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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/26/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In the Forrester living room everyone is gathered around Maya and Rick’s baby. Maya thanks Rick for all the stuffed animals that he brought the baby. Nicole points out that the nurse had never seen so many stuffed animals for one cuddly baby. Vivienne realizes this is her first grandchild so she is allowed to go all out. Maya knows she thanks Nicole over and over again but it never seems like enough. Nicole walks into the foyer. Zende wonders if she is ok. Zende would be much better if Sasha wasn’t pregnant.

In the photo studio Julius tells Sasha that he should be over at Eric’s house with his new grandchild. He wasn’t invited though because she decided that she wanted revenge. Sasha tells him that if it is consolation she wasn’t invited either. Julius isn’t surprised by that. Sasha just wants someone who will love her back. Julius doesn’t think that getting pregnant doesn’t make for love. Sasha thinks if they work together then this could work. Julius isn’t going to get in between the two sisters. Sasha can get Vivienne to forgive him. No one is really going up to bat for him lately only if he supports her baby.

In Ridge’s office Thomas asks Ridge about the store remodel. Ridge says they are having lunch today. Thomas wonders if he should sit in it. Ridge tells him that he can handle it. Thomas is just interested. Ridge will send him the notes afterwards. Thomas guesses that is fine. Thomas stands up and looks at Ridge. He wants to know about Douglas. He would like to have him for the evening. He wants a few hours with his son. Ridge tells him the only person who gets to call him his son is him.

Julius thinks that Sasha is some person. Sasha is just offering to help out. Julius knows it comes at a price. Sasha thinks that the two of them need each other. Julius tells Sasha that Zende would do the right thing for his child and Nicole would never stand between the two. Sasha wonders what happens if Zende reconnected with Nicole. Zende said that he wanted to get back with Nicole and she said yes.

Zende had no idea that Sasha even went to the hospital or told her about the baby. Nicole guesses that it would have been a huge shock if she hadn’t heard it from Zende first. Rick tells the two of them to get back in the living room. They have a big announcement to make. Maya says they finally have a name for their little one. Rick shows Nicole the birth certificate and asks what she thinks. Nicole reads “Elizabeth Nicole Forrester”. Maya explains that Elizabeth is after Rick’s grandmother Beth. Rick says they will call her Lizzie. Maya then goes on to say that Nicole is after her sweet selfless sister who made this all possible. The two hug.

Ridge tells Thomas that these walls have ears. They have to be more careful. He doesn’t care what Rick says. He is the CEO. Thomas’s future is tied to this company. Ridge sees Thomas’s talent. He wants to groom his as CEO. Ridge is going to send Thomas overseas to do so. Thomas is freaked out and wonders if it is Paris. Ridge is sending him to Shanghai.

Maya tells Lizzie it is time for her nap. Eric and Vivienne think that she is an angel.

In the kitchen Nicole tells Zende that it isn’t that she doesn’t love him. She never stopped loving him. Zende wants to have a future with her. Maya walks in and asks if it is true. Zende says he never should have ended things. Maya was hoping he would come around. Zende never wants to disappoint her in anyway only he has because Sasha is pregnant.

Julius is happy that Zende has come to his senses. Sasha still thinks that things could work out for them. Julius wonders how. Sasha knows that Zende loves her too. Julius asks if he actually said that or did they just supposedly make a baby together. Julius isn’t so sold on her pregnancy. Her timing is suspect. All of a sudden she announces her pregnancy and there is something shocking about that. Jeremy walks in and asks if Sasha is ready to start. Julius thought that she and Zende always worked together. Sasha thinks that obviously they don’t. Sasha tells Julius to leave. He needs to remember her offer to help each other though.

Thomas wonders if Paris wasn’t far enough away for Ridge. Ridge thinks that they are doing well. They need some help in Asia. Ridge thinks this is the greatest opportunity of his life and when he gets back he can tell him that he is ready to take over. Thomas knows that is still years away. Ridge wants him to be ready. He is doing this for him. Ridge thinks that he can come home whenever he wants. Thomas asks if he can see his son then. He is his son whether he wants to call him that or not. Ridge wants Thomas to realize that he needs to make sacrifices. Thomas knows he is doing this to get rid of him and they both know why.

Vivienne, Eric, and Brooke all look at their sleeping grandchild. Eric thinks that Lizzie is already the light of his eye. Vivienne is reminded of Julius and Nicole. Rick thinks that Nicole is very special. Vivienne was afraid it was the end of her and Zende but seeing them together gives her hope.

Sasha takes photos for a shoot. She starts to get out of it. Jeremy tells her to get some energy out of it. Sasha is sorry she is just used to Zende. Jeremy asks if she is more than just friends with Zende. He asks if she wants Zende to have his children. Sasha smiles. She starts to think about Nicole telling her this better not be another lie. It better not be another way to hold on to Zende.

Maya wants to get this straight. Zende was about to leave Sasha to go back to Nicole then she drops this bombshell on him. Zende didn’t want to hurt Sasha but he will never love anyone like he loves Nicole. He would never turn his back on their child. Maya isn’t sure there is a child. They only have Sasha’s word on that. Nicole asks if Maya thinks she is making it up to. Maya feels the timing is off. Maya thinks they can find out if Sasha is pregnant today.

Ridge feels a little separation would be good for Thomas. Thomas knows it would be good for Ridge too. Ridge does think it would. Ridge explains that men raise other men’s babies all the time. Eric raised him and he didn’t know who his father was until much later in life. His situation is much different though than Thomas’s. Thomas knows now that he is the father and Ridge is demanding that he forget he has a son. Ridge thinks this is the right thing for Douglas. He will have a wonderful life. Ridge is going to help Thomas move on.

Jeremy tells Sasha that he thinks he has enough. Sasha is sorry she wasn’t her best she just has a lot on her mind.

Zende walks back into the living room. Vivienne notes that it looks like the two are getting close again. Rick wonders if there is anything to report. Rick asks if he should pump Maya for details. Zende explains that she and Nicole went to go take care of something.

Sasha is back in her regular clothes. Maya walks in and asks if her photoshoot is over. Sasha wonders why. Maya didn’t want to do this in front of other people. Maya asks if she really didn’t think she would find out. She knows that she claims to be pregnant and that Zende is the father. Maya thinks that is rather convenient. Sasha asks if that is what Nicole told her. Maya doesn’t think she really is pregnant. Maya is just looking out for her sister. Sasha reminds her that she is her sister too. Maya wants them to get it all out on the table. Maya tells Sasha to take a pregnancy test and show them she is telling the truth.

Ridge thinks that Thomas will come back a better designer and a better person. Thomas knows he will also be on the other side of the world which is what this is about. Ridge thinks this is a good future for all involved. Eric will give the company to Rick and he will run it to the ground. Thomas doesn’t know what Ridge thinks happened that night but it didn’t happen the way he thinks. Thomas doesn’t know if he can do this. Ridge loves Thomas. He knows it doesn’t always come across that way but he does. It is a crazy world and it is complicated. They all make mistakes. Douglas is not a mistake to him though. He is giving him a great gift. Ridge needs Thomas to do that. He booked Thomas a ticket to Shanghai. He is leaving today. This is something he has to do.

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