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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/14/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Thomas walks into the Forrester living room from the backyard. He is drying off in a bathing suit. Caroline asks how is swim was. Thomas enjoyed it and suggests that Ridge and her should have joined him. Caroline laughs and tells him that Ridge is already asleep. Thomas is shocked that he is already in bed. Caroline explains that parenthood tires him out… She is sorry about saying that. Thomas knows they agreed that Ridge was the father. Caroline realizes she put him in a mood. Thomas was already in a mood. Caroline asks what is going on. Thomas is worried about Steffy.

Liam feels that if her marriage isn’t legal she will have no reason to stay. She will leave Wyatt. Steffy doesn’t understand. Liam explains that the minister is a crook. Steffy signed papers. Liam wonders if she has any reason to believe it is real… He thinks if the marriage is invalid then she is free.

Wyatt asks Emmy if that is the paper work. Emmy tells him it says Wyatt Spencer and Stephanie Forrester. License application filed a few months ago. Wyatt just needs to make sure if everything is legal. Bill needs to make sure if it is all valid or not.

Caroline wonders if Steffy is alright. Thomas tells her that Liam was robbed last night and he wanted Steffy to come over claiming it was urgent. Caroline knows that she is married to Wyatt now and can’t see Steffy leaving him and turning her back on him. Thomas feels she might have to if she loves Liam more.

Steffy asks what happens if she really is not married. Liam believes it is karma. Liam cannot wait to see Quinn’s face if it turns out to be true. Liam assumes she would leave Wyatt. He needs to hear her say that. He wonders if she would.

Emmy asks if that is indeed his signature. Wyatt confirms it is and that is also Steffy’s. The minister said he was taking care of all of this. The minister explains that he has been licensed for over ten years. She wonders if there was any reason they thought he wasn’t. Bill explains they recently learned that the guy is not reliable. Emmy promises that he is a married man. Bill knows he can always count on her girl Emmy. He gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Caroline asks if Thomas is ok. Thomas is he is just worried about Steffy. Caroline knows but she means their secret. Thomas guesses this is what they agreed was best. Caroline really appreciates that he did this. Thomas was just putting his child’s needs first.

Wyatt walks into his house and calls for Steffy. He looks through some papers and then looks outside. He looks confused. Wyatt gets out his phone. He texts Steffy.

Steffy explains to Liam that they don’t even know if what he is saying is true. If it is then they have a lot to think about. Steffy wonders what there is to think about. She has an out if she wants it. Steffy said vows. She cannot just tell Wyatt that her words didn’t mean anything. Steffy doesn’t know what she wants. She is so confused. Steffy cannot take her ring off. It is a reminder that she is married. Liam tells her that she can just put another ring on top of it or have it removed. She will never have to see it again. Liam wants her to take a shell and always keep it on her. Steffy doesn’t know why he wants her to do that. Liam wants her to think look at the shell every time she thinks she is stuck in a marriage. A tattoo isn’t a reminder. This shell is a reminder is how far he will always go to get back to her. He wants her to take this and remember this conversation. Remember how much he believes they will be together again. Liam hugs Steffy. Bill walks in and slams the door. Bill explains he was just with Wyatt at the city clerks office. Steffy asks what he turned out. Bill tells him that the marriage is valid. Liam doesn’t think that is true. Bill tells him that he is a better minister than criminal. The marriage is real. Bill tells Steffy to go home to her husband. Steffy grabs her purse. She shows Liam the shell before she leaves. Bill tells Liam that she is his brothers wife. Bill knows it never should have happened but it did. He is going to respect the marriage from this moment forward.

Thomas wants to go upstairs and give Douglas a kiss goodnight. Caroline tells him that is fine but if he wakes him up then he is a dead man. Thomas guesses that he can wait until morning then. Thomas looks at Caroline’s wedding photo. He thinks that she has a happy family. Thomas thinks this is difficult. He can see the logic but this is really hard. He created him. Not her and Ridge. The two of them did.

Wyatt pours two glasses of wine. Steffy walks in and thinks that someone has been reading her mind. Wyatt jokes that they are both for him. Steffy asks if it was a long day at the police station. Wyatt doesn’t think she could believe what Liam went through or what he even went through. Steffy wants him to tell her. Wyatt thought their marriage was in trouble.

Liam asks how this is happening. He thought that Bill was the biggest supporter of him and Steffy. Bill was. Then she married his brother. Liam thinks it is only because he was kidnapped. Bill tells Liam that it is over. Liam asks what he means. Bill knows she stole his life and he hates her for it but Steffy wasn’t manipulated. Bill thinks that Quinn was right. The two fell for each other. Liam has had multiple chances with Steffy. It never worked out. Now she is with Wyatt. Liam thinks that he is acting like they went on a few bad dates. The two of them have been through so much together. Bill repeats that it never worked out. So here they find themselves. They cannot change the past but they can change their behavior moving forward. Bill doesn’t want to find him alone with Steffy again. No more looks at her either. He demands that Liam understand. Bill will not tolerate it. Liam thinks that he is acting like he is a teenager who can be grounded. Bill can toss his ass out of the company and take him out of the family. Bill wonders if that is the rout he wants to go down. He can respect his brothers marriage or go his own way.

Thomas asks if she thinks about Douglas like he does. They made him. Caroline does every time. Thomas thinks that if they could do that then they could do anything.

Liam doesn’t think that Bill would do that. He asks if he would really ban him from the family. Bill would do what he has to in order to protect it. If that means sacrificing one for the good of all then so be it. Liam thinks he is a cold SOB like his father. Bill has always been there for him. His father was never there for him. He was the bastard son. It wasn’t by choice. Unlike his sister whose sexual orientation wasn’t a choice. Liam however has the gift of choice. He is choosing to pursue his brother’s wife. Liam needs him to understand where he is coming from. Bill wants him to be happy. Bill doesn’t think that either him or Wyatt will be happy. If he takes Steffy away from Wyatt then their family will not survive it. Liam asks if Wyatt was told the same thing. Bill demands that Liam grow up and accept it. Liam knows that Steffy loves him more and they both know it.

Steffy thinks that is a robin hood thing and the minister is taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Wyatt doesn’t think that is the case. He just panicked for a minute. Wyatt thinks that maybe their marriage wasn’t valid. Wyatt explains that it is. He tells her that Liam is fine and the minister is locked up. Wyatt promises that everything will be fine. He won’t let anything stand in between them. He loves hr. Steffy loves him too. Steffy starts to lose her smile when they hug.

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