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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/27/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge tells Thomas to go to Shanghai. Ridge wonders if Thomas wants Rick to take over the company. He knows he doesn’t. Ridge needs Thomas to go to Shanghai and learn. Thomas thinks that they are so far away from Douglas. Ridge needs him to do this for the company and for Douglas. He needs to leave LA.

Sasha asks why they want her to take a pregnancy test. Nicole wonders why not. She thought that Sasha was pregnant. Sasha says she is. Maya wants her to prove to them that she is having a baby.

Brooke has first dibs on holding the baby when she wakes up. Vivienne feels that Brooke will have to fight her on that. The two of them laugh. Eric believes this baby will have all the love in the world. Zende thinks that what Nicole did was wonderful. Eric is glad that he said that. Vivienne wonders if that means something could possibly happen. Zende feels it means that if Nicole can forgive her for being such a jerk he would love to pick up where they left off. Vivienne thinks that is wonderful. Brooke wonders what changed his mind. Zende guesses that being in the hospital with Nicole really opened his eyes. He couldn’t walk away from someone who was so generous and loving. Eric wonders if that means they will get back together. Zende feels it is complicated. Rick wonders why. Nicole wanted to get back together in the first place. Now there isn’t a baby between the two of them. Zende says there might be though. Sasha is pregnant.

Sasha wonders why she needs to prove this to them. Maya thinks that she does. Sasha is pregnant. She wants them to trust her. She wonders if they are calling her a liar Maya thinks that it will clear everything up. Sasha isn’t taking it. Maya tells her that she is.

Thomas demands that if Ridge wants him gone that he just come out and say it. Ridge feels that it is about the company. Rick thinks that Ridge is hiding something. He needs to be away from the company so Rick cannot find anything out. Thomas wonders if he really thinks this is the best option. Ridge does. Caroline and him are family. He doesn’t want them to have Douglas in a scandal. It is the best thing for Thomas to go to China.

Sasha asks if they actually expect her to take a pregnancy test. Maya says yes but she should probably go into the bathroom. Sasha thinks this is unbelievable. Nicole just wants them to be sure. Maya informs Sasha that if she doesn’t take the test they will call Zende and tell him that she is in refusal to take it. Nicole knows he will demand it. Sasha already took one. Nicole tells her to take another. Sasha says fine. She goes behind a rack of clothing and looks worried.

Vivienne cannot even wrap her head around this. The two of them were so close and now… Brooke doesn’t think that means they can’t. Zende gets a phone call from Nicole. Nicole asks how soon he can get to Forrester. If he leaves now then he might be here for when they get the results. Nicole says that they found Sasha and are making her take the test. Rick wonders what is going on. Zende explains that Maya and Nicole tracked down Sasha and found her a pregnancy test. Rick is glad she should be taking a test. Zende doesn’t think she is lying but if she is then he will find out.

Maya asks if Zende is coming. Nicole confirms that he is. Maya is glad. Now Zende will see that Sasha is lying.

Thomas walks into the mansion. He wonders if that was Zende he just saw speeding down the hill. Rick tells him that he is going somewhere. Rick wonders what Thomas is doing here. Thomas has to pack for a business trip. He is needed in Shanghai. Thomas guesses he will be gone until the job is done.

Ridge draws a dress with Douglas in his hand. Caroline feels that it will be a lot easier if he puts him down. Ridge feels that he will never learn if he does. Caroline assumes this is a training session then. Ridge doesn’t think you can ever start to early. Caroline asks if he has seen Thomas. She said she would go over a sketch with him. Ridge says that he is at home packing for a trip to Shanghai. Caroline thinks that is fun. Ridge says it isn’t a vacation. He is being transferred by him indefinitely.

Sasha is over by the lady’s room and Jeremy walks over. He says he will email the proofs to her later today. Sasha didn’t realize he would still be there. Jeremy was waiting for his wife. His wife comes over and is pregnant. Sasha thinks that she is due any day now. She explains that she is two days overdue. She is sick of having to go to the bathroom every ten minutes. The woman has to use the bathroom. Sasha tells her that she can’t flush because they are doing maintenance. She guesses that she can wait until she gets home. Sasha tells her to use the bathroom just don’t flush.

Nicole wonders how long the test is supposed to take. Maya says the box said five minutes. Nicole thinks she should be done by now then. Maya knows she is stalling. Zende walks in and asks what he missed. Maya thinks that Sasha is in the bathroom right now panicking. That is why it is taking so long. The two of them will be able to walk off hand and hand and it will all be over.

Eric tells Rick that Brooke and Vivienne are making tea if they want some. Rick says no thank you. Eric wonders what is on his mind. Rick just had an interesting conversation with Thomas. He asks if Eric knows that Ridge is sending him to Shanghai. Eric didn’t but isn’t surprised. Ridge wanted to expand into Asia. Rick knows that Ridge wants to expand his presence everywhere. Eric tells Rick to stop obsessing over Ridge. He should be thankful for his new baby. Rick is. Rick is thankful and he is also feeling responsible. He is Eric Forrester Jr. It makes him realize now more than ever that Forrester needs to remain Forrester. He has a Forrester daughter. Their company should run their blood line and not Ridge’s.

Caroline asks why Thomas is going to Shanghai. Ridge thinks that Thomas is the right guy to do it. Caroline wonders why he didn’t send Rick or Thorne. Ridge will not send either of them. They need to work on Thomas’s resume. They need to have Thomas ready to take over when he is ready to step down. Caroline thinks this is a very long way off. Ridge isn’t going anywhere but if he falls over dead tomorrow then he doesn’t want Rick to take over. Caroline asks if this is really for Thomas’s career and not for any other reason. She wonders if they really have to send Thomas half way across the world.

Brooke tells Vivienne that she still thinks that this needs to be confirmed by a doctor. Vivienne wants to see what this test comes up as. If it is negative they might not need a test at all. Brooke wonders if Vivienne thinks that Sasha is lying. Vivienne hates to say this but knowing Sasha’s history it wouldn’t surprise her at all.

Nicole should check on Sasha. Sasha walks in and cannot believe that they were so sure she was lying they called Zende to witness. Maya thinks he deserves to know. Zende needs to see the test. Maya doesn’t want him to feel guilty. She asks if she took the test. Sasha says yes. Zende just needs to know the truth. Zende looks at the test. He hands it to Maya. She doesn’t see anything. Sasha thinks it takes a minute to get there. Maya thinks she tried to trap Zende. Zende asks if it is true. Sasha cannot believe he would even ask that. Sasha looks at the test again and sees something.

Rick is Eric’s name sake. He should have the company go to him. Eric feels the CEO choice has been made. Rick thinks that they can be reversed. Eric believes that Ridge has proven himself and he has no intention of replacing him.

Caroline promised that they wouldn’t keep Thomas from Douglas. Ridge says he will from a distance. Ridge cannot have Thomas doing anything. Caroline asks what happens if this backfires. Ridge knows he will end up doing the wrong thing. He wonders if Pam were to find out. Then everyone would know. Thomas walks in and asks if he is interrupting. He asks if Ridge has the files. Ridge gives them to him. Caroline wonders if he is ready for this. Thomas nods yes. Thomas wonders if he can see Douglas. Caroline says yes. Thomas picks up his son. He knows it will be a while until he sees him. He will miss him. Ridge takes Douglas from Thomas. Ridge hands the ticket to Thomas. Thomas looks at Caroline and then leaves. Ridge thinks it had to be done.

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