B&B Wednesday Update 6/1/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/1/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Bill’s office he and Katie are kissing each other. Bill thinks that she is doing better. Katie wonders if it is with her kissing. Bill thinks she knows what he means. She is doing better and he is proud of her. Katie is proud of her too. She feels good. She doesn’t want to lose him or her family even her sister. Bill is glad that they are trying to move forward. Katie was planning on going to Forrester and asking if Brooke wants to go and have lunch. Bill is surprised that the dressmaker hasn’t made the company fall as CEO. Bill is serious. If that company is ever going to succeed, then he is going to have to get Ridge out of the CEO position.

Ridge tells Douglas that he is in charge while Caroline is at yoga. Brooke is sitting down on the couch in the mansion. Ridge knows that Douglas knows he is in charge. Brooke is so happy for him and Caroline. Thomas walks downstairs. He says he is just on his way to work. Brooke thought that he was on his way to Shanghai. Thomas changed his mind. He isn’t going anywhere.

In Vivienne’s hotel room she tells Rick and Maya that they were hoping they would have brought the baby. Maya explains that Lizzie was sleeping. Rick tells her that they have the nanny watching after the baby. Vivienne thinks they should have had Sasha look after the child so that she would know what it takes. Rick doesn’t think that they know if she is actually pregnant or not yet. Vivienne really hopes that she isn’t. Nicole and Zende walk in. Maya asks what the results said. Nicole tells them all that Sasha is not pregnant. They all take a sigh of relief. Zende looks concerned.

Sasha packs her things and then starts to think about her time with Zende. Julius walks in asking if she wanted to see him. Sasha is tired of all the lies. There is no baby.

Maya is so happy. Rick congratulates Zende. Maya asks if that means the test was negative. Zende says that the test was positive.

Julius asks if she made it all up. Sasha is not proud of herself. She couldn’t keep lying to him. Not after all the lies she was forced to say her whole life. She couldn’t do that to them.

Justin thinks that it is nice to have Katie back at the office. Bill knows that she has been going through a lot. Justin is sorry to hear that. He thinks that she will beat it. Justin wonders about Forrester Creations. Bill thinks that Ridge is no more than a glorified tailor. He wants him out as CEO.

In Ridge’s office Pam tells Katie that Brooke hasn’t come in yet. Katie will wait then. Pam wants her to know if she needs anything. Thomas walks in. He tells Katie that if she is looking for Brooke that she is back at the house with Ridge and the baby. Brooke knows that Ridge has been spending a lot of time with the baby. It must be hard for him. Thomas asks why it would be hard. Katie thinks it would be hard seeing that Douglas isn’t Ridge’s son but his.

Justin knows that Bill hasn’t really been to Forrester in a while. Bill doesn’t think that means it hasn’t been on his mind. Especially since the poser started running it. He wants to protect his investment and get the company out of Ridge’s hands.

Ridge hands Brooke a cup of coffee with honey and cream. He thinks it is weird that she does that. Brooke thinks it is nice that he is spending so much time with Douglas. Ridge agrees. He never got to spend so much time with Thomas, the twins, and RJ is off at boarding school. Brooke guesses that now he wants to experience fatherhood. Brooke thinks it is good that Thomas is living at home. An extra pair of hands never hurt.

Thomas tells Katie that Douglas is his brother. His dad’s son. Katie knows the truth. He doesn’t have to pretend with her. Thomas tells her it is the truth. Katie knows all about the night with Caroline and the fact that Ridge cannot father anymore children. She knows that Douglas is his. Caroline admitted it to her and she insisted that Ridge tell the truth.

Julius asks if Nicole knows the truth. Sasha says yes. She probably hates her. Julius thinks it is a big deal to claim you are pregnant with your boyfriend’s baby. Sasha thinks they had something special and meaningful. Julius is sure that he enjoyed her company but they need to be honest. Even though they were separated they never stopped caring about each other. Sasha cares about him. She really believes that he would love her too. She never had a man treat her like this before. Julius asks what all this is. Sasha is going back to Chicago.

Zende explains how Sasha was able to get the test to turn positive. Vivienne asks how she figured out the truth. Zende says she confessed. She couldn’t do that to them. Nicole cannot ever forgive her. Vivienne is glad that truth is out. Rick is glad that Sasha told the truth. Vivienne agrees. Zende is free from Sasha and no longer tied to her. They can be together again. Rick is thrilled for them. Vivienne thinks that her girls are right where they are supposed to be. Nicole and Maya want to be there for her now. Vivienne admits her world was rocked. Having that poor girl keep a secret and pretend not to be his daughter. Nicole asks if she has spoken to him. Vivienne doesn’t want to talk to him. She is to upset. Maya gets a phone call. Julius wants to get them all together. He thinks their family needs to be together. Maya thinks he is right. She tells him to come to the motel. Julius is on his way.

Justin asks if he has a plan. Bill needs something solid. Something that he can dig. Justin is on it. Bill asks if he really is because last time he gave him an assignment… Justin believes last time he gave the best council considering what happened. Justin does what he has to do. He will do the job he was given. Bill is going to give Ridge a visit at the office and start to rattle his cage.

Brooke thinks that it is so sweet the way Ridge cherishes him. She thinks he looks like him. Brooke doesn’t think it was so long ago that he was holding RJ like this or even Thomas. She thinks they grow up so fast. Soon it will be Thomas’s turn to be a father.

Thomas asks if Katie really told Ridge to tell him. Katie encouraged him to be honest. Thomas asks if anyone else knows. Katie promises no one else knows. She thinks it is the best thing for him, Douglas, and Caroline. Thomas would have found out eventually. Katie asks what he plans to do now that he knows the truth.

On the sky lounge Rick and Zende walk out. Rick is not surprised that Ridge is not at work. Zende thinks that he must be at home with Douglas. Rick gets that he wants to be with his child. He never comes into work though. He asks how you can even keep a job when you never come into work anymore. Zende thinks he has some stress to work out. Rick would rather be home with Maya but she needed some time with her mom. From what he can gather it seems like she is up to something.

Nicole tells Vivienne they should get their nails done. Maya opens the door and Julius walks in. Vivienne asks why he is here. Sasha walks in and Nicole asks why Sasha is here. Maya explains that Julius called for a family meeting so she thinks that they should hear him out. Julius promises that this won’t take long. One of the things that he has always made sure of is that their family would be together. His daughters are at odds with each other. He has lost his wife. He takes responsibility. He wants them to understand that everything he did he thought was best for the family but he hurt them all. He is sorry. She is a young and innocent child who deserved much more than she got. He wants them to look around the room and grasp that the three of them are sisters and while he is far from perfect he is their father. Julius reminds Vivienne they have been married for thirty years. He can’t fathom not living without her. He is asking if she can forgive him.

Ridge is a lucky man. Then Douglas showed up and he changed his life. He wouldn’t know what he would do without him.

Thomas asks Katie really was told the truth. Katie explains that it was only after Caroline admitted it to her thinking that she already knew. Thomas knows that Ridge would never have admitted any of this had they not been caught. He wants to do what is best for Douglas but Ridge and Caroline are married. He has to respect that. Douglas is his son though. He can’t be with him if he is in Shanghai. Thomas tells her that Ridge wanted to ship him off. Once he found out the truth there was no way he was going to leave.

Bill asks Pam if Ridge is in his office. Pam says no but that Katie and Thomas are. Pam tells an employee he is taking the dresses to the wrong place.

Thomas is done letting Ridge dictate him. He is controlling everyone’s life. Bill opens the door but closes it slightly. Katie promises that the only people who know about this are Caroline, Ridge, him, and her. He couldn’t let Ridge keep a secret like this.

Bill looks angry in the hallway.

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