B&B Friday Update 6/3/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/3/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill stabs an orange in his kitchen. Katie walks in. Bill asks how Will is. Katie says that the nanny is reading him a story. Bill thought that the nanny should have left by now. Katie wanted her to stay because she didn’t want any interruption. He avoided answering her at Forrester and she is not going to let him continue to avoid her. She needs to know that he isn’t going to say anything. Bill assumes she means Ridge’s secret. Katie needs him to say that he will not say this to anyone. She needs to hear it.

Thomas thinks that Ridge got Douglas to sleep rather quickly. He asks if he really wouldn’t have told him the truth if it were not for Katie. Ridge asks if it matters because he knows now. Now they all have to protect their little boy and keep this secret.

Rick takes a sip of coffee in Ridge’s office and wants to know why the coffee is always cold. Brooke asks if Lizzie kept him up last night. Rick admits that most of it he was. He wonders why. Brooke can tell that he is extra grumpy. Rick just has a lot on his mind. Brooke asks what is wrong. Rick thinks that it is time for Maya, Lizzie, and himself to move on from LA. He can’t do it anymore. He cannot put up with Ridge.

On the sky lounge Steffy asks how Caroline was able to rock yoga. Caroline explains that she needed some time for herself. Caroline says that Liam likes her post. Steffy cannot believe that Quinn is getting away with this. Caroline cannot believe that Quinn claims to have fallen for Liam. Steffy thinks that Quinn can claim whatever he wants as long as he stays away from Liam.

Liam is on his laptop and he sees a picture of himself and Steffy. He starts to think about the times that he had spent with her. Then he wakes up and it is Quinn. Quinn says the door was open. She knows that she is the last person he wants to see but she cannot stop thinking about them. The time they spent together. She wonders if he can.

Bill cannot believe that Ridge is lying to the world and Katie wants to keep it quiet. Katie doesn’t think that this is just Ridge’s secret. It is also Caroline’s. Bill will not let Ridge manipulate two young parents. Katie only told him because they don’t keep secrets. He needs to respect her and keep this a secret. Bill says fine. Katie needs to hear the words. Bill claims he will promise.

Ridge knows he loves Douglas but he is the one married to Caroline. Thomas can be the big brother. It is what is best for Douglas.

Brooke will not let Rick leave LA. Bridge lives across the country, Hope lives across the world, and RJ never visits. She will not let him leave. Rick has to go. Brooke doesn’t think that this company could work without Rick. Rick cannot work with Ridge.

Caroline knows that Quinn will stay away from Liam. She cannot honestly think that Liam wants to be with her. Steffy thinks she is delusional. Steffy can only imagine what is going on right now. Steffy wants her to go away. Caroline knows it has been tough on her. Caroline has been worried about her. She knows she will always love her.

Liam asks how he is supposed to stop thinking about their time together. She has scared him for the rest of his life. Quinn doesn’t want him to say that. They had something. She wonders if he could love her even more than Adam did.

Brooke wonders what if Rick were to work from home. Rick doesn’t want to work under Ridge anymore. He asks how he can raise his daughter here. Rick doesn’t want her to think she is going to be some sort of afterthought because of Ridge’s children. He and Maya wonder if it is time to open their own company. Brooke suggests that they do that in LA. Rick wants a clean break. He knows that it must be a shock for her. Brooke admits that it is. She wanted to see Lizzie grow up and now he is saying he is leaving. Rick tells her that Ridge has left him no other choice.

Liam cannot look at any part of what she is did as something good. He cannot transfer his feelings as Adam into his real life. Quinn needs him to remember how she took care of him. Liam assumes she means by taking him hostage. Liam guesses that because he wasn’t stabbed she has grown. Quinn wishes that he would realize that he would understand she has changed. Liam doesn’t care if she has changed or not. The only feeling he has towards her is hatred. He loves Steffy. It will only ever be Steffy.

Steffy thinks about Liam. She then looks at her ring.

Caroline is back home from Yoga. Ridge asks how it was. Caroline says it was amazing. She wonders what is going on here. Ridge tells her that he thinks that Thomas and him have come to an understanding.

Brooke is now at Bill’s house. Bill says that Katie went out for a little bit. Brooke explains that she just missed her. Bill asks what is wrong. Brooke explains that Rick is moving away. He is done with Forrester. He is taking Maya and Lizzie and they are leaving town and her all because of Ridge.

Thomas doesn’t want either of them thinking that this means he doesn’t want to be Douglas’s father or that because he is young and single he doesn’t deserve to be his father. Caroline doesn’t think that. Thomas tells them that one day they will tell Douglas the truth. For now though he will keep this a secret. Ridge thinks that this means a lot.

Brooke says that Rick wants to move away and start his own company away from Ridge. She can’t blame him. Bill knows it hurts for her. Brooke hugs Bill. Brooke doesn’t understand. Eric has given him everything and Rick thinks it was all at his expense. She tries to get them to talk but they shut each other out. Brooke doesn’t want to lose her son. Bill doesn’t think she will have to. Bill knows something and if it got out Rick would never leave.

Quinn can prove him wrong. She thinks his feelings for her are more complicated. Liam doesn’t think that is the case at all. Quinn feels that if he hated her then she would be in jail. Liam wanted to do that. There is a part of him that couldn’t let her go. Liam wanted her in jail. He will never return her feelings. It is insane for her to think that he would want anything to do with her. He begs her to stop thinking that he would ever be with her. He asks if she understands. It is just Steffy. Steffy is listening outside. Quinn asks if this is really the way he wants to spend his life. Pining away for Steffy when she is with Wyatt. Liam reminds her that is only the case because of her. She took his life and handed it to her son. Now he is expected to just give up. Liam won’t do that. He knows that Steffy could never care about Wyatt as much as she does him. It could never be after everything they have been through together. Nothing will change his opinion of her. Steffy says that it won’t change hers either. Quinn asks what she is doing here. Steffy tells her that now that she has heard from Liam she will hear from her.

Ridge thinks that he is doing the right thing. Someone rings the doorbell. It is probably Katie. He texted her to come over. He wanted to show that they could work this out. Katie asks what is going on. Ridge says it is peace among parents. Ridge says that Thomas had to know and now Caroline and him are going to raise him as their son. Thomas will tell him the truth when he is older. Katie is glad. She hopes it is something that they are happy about. Ridge thinks that they have to continue to work on it for the companies sake. It cannot go any further than right here. He hopes that he can trust her. Katie says that he can.

Brooke asks Bill what he knows. Rick has had it. He has steam rolled by Ridge. He is ready to leave. Brooke needs to know. Bill tells Brooke that he should stay just leave it at that. Brooke needs to be able to convince him. Bill knows something that could change things for Rick. Brooke needs to know the truth. Bill explains that Ridge is toxic. He is playing with peoples lives. Brooke asks what is going on. She needs to know what it is. Bill tells Brooke that Ridge is not Douglas’s father. Brooke asks who is. Ridge tells her that Thomas is.

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