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Liam asks Quinn how she could possibly think that he would have feelings for her after what she did to him. Quinn was hoping for a miracle she guesses. Baker demands that Liam give his answer. He either is going to press charges against Quinn or he isn’t.

Bill knows it is hard for Wyatt to understand but Quinn belongs behind bars. Wyatt asks what that will actually do. Bill feels for one thing it will give Liam some actual justice. Wyatt knows that all Liam wants is Steffy back. Bill knows that he holds Quinn responsible for that and he has a right. Steffy however is married to him now and he has to respect that. Quinn is crazy though and has to pay for her crimes.

Katie feeds Will an orange in the kitchen and plays with him. Katie starts to tickle him. Brooke walks in and fawns over Will. She tries to play with him but Katie holds him back. Will starts to squirt Brooke with a gun and Brooke laughs. Katie is not happy that Brooke is there in her attitude. Brooke sees that Will is eating an orange and a donut. Brooke wonders if Will is going to share the donut. Katie explains that she has been trying to get Will to eat the orange but he is more interested in daddy’s donut. Katie wonders why she is here. Brooke just wanted to check up. Katie doesn’t blame her after what happened the other night. Brooke just wants Katie to be happy like she is right now. Katie is. Katie knows that the two of them have been worried about her and with reason but they don’t have to be.

Wyatt feels that Quinn has already lost a lot. She lost her job, credibility, and the only guy she has ever really been happy with. Bill wonders what guy that is. Wyatt says it was Liam. Bill tells him that was some whacked out thing in her head. Bill wonders if he sees the point of view for Liam. Wyatt does see it. Bill gets that he wants to protect his mother. Bill thinks it is completely understandable. Quinn needs to be put away for a long time and Liam needs to press charges.

Liam tells Quinn that he is a non-violent man. Quinn admires that about him. Liam knows that she didn’t used to. Quinn isn’t that woman anymore and it is because of him. Liam asks why he shouldn’t believe her. Liam is going to press charges because he doesn’t believe her.

Brooke thinks it feels like yesterday only that RJ was Will’s age. Katie was just putting Will down for a nap and he threw his arms around her and said that he loved her so much. Brooke guesses that would really get to her. Brooke feels there is something different to her. Brooke is really glad to hear that she didn’t drink that night. Brooke says it was all a misunderstanding. Katie is trying to see things clearly. She knows she can be a hot mess. Bill has enough to deal with though with his sons. Brooke points out Quinn is involved in that took. Brooke can imagine this is hard on Wyatt. Katie thinks he knows that this is tough for him.

Wyatt guesses there is no room for compassion with Bill. Bill has compassion because Quinn is still breathing. He is looking at things based on merit. Wyatt thinks that Quinn needed something. She needed to share something with another man. It made her complete and whole again. Bill asks if it really happened. Wyatt thinks it did. He knows Liam is pressing charges. Bill is sure that he is as they speak. Wyatt has to get over there. Bill sighs as Wyatt leaves.

Quinn knows her rights. Baker still reads her, her Miranda rights. Quinn understands them. Quinn’s lawyer asks if Liam understands what he is doing. Justin tells him that he does. Quinn’s lawyer doesn’t think that Liam was kidnapped. She didn’t force him on her or do something against their will. He reminds Liam this won’t be a two day thing. It is going to be a long drawn out trial. Justin says that he has a point. Liam cannot get over what Quinn did to him. Justin thinks she will have more of an impact if she presses charges on him. It will touch every aspect of his life. Liam doesn’t care about that. She screwed up his whole existence. Justin knows that she is guilty. Liam wants him to prove it then. Justin isn’t sure that he can. He will go through hell and it might be for nothing. Liam asks if they have enough for a conviction. Justin knows that they don’t. He has Liam’s best interest at heart. Liam wonders if they are supposed to let her walk away. Justin thinks that he has a life but won’t if he gets held up in court. Quinn tells Liam that she is so sorry. She deserves everything that he is doing to her. Quinn’s only regret is that she won’t have a chance to make it up to him. Baker has to get her processed. Liam tells him to hold up a second. He changes his mind. He isn’t going to press charges.

In the hallway Liam tells Justin that everything he ever wanted is gone because of Quinn. Justin reminds him that they never would have won. Liam knows. Justin reminds him of everything. He knows that he wants justice but he should move on. Liam thinks that his life revolved around Steffy before this happened. He asks if he knows how different things would be. Wyatt walks over and asks what is going on. He thinks that Liam has pressed charges. Liam feels that Quinn deserves to be in jail for what she did to Steffy, him and Wyatt. Wyatt was hoping for something else. She is his mother. Liam tells him that he is not pressing charges. Their case isn’t strong enough. Wyatt asks if she is free. Wyatt can only imagine. He thanks him. It won’t have been good for her. Whether he did it for him or her it was the right choice. He will make sure that Quinn stays away. He will personally make sure of that.

Baker tells Quinn that she is free to go. Quinn asks how she can ever thank her lawyer. He tells her to stay away from Liam. Quinn thinks that Liam might have forgiven her. Baker would strongly advise her to stay away from him. Liam walks in and asks for a few minutes alone with Quinn. Baker says that she is a free woman and can do what she wants. Quinn wants the time alone. Liam sits down. Liam asks who Quinn is.

Brooke imagines that Liam must be so confused. Katie suspects that he is. He was held up all that time thinking that he was married to Quinn. Something must have happened though. Brooke knows it was all based on lies. Katie thinks that Bill is suffering the most out of this. He is hurting and Katie can feel it. She knows that she hasn’t been there for him in a long time. Brooke is glad that she is getting her sister back. Katie admits that it still hurts that she said she loves Bill. Katie has to be honest about this. She won’t use it as an excuse to fall apart though. She will keep it together. She will for her son and husband as well as family and Will. Brooke and Katie hold hands and smile.

Wyatt tells Justin he feels bad about Liam but he is glad that Quinn is free. Justin really hopes that Bill understands. Wyatt has never seen Quinn act like this. He has to credit his brother. Their time together as wrong as it was made her a better person. He hopes it stays that way.

Quinn has been asking herself that same question. Liam thinks that she is a master manipulator. Quinn admits that was always he go to. Liam thinks that she still is. The woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with is married to his brother because of her. Steffy was everything to him. He won’t give up on her. One thing that he knows now because of Quinn is that there are no guarantees. Quinn knows that he has hurt him so much. The only man she has ever connected to and she made him suffer. She will redeem herself and him. Liam tells her to forget about him. Quinn owes him so much. He taught her goodness and the meaning of sacrifice and how to love. She won’t forget it. She will make him proud of her. She knows he doesn’t share the feelings and hates her but that will change. She isn’t the same Quinn he used to hate. She is the woman in the cabin who is filled with good. He made him believe in herself that she could be a remarkable and loving woman. She promises. This woman standing in front of him is that woman that he respected and admired. He loved her.

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