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Maya demands to see the pregnancy test. Sasha wants to talk to Zende and only Zende. Maya explains to her that one person taking advantage of another does not make a couple. Nicole thinks that Sasha doesn’t want to do that. Sasha doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Nicole knows she wants to hurt her. Sasha thinks that Nicole has been better to her than anyone else. She always has her back. Nicole never understood why she did things like this. Now she gets it. She had her father. She wants to know when that excuse will get old. Sasha wants to talk to Zende. Nicole says fine. Maya looks at Sasha. She informs her that they won’t be far. She grabs her bag and leaves.

Ridge has Douglas in his hands while he and Caroline are in bed. Caroline thinks that Ridge is adorable but he isn’t falling asleep. Caroline asks if he wants to watch a movie. Ridge doesn’t want to wake him up. Caroline reminds him that Douglas isn’t asleep and that he is just going to be up again in two hours. Ridge guesses they really don’t have a bed time. Caroline tells him that she does have a bed time. It is every two hours. Ridge tells Caroline to be quiet because father knows best. He takes Douglas over to his crib. Caroline looks conflicted. Ridge wonders what is wrong. Caroline says it is nothing. Ridge knows that it is because he said father knows best and that is a tough word between them. Caroline says no. She knows that he is Douglas’s father it is just that if Thomas is in China or in the house… Ridge has lived that. He was told as an adult that the father he was raised by wasn’t his. He tried to connect with the father that he shared DNA with and while he was alright he didn’t really have anything on him. It just didn’t work. He was the man who gave him life but not the one who gave life to him.

Nicole wonders if she said something wrong as they walk into Rick’s office. Maya thinks that she was a lot nicer to her than she was. Maya doesn’t know how she keeps her temper with that girl. Maya wonders if she can trust her alone with Zende. Nicole thinks that they will do what they do.

Zende asks if Sasha is going to show him. Sasha walks over and shows him the pregnancy test. It is positive. Zende guesses they are having a baby. Sasha knows he didn’t believe her. Zende saw a child being born and it was everything. Zende thinks that they can figure something out because she won’t be alone in this. Sasha knows that she will be alone because she lied. She isn’t pregnant.

Caroline wonders if Ridge is hungry. Ridge really hasn’t thought about that. Caroline knows that they haven’t had dinner yet. Ridge guesses this means they are done talking. Caroline knows that they have that roast from last night that they can make sandwiches with. Caroline knows that Ridge never doubts that he is right. She just can’t hope the way that she feels. Caroline has a feeling that they are not being honest but maybe it will change now that Thomas isn’t here. Ridge asks if she will love him forever. Caroline says yes and kisses him. Ridge tells her to feed him. She giggles.

Nicole wonders if it would be a dumb line though. Maya wonders what she will do and what Zende will do if she is pregnant. Nicole doesn’t know. Zende is old fashioned. Maya thinks he is throw back to when men put duty first.

Zende asks if she really lied. Sasha is sorry. The test doesn’t say what he thinks it says. Zende is shocked. He had to be sure. It seemed so unlikely. Sasha tells him it was. She wasn’t offended she was ashamed. Zende did care for her but he didn’t know how to accept that as a possibility. Sasha tells Zende that she isn’t pregnant. Zende doesn’t understand because someone is. Sasha says that is Jeremy’s wife’s result. She couldn’t stand to see Nicole have something she didn’t. She knew that she had to lie. In that moment she knew she couldn’t stand to lose Zende but then she realized she deserved too.

Ridge looks down at Douglas. He looks outside.

Caroline gets some food out of the fridge and when she closes the door Thomas is on the other side. Thomas explains that he is just looking for something to drink. He explains that the drive back from the airport is brutal. Caroline asks if his flight got canceled. Thomas asks what is for dinner. Caroline says whatever she can turn this all into. She didn’t exactly ask him to join them though. Thomas doesn’t want to. He was sitting in the VIP lounge and then wondered what he was going to do with this. He has no goal that would help him in China so he isn’t going.

Ridge continues to play with Douglas.

Thomas tells Caroline that she doesn’t have to say anything. It is fine. Caroline feels like she has to say that his father is upstairs and he is the one he should be talking to about this. Caroline thinks that they were on the same side. Thomas thinks that they have their number. Being father and son isn’t anything like anything else. Ridge knows things that he doesn’t want others to know. Thomas would go to another country he doesn’t speak the language but he isn’t going to upstairs to report to him. He knows how to push a few buttons. He doesn’t want to keep her from dinner. Caroline is sorry that he feels that way. Thomas imagines that Caroline knows this feeling really well since he is all about controlling her as well.

Maya hates this. Nicole knows that if the test was negative he would be with her right now. Maya is sure that she is lying and begging. She has been lying about who her father is since she was a little girl. Maya thinks that lying is her little girl. Nicole thinks that if he is the guy she thinks he is then they will be ok.

Sasha knows she did something bad but she owned up to it. Zende tells her she lied. Sasha wonders if she maybe saved him. Sasha thinks that the Avant’s are evil. You can’t leave once you enter them. The rule is you have to live up to their standards. Zende can do that. Sasha can make Zende happy and doesn’t want him to walk away.

Ridge holds Douglas in bed telling him that that he loves him so much.

Caroline tells Thomas to not make assumptions on her marriage. He acts like he knows more about her marriage than he really does. Thomas knows that she said he would have access to his son. Caroline asked him not to call him that. Thomas points out that she didn’t but Ridge did. Caroline had asked him to believe a promise that she made. She wanted to invent some sort of role in Douglas’s life. He was willing to accept that and then this happens. Ridge is putting an ocean between them just to get back at them. Thomas is sorry that he has complicated her life. Caroline thinks that Ridge loves Douglas like his own. Thomas doesn’t think that it is the same. Before he knew any of this it was fine for him. Douglas was born when he left her body. Something changed for Thomas and when he found out that Douglas was his the first thought he had was of course. He knows that Caroline is married to Ridge but they share Douglas. This is theirs. She knows exactly what he feels for that little boy and all he is asking is that he isn’t sent away.

Nicole is going to go find out what is going on. Maya doesn’t want Nicole to walk in on something she isn’t ready for. Nicole doesn’t think that anything that girl does would surprise her.

Sasha knows that he has never felt the same way about her that she does about him. She was willing to over look that. Zende asks if she has any idea what it has been like for him the past week. Nicole was willing to break up her family for her. Sasha knows and that is why she couldn’t go through with this. She isn’t a terrible person. She just made terrible plans and then screwed things up. Nicole walks in and says this is taking to long. Zende tells her that they are done. Sasha isn’t pregnant. Nicole knew the test is negative. Nicole asks how she expected this to end. Sasha thought that things were over. He said he was available. It was safe to fall in love with him. She became something she never wanted to be. She wants to be forgiven.

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