B&B Thursday Update 6/9/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/9/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill cannot take it and will not live another day without her. The two kiss passionately.

Katie starts to think of all the times she caught Bill and Brooke together. She holds the glass in her hand and cries.

Wyatt wonders how lasagna sounds then he realizes that it will take two hours for it to get here. He guesses they could just reheat the Chinese food. Steffy thinks it sounds good. She isn’t that hungry. Wyatt feels that she seems a little off. Steffy knows. She is concerned about Liam and what Quinn put him through. She is very dangerous.

Liam is sleeping in bed. In the other room someone flashes a light in the kitchen.

Steffy reminds Wyatt that she kidnapped Liam and lied about them being married. It was beyond crazy. Wyatt knows it was disturbing. Steffy thinks that she risks peoples lives to get what she wants. Wyatt wants her to remember why they are together. It isn’t because they were tricked into marriage. Steffy knows that. She isn’t saying that. Wyatt reminds her that she will always be her mother. She cannot hurt us anymore. Steffy agrees. Quinn just has to stay away from them and Liam.

Someone knocks over something in Liam’s living room.

Katie takes a sip of the drink. Katie remembers telling Brooke she has no desire to drink. She puts the drink down.

Bill reminds Brooke that Katie said that they should be together. Brooke knows that isn’t what she meant. She was just upset. She is still his wife. Bill has tried. Katie is an incredible woman in many ways. Brooke is the one though. It is killing Katie and himself. He wants her. He wants this. He knows that she wants it as well. The two start to kiss each other again.

Wyatt tells Steffy that the food has been ordered. Steffy just wants to thank him. It has been a really weird time for her or for them. She is really glad to have him. Wyatt knows it has been confusing for Liam. He thinks that Steffy is doing a good job. He wants to be able to help her. They can do this as a couple. Steffy thinks that he is so secure and confident. Wyatt thinks that life is too short to try to control things they cannot control. Steffy thinks a lot of guys would have problems with the way she is talking. Wyatt thinks that he is secure. Steffy doesn’t think that Liam has anything. Wyatt reminds her that he has family. Steffy keeps thinking about him being alone. It makes her feel uneasy. Wyatt doesn’t think that Quinn is stupid enough to do anything. Steffy just has this weird feeling that something might happen to Liam.

Liam walks into his living room. He sees a figure with a flashlight. He has a golf club in his hands. The person is looking through his mail. He tells them not to move. It’s some random person. Liam asks who they are.

Katie thinks about her first marriage to Bill. Katie looks at pictures of Bill and then starts to remember all the heart break she has had with Bill and Brooke. She once again looks at the bottle.

Brooke and Bill continue to kiss each other. Bill kisses her neck. Brooke stops him but they kiss each other again. The two then lay down on a bed with Bill on top of Brooke.

Steffy feels bad talking about Liam. She has been talking about him all night. Wyatt doesn’t think it is bad. Steffy knows it is. It isn’t fair to her. Wyatt knows she is worried about him but he is a big boy.

Liam asks what he is doing here. The guy says he wasn’t going to hurt anyone. He is just strapped for cash and wonders if he can spare any. He is just going to leave. Liam isn’t going to let him get away from this. Liam is going to call the police. The guy tells him to do what he has to do. Liam is so sick and tired of people walking all over him. The guy runs away. Liam runs after him.

Katie continues to remember things about Brooke and Bill being together.

Bill and Brooke continue to kiss. Bill doesn’t think that there is any woman like her. Not even close. Bill needs Brooke. He needs this. He two continue to kiss. Brooke asks what they are doing. Bill thinks that Katie knew this was coming. They were going to deny their feels for Katie. This is there time. Brooke cannot do this. Katie is her sister. Bill will never let her go. From this moment forward he is hers. Bill thinks that they can be honest and Katie will be free. They start their life tonight.

Wyatt isn’t ok with Steffy being concerned about him and it is ok if she talks about him all night. He just doesn’t want her feeling bad for him. Steffy cannot help but feel bad. Wyatt thinks he needs a way to move on. He needs to find happiness. It works being with her and being her husband. He wants to share everything. Wyatt thinks it is like that day down at the beach. It came from their hearts. Wyatt will always be honest with her. He will always put her before everyone and that is will always be his commitment towards he. He meant it then and he meant it now more than ever.

Liam is on the phone with the police. He tells them that if the catch him he is pressing charges.

Bill and Brooke walk in. She didn’t hear them come in and wonders how it went. Bill confronted Ridge and all of them. They are all aware that Douglas is Thomas’s son. Katie wants to discuss what they were talking about before they left. He loves her and has been worried about her for a while. They both have. What is most important to Brooke and Him is that she is happy. All the doubt and anxiety is not good for her. She shouldn’t be living this way. That is why they have to stop this. Bill supposes that he let her down. He has tried but they have been struggling for years. She said she was tired earlier and he is tired too. Sometimes you get to the point where you cannot take it anymore. He is sorry that he failed her. He is so very sorry.

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