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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole asks Zende if Sasha is really pregnant. She starts to cry. She cannot believe that after everything Zende just told her about them getting back together it is his baby.

Sasha tells Julius that she is having a baby and he will be a granddaddy again. Julius tells her that he is already a grandfather in exile because of her. Sasha knows that they let him see his grandchild and they need to be honest the secret was bound to come out sooner or later. Julius has his wife and daughter never speaking to him. Sasha tells Julius that if he helps her then she will help him.

Liam lets Bill into his house. Liam tells Bill that he doesn’t have to keep coming and checking on him. He will see Katie and Will and they can have dinner or something. Bill will let him know. Liam asks if everything is ok. Bill says yes. The good news is that Quinn is in custody. Liam knows that is because of all the damage she did. Liam needs Bills support. Bill will make sure that they will throw the book at her. Liam means Steffy and Wyatt.

Quinn walks around in the police station. Quinn asks if Baker has to charge her with something. Baker keeps telling her that she is more than welcome to bring her lawyer down here. Quinn is hoping that it won’t come down to that. Quinn asks what he wants to know. Baker wonders if Quinn was aware that Liam was impaired when she kidnapped him. Quinn says no. She didn’t kidnap him. Another officer comes in and says Quinn has a visitor. Baker tells him to bring them in. Wyatt walks in.

Julius tells Sasha to forget it. He isn’t going to make any kind of deal with her. Sasha isn’t asking him to make a deal with her. She just needs him to back her up for once. He is her father. She is having Zende’s baby. They are going to have a family. Julius wonders if Zende has agreed to any of this. Sasha knows that Zende will because he is a good man. She needs him to help her to get Nicole to back off.

Nicole thought they were back together. She was so happy and now she finds out Sasha is pregnant. Zende only just found out. He didn’t want her in the dark about this. Nicole doesn’t want to hear anymore. She doesn’t want to know. Nicole doesn’t think that Sasha can be pregnant. She just can’t be.

Liam tells Bill that Steffy thought that she wasn’t coming back because of Quinn. She manipulated every single one of them. Bill tells Liam that Quinn will pay the price. Liam thinks that Quinn deserves to be behind bars but it doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t fix anything.

Quinn thanks Wyatt for coming to see her. Wyatt asks if she is ok. Quinn says that she is. Quinn will be anxious to get out of here. Quinn says she hasn’t been charged yet. Quinn wonders if Liam will change his mind. Wyatt still doesn’t understand why she did such a thing. Quinn did it for him. She did it all for him.

Bill asks if physically Liam is alright. Liam thinks that physically he is back to normal. Bill wonders about the rest of him. He asks if Liam has seen the therapist. Liam really hasn’t had time to make an appointment. Bill tells Liam to listen to him. He has been through an ordeal. A whack job gave him another identity and he lost the girl of his dreams. He needs professional help. Liam cannot believe what he did with Quinn. He really thought that he was Adam her adoring husband. He only knew what he felt about her. Bill knows that it was that he was in love with her.

Wyatt points out that not only did she manipulate Liam but she played him and Steffy. Quinn is sorry that she got involved. She thought it was what was best for him. Quinn wanted to make it easier for him. Wyatt has told her to stop messing with people’s lives. Quinn needed to assure his happiness. Wyatt doesn’t think that is ok. Quinn points out that he is in a marriage just like it is meant to be. Wyatt asks if she regrets how she treated Liam.

Julius tells Sasha to be careful not to have her head in the clouds. It is a long way down. Zende might not agree with any of her plans. Sasha knows that Zende is a good man. Sasha promises to put in a good word with Vivienne and the girls. Julius feels this is her insanity. She can leave him out of it. Sasha guesses that she will have to visit Nicole herself then. One mother to another.

Nicole asks if he is sure that it is his. Zende thinks that it has to be. He thought they were being careful. He knows it is hard for her. It is hard for him too. Nicole thought they had a second chance. Zende will not let this change things. Zende was just about to tell her it was over but then she gave him the news. They cannot let this destroy what they have. Nicole asks what they have. Zende knows more than ever that they have something together. Zende can make this work. He wants this. He knows she wants this too. Doctor Feral comes in and didn’t realize she had a visitor. She can come back. Nicole tells her that he was just leaving. Doctor Feral says that if all goes well she can be released tonight. The doctor says that the baby is completely normal and she is healthy so she can get out of here. It is completely normal to be emotional after labor. She should be very proud of herself. It is a remarkable gift she has given to her sister. Sasha walks in as the doctor walks out. Sasha is holding flowers. Sasha congratulates her. She heard that Nicole had a little princess. Nicole reminds her that she is Rick and Maya’s baby. Sasha reminds her it came out of her body. It couldn’t have been easier giving her up. Nicole states that they are her parents and have been all along. Sasha is sure she will have a fancy name because she is a Forrester after all. Nicole wants to know why that would matter. Sasha knows it has been a long day. She imagines giving birth must have been an event. She wonders if it was scary. Nicole says it was surreal and spiritual. The hardest thing she has ever done. Sasha has always been curious. Sasha thinks especially now because she is pregnant. Nicole knows. Sasha wonders how she heard. Nicole tells her that Zende said so after coming by. He said that he still loves her and wants to spend the rest of their lives together.

Wyatt reminds Quinn that the guy that Quinn is in love with doesn’t actually exist. Liam is not Adam. Adam never existed in the first place. Quinn believes that Adam is the real Liam. Wyatt reminds Quinn that she has loathed Liam since the day she met him. He is the least favorite person on the planet and now she wants to be with him. Quinn cannot explain it herself. She thinks that he feels as strongly about him as she does about him. Wyatt reminds her that he wanted nothing to do with her. That is why she is here now. She is potentially looking at prison for a very long time. Quinn begs Wyatt to tell Liam that she loves him. He needs to open his eyes and see her as the woman that cared about him. Wyatt asks if he will press charges then. Quinn thinks that he needs to convince Liam not to lock her up.

Liam doesn’t even know how to explain it. He looked into Quinn’s eyes and he saw goodness. He saw someone he could trust. That is how forgone he was. Liam tells him that she is now in custody begging for another chance. Bill thinks that she has filled that quota ten times over. Bill wonders how many chances that crackpot is entitled to. Liam says that she is sorry and wants another chance. Bill feels that she is delusional. Liam knows that he doesn’t want to hear this again but he wants Steffy back. He wants Steffy and the company back. Bill feels for him and he can see how tore up he is but he needs to focus on Quinn. Pressing charges and making her pay for what she has done.

Sasha asks why he would say that. Nicole says that Zende claims he made a mistake. He regrets breaking up with her and wants another chance for them to be together. Sasha wonders if he actually said that. She assumes that Nicole agreed. Nicole was ecstatic. Until she heard about her and her pregnancy. Sasha thinks that it obviously changes things. Nicole knows that he was about to tell her that he was leaving her for Nicole. Then suddenly she announces that she is pregnant. Sasha was going to tell her later. She had a special night planned. Sasha doesn’t have to tell her. She doesn’t expect her to be happy for her. Nicole tells her to go to the lab downstairs and get a test done. Sasha took the test last night. This isn’t about her. It is about Nicole. She just had a baby. They will have something else in common. Nicole tells Sasha that this better not be another one of Sasha’s lies. If it is they will all find out. They will all know if she is really pregnant or if she is trying to hold on to Zende.

Wyatt sits down in his living room. He texts Steffy and wonders if she is still at work. He misses her and wants her to come home. He puts down his phone and sits back. He remembers Quinn begging him to not lock her up.

Lt. Baker tells Quinn that Wyatt seems like a very nice young man. Quinn feels that he deserves the world. She would do anything for him. Quinn doesn’t think she hurt Liam. Baker asks how long she planned to put on the husband and wife charade. Quinn feels that he enjoyed himself and it was a beautiful time. Baker knows that the day Liam was discovered in her home it was the day that she planned to leave the state with Liam. Quinn was packing up and talking about a road trip. She wonders why he is asking her this. Quinn gets another visitor. It is Liam. Baker explains that they need to know if Liam is ready to press charges. She will be put in prison for a number of years. It is up to Liam. They need to know if he wants to press charges or not.

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