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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/31/16


Written By Anthony
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Rick and Maya sit in Ridge’s office. Maya thinks that the outfit Rick put on Lizzie is adorable. Maya doesn’t think that rick knows how much she needed this. Rick knows but no matter what the test results are he knows that Zende can handle it. Maya thinks that Sasha is lying. There is no way she is pregnant. Rick knows the truth will come out.

Nicole tells Sasha that she lied. Sasha isn’t asking for forgiveness but she reminds Nicole that they are sisters. Nicole knows that she lied about that too. Sasha feels that is why she came clean about it. She isn’t pregnant and she doesn’t want to pretend anymore. She couldn’t do that to either of them. She doesn’t want to lose Nicole. She begs her not to drop her from her life.

Ridge wonders what is keeping Caroline. He kisses Douglas.

Caroline believes this is between Thomas and Ridge. Ridge is the one who wants him in Shanghai. He thinks that he is on his way there right now. Thomas knows he won’t be happy. Caroline isn’t going to go upstairs and pretend that he hasn’t seen him. Thomas knows that he didn’t want to put her in the middle of this but he couldn’t do this to Douglas. He hopes she understands his choice.

Maya puts Lizzie to bed. Rick asks if Maya thinks that Sasha is lying. Maya knows she does have a history. Rick knows that history involves not telling her that they were sisters. Maya isn’t going to take Sasha’s word about being pregnant. Neither is Nicole. Rick wonders about Zende. Maya thinks that he is being a gentleman. He realizes what a precious gift a child is. If Sasha is lying to Zende she won’t get what she wants.

Nicole points out that Zende believed her. Sasha knows. She panicked. Sasha is sorry. Nicole wonders if she is really. This is after she defended her against their father and now she expects her to forgive her. Sasha doesn’t expect anything. She is asking sincerely. She wants to make this right. Nicole knows that she came to LA and used her to get into Forrester. Then she stole her boyfriend and tried to keep them apart. Nicole cannot forgive her for that.

Thomas couldn’t do it. He couldn’t leave his child. He asks if she could do that. Caroline admits that she couldn’t. Thomas didn’t stay here to complicate things or spite people. He needed to be around his child. Caroline admits that she has a tough time just leaving him for lunch. Ridge walks in. He says hello to Thomas. He thought that he would be on his way to Shanghai right now. Thomas isn’t going. He isn’t leaving LA.

Sasha knows what she did was wrong. Nicole knows that she wanted to split Zende and her. Zende knows that it didn’t split them up. He wasn’t going to let that happen. Nicole knows that Sasha thought it would. Sasha admits that it wasn’t a good idea. Nicole knows she only is admitting it because Maya made her take a pregnancy test. She wonders what would have happened had she not done that. Nicole wonders how long this would have gone on. Sasha thinks that she is under the impression that she is a good liar because of her past. Sasha guesses that it is. Her entire existence was a huge lie. Zende doesn’t think it is an excuse. Sasha thinks that Nicole should know why she is acting like this. Sasha had a man who made her feel like she matters. Sasha didn’t want it to feel like it was over. She told the truth because she isn’t their father. Nicole needs a moment alone with Sasha. Zende leaves. Nicole is sorry for the way that Julius treated her but she doesn’t owe her anything.

Rick is on the phone with someone and says he will let him no. He hangs up. Maya asks if that was for Ridge. Rick confirms that it was. Maya thinks that it was another example why he should be in charge of the company. Rick just got done telling Eric this at the house. Eric shut him down. He said that Ridge is allowed to make all these crazy choices. As far as Eric is concerned Ridge has proven his devotion to the company.

Thomas doesn’t think they need to talk about this right now. Ridge wants to because they can still make this right. Thomas isn’t going to Shanghai. Ridge thought they discussed this. Thomas needs experience. Thomas is all for opportunities but this was just for Ridge.

Sasha agrees that Nicole doesn’t owe her anything. She owes Nicole. She never turned her back on her when her secrets finally came out. Sasha hopes that she doesn’t turn her back on her now. Nicole believes this is different. Sasha knows. She has no one else to blame but herself. She hopes that she can accept her apology. She never meant to be spiteful. Nicole doesn’t think that excuses what she did. Nicole knows people make mistakes. They do things out of fear. She is not heartless. She can forgive a lot but not this. Nicole thinks it is time that she goes back home.

Rick thinks that Ridge is making choices that don’t even make sense. Maya knows how important this is to him. Rick wonders if Maya knows that Ridge is sending Thomas overseas. Maya assumes he is going back to Paris. Rick tells her that he is sending him to shanghai. Maya wonders why. Rick would like to know.

Ridge isn’t shipping him off. Caroline guesses that he can see why he would feel that way. Thomas isn’t going anywhere. He is staying and having a relationship with his child. Ridge thinks he will when he comes back from China. Thomas isn’t leaving. Caroline thinks that these opportunities are real. Thomas doesn’t doubt that but Ridge isn’t going anywhere any time soon so he has time. Thomas thinks that nothing would make him prouder than to be head of Forrester then to have Douglas take over for him. Caroline thinks that will happen. Thomas isn’t going to do that with an ocean between him. There is another way. Caroline thinks they need to take a little time to work things out. She promised Thomas that he would have access to Douglas. She understands that Thomas feels cut out. Thomas needs to be included in Douglas’s life. Ridge thinks they had a plan. Thomas doesn’t think it will work for him. Ridge is thinking what is best for everyone. He feels that what is best for Douglas is Thomas getting on the plane.

Nicole thinks that Sasha went too far. Sasha wants a chance to make it up to her. Sasha promises that she won’t get involved. Nicole tells her that she won’t be here. She knew how uncomfortable she was with all of this. Sasha took advantage and she tore her heart out. Nicole accepted all of this. Sasha needs to accept this now. Sasha thinks that they have been best friends their whole lives. Nicole would be an idiot to trust her again. Zende walks in and asks if everything is all right. Nicole says that they were just saying their goodbyes. Zende wonders if she is really leaving. Sasha has really loved her life here. She cannot cling to him though. She knows what she had will never compare to what he has with Nicole. She lost sight of what is important. She guesses this is goodbye. She is going to move on with her life. Sasha says goodbye. She leaves. Zende wonders if she is alright. Nicole is. Zende is sorry it had to be like that. Sasha is right though it is time for them to move on with their lives. Zende wants to be with Nicole. He loves her and wants to spend every day making sure that she knows that. Nicole loves him as well. She thinks they will be so happy together. The two kiss each other.

Maya thinks this seems strange. Rick knows that it China is a growing market but it seems strange. Maya asks why Ridge didn’t ask Rick about this. Rick tells her that Ridge made this choice on his own. He intends to find out why.

Thomas asks if he is being threatened. Ridge is giving him a chance to put his mark on this company. Thomas has always wanted to run Forrester one day. That is why he turned around though. There is something that is more important than Fashion. It is family. He cannot turn his back on his son. He knows that Ridge doesn’t like him using that word but it is the truth and they are all adults here. All his proclamations about Ridge being the father doesn’t change anything. He isn’t going leaving. Thomas is in charge now and he will respect what he has to say. He wonders if that is understood.

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