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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/8/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge claims that he is protecting Caroline and they are both protecting Douglas. Bill has to respect that. Caroline says that Douglas is their son. Thomas tells them that only the people in this room and Katie know about this. Ridge tells him that it will stay that way.

Steffy cannot believe Quinn. Wyatt knows. Steffy thinks that she belongs in jail. Wyatt thinks that she would be if it wasn’t for her lawyer. He has to be honest though he is glad that she isn’t in jail. What she did to Liam was insane and crazy but she is still his mother.

Quinn walks into her motel room and Deacon is on the bed. He doesn’t have to ask where she was. Quinn doesn’t want to talk about it. Deacon wonders how Liam is. Quinn says that it is over. Deacon tells her that it never really began. He wonders when she will admit that it never really ever was. Quinn doesn’t think that it matters now. Deacon wonders why she is so upset then. Quinn explains that Steffy showed up and called her out. She is mad at her and she claims that she isn’t welcome in her sons life anymore. Quinn looks angry.

Steffy asks if he doesn’t think she should be punished. Wyatt wants her to get better and it won’t happen in prison. Steffy doesn’t want her anywhere near them.

Deacon tells her that she cannot blame Steffy. Quinn explains that Steffy walked into Liam’s house like she belonged there. There is still an attraction between them. They are both mad at her but she will not allow Liam to interfere with Steffy’s marriage to Wyatt.

Liam thinks about talking to Steffy earlier.

Katie goes into the kitchen and grabs a glass. She has the bottle in her hand.

Ridge thinks that they are all in agreement. Bill hasn’t agreed to anything. Caroline begs him. Bill thinks that if this has to do with Caroline then it has to do with him. Ridge wonders about Brooke. Brooke had to know it was true. He told her that she had the vasectomy reversed. Bill thinks that he will say anything to get his way. He isn’t getting out of this though. The game is over. He isn’t going to let him manipulate Caroline the way he manipulates and bullies everyone else.

Steffy needs to know that she has Wyatt’s support. Wyatt tells her that he does. Steffy needs it in everything. Wyatt feels awful for what she did but like it or not she is still his family. Steffy reminds him that she is his wife and on their wedding day he said he would put her before everyone. That was his vow to her. Wyatt hasn’t forgotten that but neither has she.

Quinn feels that Steffy needs to remember who she is married to and who his mother is. Nobody comes between her and he son. Deacon doesn’t think this is her fault that she messed things up with Wyatt. This happens to the best of them. She got her heart broken and now she is angry. Quinn took care of Liam and nursed him back to health. She told him things that she never told anyone else. She was ready to run away with him. Not anymore. Now she just wants to… Deacon asks what she wants to do.

Liam eats pasta in his dining room. He starts to cry.

Katie looks at the bottle.

Caroline doesn’t think that this is a choice that they made lightly. Bill knows that she didn’t make this choice. He demanded it. He wants her to tell him that he is wrong. Caroline says that they made the choice that was best for Douglas. Ridge thinks that it is over. Caroline appreciates that he is concerned. He doesn’t need to be worried though. Brooke doesn’t think that keeping secrets is healthy for a family. It never gets easier and it is always there in the back of their minds. Ridge will not let him do this. Bill had two sons in the world that he didn’t know existed. They all suffered from it. You don’t get that time back Thomas. His father would agree with him. Ridge says that no one will find out about this. Rick included. Brooke says that Rick is going to leave LA because of Ridge. Bill doesn’t trust Ridge. Caroline does trust him. She is the mother and he loves the little boy. Thomas will have a place in his life. They are the parents. Caroline doesn’t think it is their business. She just wants them to be a family. Caroline asks if he knows what they will say about that little boy and about Thomas. He cannot say anything. Bill is telling her that she doesn’t know what she is doing. Caroline does. Bill says that against his better judgement he won’t. Brooke tells Ridge that he needs to treat Rick better and show some respect. She will only help his son out if he helps out his. Ridge says no one else finds out. Bill says ok.

Steffy tells Wyatt that Quinn was at Liam’s place trying to win him back. Wyatt knows it didn’t work though. Steffy thinks it is sick. Wyatt knows this was one of the craziest things she had ever done. Steffy thinks that she was acting like a crazy ex-girlfriend. Wyatt wonders if she left when he asked her too. Steffy says yes. Wyatt wonders if she stalked around outside. He knows she didn’t because she said it was done. Steffy thinks it should have been clear to her the moment Liam had her arrested.

Quinn has been let down by men before. She can deal with the disappointment. He is turning her against her and then she is going to turn Wyatt against her. He has to be stopped. Quinn isn’t going to talk about this anymore. She needs to go on a walk. Deacon tells her not to push it and leave Liam alone. Quinn thinks that as long as Liam lives and breathes he is a threat to her sons marriage.

Liam starts to get tired while he is on his couch. He remembers Quinn saying that she cannot stop thinking about the time they spent together.

Katie starts to take the top off the bottle. She puts the bottle up to her nose and smells it.

Brooke and Bill are somewhere on the Spencer estate. Brooke wonders what they are doing here. Bill has something he needs to talk to her about. He doesn’t know what he is walking into anymore. The way she reacted was over the top. Brooke is worried as well. She was furious. Bill cannot take it anymore. He has tried. The drinking, mood swings, and lying. Katie was never more truthful than earlier. They have to stop pretending. He loves Brooke.

Wyatt guesses that it must have gotten pretty emotional over there. Steffy says it did and then Quinn rushed over here to tell on her. Wyatt knows she was concerned. Wyatt tells her that he isn’t concerned about them. He is worried about Liam and she knows that she is concerned about him. Liam is going through a bad time right now but he will get over it. They will help him through this.

Liam goes to bed. Outside his room someone flashes a light. They open the sliding door in his bedroom and walk in.

Katie goes into the living room and pours herself a drink.

Bill has been looking for an excuse to be with Bill. Brooke thinks that things will be fine. Bill knows that things are not fine. Secrets are taking them in. Lying isn’t doing them any favors. Brooke doesn’t think that it matters. They have been lying for Katie but are doing more harm than good. Brooke tells him not to say that. He cannot take it anymore. He starts kissing her passionately. Brooke is crying.

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