B&B Wednesday Update 5/18/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/18/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole states that after all these months Maya and Rick are finally parents. Zende knows. They have a beautiful and healthy baby girl. Zende wonders what could be better. Nicole thinks that he could. Zende thought of her. Nicole is glad he was a part of it. Zende didn’t realize that this was such a selfless and beautiful act. She has the most beautiful heart he has ever known. The two kiss each other again.

Sasha smells flowers in the Forrester living room. She looks as Stephanie’s portrait. She wishes she could have gotten a chance to meet her. She heard she was quite the force to be reckoned with. She wonders if one day she might be up there on the wall.

Brooke asks Eric who they should text next. Eric tells her to text Bridget. She has been on the phone every day. Brooke thinks she will be so thrilled for her brother. Brooke wonders if they shouldn’t steal Rick’s thunder. This might be better coming from him. Brooke cannot believe they are grandparents to a little girl. Eric feels they are too young to be grandparents again. At least Brooke is. Brooke believes that Eric is just as handsome as he was the day he married her. Eric loves her and loves that they get to share this world. Brooke and Eric hug each other. Brooke wonders if he knows who else would be thrilled for this. Eric thinks that Stephanie would. She loved her family so much. That is why Eric is so happy that Ridge and Caroline named their child after her side of the family. Brooke wonders if Rick and Maya might name their child after Eric. Erica Forrester has a nice ring to it. Eric thinks that Erica might be the last name he would give to his child right now. Other than maybe Amber. Eric is proud of Rick. He still has issues with Ridge and of course him but he has Maya and a beautiful baby. Stephanie would say that all a man needs is a beautiful woman. He would add a family of his own.

Sasha asks if Stephanie can picture her as the Forrester family matriarch. Sasha doesn’t think it will happen anytime soon. Not that she wouldn’t love for it to. She has never had a guy like him care for her. A guy like Zende can sure make a girl dream. Sasha looks intimidated by Stephanie’s picture.

Rick and Maya walk back into the room with Vivienne. Vivienne asks who she presumes is a doctor if everything is alright. Zende turns around and says everything is more than ok. The baby is crying. Zende asks if that is the baby. Maya says she is the most beautiful baby in the world. Zende says wow. Rick has the same thoughts. Vivienne asks how Nicole is feeling. Nicole thinks it is possibly the best day of her life. Zende can tell that Rick and Maya have never been happier and it is all thanks to Nicole. Zende asks Maya if the baby has all its fingers and toes. Maya is happy to report that she has ten of each in all the right places. Rick tells him that their little girl is perfect in everywhere. Zende tells them all he better get going. Rick thought he just got there. Nicole explains that he was here the whole time. Zende hopes that was ok but he wanted to make sure Nicole was ok. He thinks that they have such a beautiful little girl. Zende thinks this is so amazing. He leaves.

Brooke walks back into the kitchen. Eric wonders if everything is set upstairs. Brooke tells him it is all set. The nursery looks wonderful. Rick and Maya did a wonderful job. Eric wonders if she had a hand in that. Brooke knows that this wasn’t exactly how Rick had planned things. Rick thought that he would be raising his child at the Forrester Estate but then Ridge pulled what he did. Eric knows he didn’t handle that very well. Brooke promises that things will be ok. Brooke gets a text from Rick. It is the first picture of their grand baby.

Nicole asks how the baby is doing. Maya says she is fine. The nurse tells them that the doctor will be in shortly to check their little girl again. It is a routine procedure and nothing they have to worry about. Rick wants to thank Nicole for doing this. Maya thinks what Nicole did for them was something she thought she would never have. She could thank he a thousand times and it wouldn’t be enough. She hopes that seeing her and Zende means what they think it does.

Zende walks into his bedroom and Sasha is in her underwear. Zende can see that she is changed. Sasha wonders what took him so long.

Brooke and Eric look at more pictures of the baby. Eric knows that has waited so long to have a baby. Brooke cannot imagine that in a short period of time she will be walking and going to school. Brooke wishes she could just stay like this. Eric thinks that Rick is raising a family with someone that he can’t live without. He wonders if she has a name yet.

Nicole asks if she can hold the baby. Rick says, of course, she can be held by her favorite aunt. Maya hopes that auntie Bridget doesn’t heat that. Nicole points out Auntie Sasha. She wonders if anyone has texted her or dad. Maya thinks that they can do that later. Nicole wonders if they have a name. Maya tells her they have a couple in mind but they want to spend time with her first. Nicole feels she will have such an amazing life. Maya and Rick hold the baby again. Maya thinks this is all magical and she bets this has all rubbed off on Zende. Nicole thinks it has.

Sasha doesn’t think this is huge. It gave her some time to reflect on some things. Zende wonders what she means. Sasha means her good fortune. Especially after meeting Zende. Zende needs to talk about that. Sasha knows that she wouldn’t be a model if it wasn’t for him and he stood by her when she came clean about Julius. Zende did because that man disowned her for years. Nicole knows that he never had his love until she met him. Zende has had a beautiful time with her. She put sunshine and laughter back in his life but there is something he has to tell her. He went to the hospital.

Vivienne asks if Nicole is back with Zende. Nicole says no but it looks like they are headed in that direction. Rick wonders if it is because Zende showed up today. Nicole doesn’t think he just showed up. He was in the room the whole time. She thought he was just another person in the medical staff. Nicole guesses it really had an impact on him. He understood. He was so sweet. So Zende. They even kissed. Vivienne thinks that they belong together. Nicole will not be the same after today. The power of birth and having a baby. The way it can impact someone’s life.

Sasha asks why he was at the hospital. Zende explains that Nicole had a little girl. He was in the room when she gave birth. He got it all wrong. He thought it was so messed up that she was having Rick’s baby. Sasha thinks that he had every right to be turned off. Zende doesn’t think that is the case. He saw how much of a gift it was. It was a selfless act of generosity. Nicole is a beautiful spirit. Sasha needs to tell him something right now. She is glad that he got to witness the miracle of birth but this time for them. Sasha is pregnant. She hugs Zende. Zende looks shocked and Sasha looks scared.

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