B&B Friday Update 5/20/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/20/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Zende didn’t expect to feel this way. It is kind of over whelming. It is so incredible. He had no idea what it meant to have a baby until then. Nicole doesn’t think that anyone does until it happens to you. Zende shouldn’t have left her. Nicole is glad that he came back.

Sasha is happy that the baby and Nicole are ok but she isn’t sure what that has to do with her and Zende. Julius heard that Zende was at the hospital. Sasha knows because he told him. Julius hopes she realizes that he watched Nicole give his sister an incredible gift. Sasha is glad. Julius thinks that he was deeply moved. Sasha really is happy. Zende saw Nicole having a baby. It was an experience that can completely change people’s lives.

Brooke is sorry. Katie wants to know what the hell Brooke is doing in her bedroom. Katie asks what she was doing here. Brooke is leaving. Bill tells Katie that it isn’t what she thinks. Katie sees that Bill was standing here half naked and Brooke just out from under the bed. Brooke doesn’t know why she did that but she knew how Katie would react. Katie knows that it is obvious she was seducing her husband. That is what she walked in on. Brooke looks offended. Katie guesses that she caught her in the act. Bill will give her that it looks bad but it really is nothing. Brooke didn’t even know that Bill was here. She was bringing something special for her to wear. She will show Brooke. Bill surprised her when he walked out of the shower. Brooke shows the dress and tells her she left a little note. Katie asks if she wasn’t trying to seduce her husband then. She was just doing something nice for her. Katie thinks that she will have to do better than that because she isn’t buying her excuse.

Julius believes that Zende is starting to see Nicole having the baby in a new way. Sasha agrees that Zende is starting to see things in a brand new way. Julius knows they are still in love and he is thinking that he shouldn’t have left her. He wants her to do the honorable thing and back off. Sasha isn’t going anywhere. Julius asks what that is supposed to mean. Sasha tells him that she is pregnant.

When Zende saw Nicole put the baby in Maya’s arms he saw how selfish he was. Everything would be fine. What she did was so amazing. The generosity and strength. Zende would do anything to have her back

Brooke knew that Katie was going to the benefit and she saw this gown and thought it was beautiful. Katie tells Brooke that she has a whole closet full of beautiful gowns. Bill chimes in and says that Brooke was being thoughtful. Katie asks if that is really what he is going to say. Katie asks if she knew she wouldn’t be home. Brooke didn’t think that anyone would be home. Katie thinks that this is what Brooke does. It is classic Brooke. She doesn’t need to hurt anyone or cause trouble. Things just happen to her. The minute that she steps out of the shower things just happen. The most insulting thing is that they refuse to acknowledge it. Katie walks out.

Julius wonders if he is safe to assume that Zende is the father. Sasha says that of course he is. Julius has to ask. Sasha really doesn’t think that he did. Sasha doesn’t think that he would be asking Nicole this question. Julius knows that Nicole wouldn’t have gotten herself into this position. That is if this is what really is going on here.

Zende felt like he was losing her. He took the easy way out and got involved with Sasha. It was a mistake. Nicole was hurt when he got involved with her. Zende is sorry. He felt bad about it. He knows it hurt her. He wishes it never happened but it doesn’t change the way he feels about her.

Katie is in the kitchen pouring drinks. Bill and Brooke walk in. Katie is glad they are here and throws drinks at them. She is glad they are here because she sure as hell isn’t going to drink by herself. Brooke doesn’t need that and neither does Katie. Katie thinks that if Brooke gets what she wants so she will get what she wants too. Katie will not have Bill claim that he cannot see what Brooke wants. Bill informs Katie that Brooke told her why she was here. She saw the dress. Katie wants to know why she was hiding then. Brooke didn’t want to upset her. Katie knows that Brooke didn’t want to get caught. She was thinking about all the times the two had with each other. Brooke asks Katie to stop. Katie wants her to stop treating her like this. Bill understands that she is angry. He should have told her but here they are. Katie thinks this is not her problem. Bill allows this. Bill tells her that nothing happened. Katie guesses that Brooke just wanted one little moment because Katie cannot help herself. Bill tells Katie to give him the bottle. He cannot talk to her when she was drinking. Katie didn’t even want to drink tonight. It didn’t even cross her mind. Bill put her in this position. He should have told her to leave the moment she was in her bedroom. Katie tells Brooke to get the hell out of her house.

Katie locks herself in her bedroom. Bill and Brooke tell her to open the door. Katie says no. Brooke tells Katie not to do this. They had such a wonderful evening planned. Katie asks what Brooke is still doing here she told her to leave. Brooke will leave once she comes out and gives Bill the bottle. Bill tells Katie that Brooke isn’t leaving until she opens the door so they can talk this out. Katie asks what the point is when Bill refuses to see what Brooke is doing.

Julius asks if he is supposed to really believe that she is pregnant. Sasha found out last night. She took a home pregnancy test. Julius might not have the best relationship with his family but he can confirm this stuff with his family. Sasha explains that they don’t know about it. Julius is sure that they don’t know. Sasha guesses that Zende could have told them. Julius isn’t shocked she told them. It is how she will hold on to him. It is no coincidence that she would do this on the verge of Zende and Nicole getting back together. Sasha doesn’t think that is going to happen. Julius guesses it might not but maybe he won’t care anymore about her pregnancy than he did Nicole’s. If he is the man that he thinks he is though then he won’t turn his back on her. Even if it means that it ruins his life.

Zende didn’t want to break up. He wanted everything to be like it was before she agreed to have the baby. He wanted simple and uncomplicated. If he had any idea that this would happen. That he would feel this way then he would never have left his side. Nicole never blamed him. Zende wants to be honest with her. He needs her in his life. He left because he was confused. He learned something today. He can get through whatever the future throws at him. He wants her to give him another chance. Nicole says yes. She still loves him too.

Katie looks at her bottle. She thinks about Bill telling her she has him for support. Katie opens the bottle. Katie starts to think about her first wedding. Then when she had Will. Katie then remembers when Bill had to take Will away when she was drunk. Katie stands up and smells the bottle. She puts the top back on it. She sets the bottle down on the nightstand and looks out the window.

Brooke and Bill are back in the kitchen. Brooke thinks she should go. Bill knows she won’t come out. Brooke wonders if she has ever done this before. Bill says no. Brooke guesses it was her fault then. Bill tells her that Katie would have reacted the same way had she been in the middle of the room. Brooke doesn’t thinks this makes sense. Katie was the most level headed person she knew. Brooke thinks that Bill is trying and that is what is important. Brooke tells him that if he needs anything to just let her know. She wants Bill to take care of her. She is worried about her. Bill is too.

Nicole told herself that it was over but she missed him so much. Zende missed her too. Zende knows that they can get through anything. He lost her once and will not let her leave again. He let circumstances get in the way. He has to tell her something but it isn’t good news. They can’t let it change things for them. It is Sasha. When he went to see her to tell her he still loved Nicole she gave him some truth of her own. Nicole is sure she did. He can’t let that get to her. She will say things. Nicole asks what she said. Zende says that she was happy that he was here to witness the baby because it will happen to them next. Sasha is pregnant.

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