviously he has done a little remodel. Bill tells Brooke that no one can find them here.

Zende asks what Nicole is asking him to do right now. Nicole doesn’t want him taking pictures of Sasha in lingerie after all she has done to them. She needs him to tell Ridge no.

Bill tells Brooke this is for them. No one else will ever know. Brooke tells Bill that Katie has recommitted herself to him. Bill reminds her that this is happening again. Bill isn’t pretending this didn’t happen. Bill needs Brooke. He kisses her. Brooke tells him that they cannot. Bill knows they love each other. Brooke cannot love him if she doesn’t love herself. She will not do this to her sister. Brooke wonders how this is respecting marriage. Brooke thinks this is wrong. Bill thinks it feels so great. The two kiss passionately.

Liam thinks that they were this close. He was so certain that the minster was fake. They deserved it. Liam knows that she is trying to honor her marriage. Steffy tells him that she is not free and she made vows to love and honor Wyatt. She got close to Wyatt and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Liam. It just means she cannot keep doing this anymore. Grasping on to hope that something will change. She is sorry about what Quinn did but he heard his father. Liam will try to do what he says. Liam will try but it is never going to change how he feels. Not for a second will he ever stop loving her.

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