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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/7/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie thought they talked about this. Bill looked at her in the face and promised he wouldn’t say anything. Then he turns around and tells Rick of all people. Bill explains that Rick is leaving because of Ridge. Katie thinks that Bill betrayed her again. Katie asks if he did this as an act of love. Clearly Brooke is his priority and not her.

Thomas knows that they are trusting Katie to keep this secret but he isn’t sure if that will work. Ridge doesn’t think they have to worry at all. They don’t need to what if this at all. Ridge wants to give her some faith. He wants faith in himself. Only four people know about this and no one else.

Wyatt is in his living room and someone walks through the front door. He assumes it is Steffy and calls her gorgeous. It is Quinn. She knows that he is angry at her right now but she is still his mother and still loves him very much. She wants to be a part of his life and will do anything to make it happen. She wonders what she can do.

Liam loves Steffy and nothing will ever change that. He knows what everyone says. He is the nice guy but if it means letting go of her then he won’t be nice. He is not giving her up ever again.

Wyatt honestly isn’t sure how he is supposed to feel about her. He is glad that she isn’t in prison. Quinn points out it is because of Liam that she isn’t in prison. Wyatt reminds her that he only did that because he was convinced that he didn’t have much of a case. Quinn knows that. Wyatt asks if she can accept that Liam probably will never have feelings outside of contempt. Quinn realizes that Steffy is the love of his life. There is no room for anyone else. She came by when she was there. It was a love fest between her and Liam. Quinn knows he doesn’t want to hear this but it is only a matter of time before Steffy turns to Liam again.

Steffy can’t. He is putting her in an impossible spot. Liam knows it is because she still loves him.

Ridge feels that this family has had to keep a lot of secrets and can keep one more. Thomas told him that they will tell Douglas one day. Ridge thinks that is a long time from now. Thomas asks what happens if Katie decides to tell Bill.

Katie doesn’t want to hear it anymore. She doesn’t want to hear about devoted he is. He knows how sensitive she is when it comes to Brooke. All the promises made always fly out the window. She was a fool to think it was ever over between the two of them. When Brooke is in distress all the promises made to her are thrown out the window. She was a fool to ever think that she could come between the two of them.

Wyatt has faith in his wife. He feels that all Quinn is doing is trying to stir up drama. Quinn isn’t trying to do that at all. She was the one who got this relationship together in the first place. Wyatt thinks that her love for him also had something to do with it. Quinn still thinks that Steffy is the right woman for him. She just doesn’t think that it is over between them like they think.

Steffy wonders if Quinn finally got the message. Liam doesn’t care. All he cares about is the two of them. They were so close and then they ended up in different places. Even then the second that he realized who he was he came running to her literally. He respects that she is not taking her vows lightly. He doesn’t think that they should sacrifice the one thing they have always wanted. They were robbed. He will not rest until the two of them are back together.

Thomas points out that he still hasn’t answered his question. He wants to know what happens if Katie tells Bill. Ridge thinks that this is just another hypothetical. Thomas gets that he wants to keep it that way but wonders if it is even realistic.

Katie knows that all this time Bill claims she is paranoid and the feelings between the two of them were not really there. This proves though that they were. He is more committed to her than he is Katie. Bill doesn’t think that is true. Katie asks why he married her. She wonders if she is just the mother of his son or if he thinks she will drop dead due to health problems. Bill thinks that is ridicules. Brooke tries to speak but Katie tells her to keep her mouth shut. She is not in trouble here. Bill is. He has proven that he is more loyal to her than his own wife. Bill tells her to listen to him. He has two sons in the world who didn’t even know he existed and that cost them. What Ridge is doing is an injustice. He is forcing them to live a lie. Katie doesn’t think that Caroline is being forced to do anything. Bill wonders if she cares about her nephew. Ridge is manipulating his life and it is hurting Brooke. Katie doesn’t think this is about Ridge and Rick. She should have kept her mouth shut. He said that secrets are a way to build their trust and this is what she does with her trust. He breaks it over and over again for her. She is so tired of fighting for this. She is done fighting. She wants him to go and be with Bill. He wants her and never has stopped wanting her. He might as well do it and get it over with.

Thomas believes that these things have a way of coming out. Ridge understands all of that. Caroline wonders if Thomas is right. As much as they all want to stay on the side of this these things don’t always work out. Ridge wonders why she is doubting him. Caroline isn’t doubting him. If this goes beyond the three of them and Katie. Ridge promises that her and Douglas are the most important things in his life. He won’t let anything happen.

Bill promises Katie that he is not going anywhere. Katie tells him he is. She is giving him permission to walk away. Bill intends to spend the rest of his life married to her. He is sorry that he told Brooke about Douglas’s paternity. He needs to know that Caroline is ok. Katie will not allow Bill to talk to Caroline about this. They will all blame her. Bill promises that they won’t. Katie knows that they will. Bill wants to head over there and deal with this head on. Katie cannot face them. Not now. Bill and Brooke can if they want. Bill isn’t comfortable leaving her this way. Katie says he can go. She is fine. She is always fine. Brooke grabs her purse. She looks at Katie who doesn’t look back. The two leave.

Wyatt doesn’t think that he should have to point this out to her but if she is really serious about being in his life again… Quinn is. Wyatt tells her that she needs to stop telling Liam that they were meant to be. She also needs to stop questioning his wife’s commitment.

Steffy realizes it is getting late. She says that Wyatt is waiting for her. Liam says that he doesn’t want Quinn making any more trouble for her. Steffy promises that she won’t. Steffy leaves. She stands outside and looks confused. Liam looks at a picture of Steffy and thinks of all the times the two spent together.

Quinn knows that sometimes she has pushed people but Liam might change his behind. Steffy walks in and screams that Liam wants nothing to do with her. Quinn guesses that apparently neither does she. She reminds her that they both love Wyatt though. Steffy knows that is true but Quinn is not welcome here. Quinn hopes that she doesn’t always feel that way about her. The two of them are the only family she has. She cannot cut her out entirely. Steffy tells her to go. Quinn leaves. She looks back at the two of them.

Katie looks at the pictures above her fire place. She starts to think about Ridge asking if Katie can be trusted. Katie walks over to her bar and grabs a bottle.

Ridge thinks that they are all agreed that this secret will stay a secret. Someone knocks on the door. Caroline asks if he was expecting someone else. Ridge says no. Bill and Brooke walk in without being invited. Ridge asks if he just walks into someone’s house. Bill tells him that there is a problem. He is worried about Caroline. He thinks this is going a little too far. Brooke asks if this is true. Ridge plays stupid. Bill tells Caroline that she doesn’t want to listen to Ridge. He has no right. Bill tells Thomas to save it. He knows that Ridge has been lying. He is not the father of her baby. Thomas is. Ridge tells him to leave. Bill will not allow him to live this lie another day. The secret is out. Katie told him. They don’t keep secrets. He guesses that everyone will know now. Caroline begs him not to tell anyone. She doesn’t want Douglas dragged into this. Ridge tells Bill that he never liked her. He wants to look after Caroline and the little boy. All Douglas wants is to sleep and eat and be loved. Two people are willing to love him for the rest of his life. He asks Bill to do him a favor for all their sakes and let it go.

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