B&B Tuesday Update 5/17/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/17/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole loves the sound of the baby’s heartbeat. Rick thinks it sounds strong. Maya believes that the baby is ready to break out into the world. Vivienne runs into the room. She asks how she is feeling. Vivienne is so proud of her. Maya is as well. She is her little engine that could.

Sasha brings Zende a glass of ice tea. Zende tells her it is good. Sasha aims to please. Zende thanks her. Sasha likes making him happy. It makes her happy. She promises they will get through this together. Sasha hugs him. Zende looks conflicted.

Rick runs into Brooke’s kitchen. He asks Brooke what is wrong. He just wrapped up a conference call. He wonders what is wrong. Brooke says it is important. Eric asks where everyone is. Brooke says they are at the hospital. Eric realizes what she means and he thinks that is great. He knows that means they will be grandparents. Eric asks how Rick and Maya are doing. Brooke guesses a lot better than they were at this point. They are all so mature. Brooke cannot believe that their little baby boy is having a baby. Eric knows Rick will be a great father.

Rick tells Nicole she is doing good. Maya tells her they are all there for her. Nicole is grateful. She just wishes… Vivienne can call him. Nicole knows that he has a new life with Sasha now. Soon so will Rick and Maya. Maya tells her she is amazing and kisses her on the forehead. Rick tells Maya away from Nicole that Zende should be here. Maya doesn’t want her thinking about that.

Zende promises Sasha that he doesn’t burn. Sasha still wants to put sunscreen on him. Sasha asks if he is ok. Zende thinks of Nicole and tells Sasha he has to go. Sasha looks confused as Zende leaves. Zende walks back out and says that he appreciates her. Sasha was hoping to make a day of it. Zende claims he forgot something at the office. Sasha tells him that he isn’t married to that job just because he took a little time off for today doesn’t mean anything. Zende has something he has to do. Zende has to go. He leaves.

Brooke feels that this baby is going to be surrounded by so much love. The baby will be all over the house. Eric wants the baby over his house too. There is plenty of room. Brooke thinks that if Ridge and Rick stop fighting that would be great. It seems unfair that Nicole is the only one who has lost anything in all of this. Eric asks if she really has truly. Zende doesn’t seem the same since this started. Eric sees Zende looking out windows sad. Brooke knows he couldn’t handle Nicole carrying the baby of his uncle. There is no doubt that Sasha is smitten with his grandson.

Sasha sees Caroline and Douglas in the living room of the mansion. She asks how the man of the house is. Caroline asks where Zende went. Sasha tells her that he had to run out. Caroline assumes to get ice cream or something. Sasha wishes but he had to go work. Caroline thought they were making a day by the pool. Sasha guesses there was too much going on but they will make a night of it instead. Caroline thinks it is time for Douglas to get fed. She tells Sasha that motherhood is the best feeling in the world. Sasha feels that Maya is ready for it. She can only imagine how Maya will feel holding that baby.

Nicole is nine centimeters from having the baby. Nicole wants to push but the doctor tells her not to yet. The doctor tells her she is crowning. She has to push. Zende is in the back of the room looking. He looks scared. Nicole is pushing the baby out.

Brooke is tempted to call Rick. Eric tells her she better not do that. Brooke knows the last thing he needs is a call from his nervous mother. Eric promises that everything will turn out fine. Brooke just hopes that everything turns out smoothly for Nicole. She hopes that Zende would be there for her.

Eric is sure that he would. Brooke feels that if Sasha wasn’t in the picture that Zende and Nicole would have survived.

Caroline feels that Douglas is such a little miracle. She then tells Sasha to go sit over there so he hopefully falls asleep. Sasha thinks it must be amazing. She assumes that someday she might have one with Zende. Caroline is sure that Sasha will have a lot of practice with Rick and Maya’s baby. Caroline feels it is amazing what Nicole has given up for Rick and Maya. Sasha knows it takes a lot of time not to mention her relationship with Zende.

The doctor tells Nicole to keep pushing. She just needs one final push. Zende looks at Nicole. The baby is born. They put her in Nicole’s hands. Rick and Maya cut the umbilical cord. Vivienne starts to cry. Nicole hands the baby to Rick and Maya. Maya holds the baby in her arms. Nicole and Vivienne look at each other and smile. Zende looks angry and sad. Rick starts to cry. He kisses Maya on the forehead. The doctor hands the baby back. Maya asks if SHE is ok. The doctor says that she is happy and healthy. Maya thanks her from the bottom of their hearts. The doctor explains that Nicole has done all the work.

Nicole wants Maya and Rick to bond with their daughter. Vivienne asks if she can hold the baby. Maya thinks that Grandma wants to meet her. Vivienne tells her she is the most beautiful baby in the world. Rick holds the baby next. Rick cries again and says he is a daddy. Maya tells him that he is. Rick wonders if she wants to see her mama. Maya tells the baby that this is her auntie Nicole who is the reason she is here. Zende leaves the room. He takes off the mask and gloves. Zende gets a phone call. It is Sasha. Sasha is sorry. She just wanted to hear his voice. She explains the sooner he gets home the happier they will both be. Zende says goodbye.

Sasha sits in the living room of the mansion and starts to think of the day they met and the first time they made love.

Zende looks into Nicole’s room and Nicole looks distraught. Zende walks back in. Nicole tells him she had a baby. A beautiful little girl. It was so amazing. She knows that it was a problem for them but everything she did was so worth it. The joy in Maya’s eyes when she handed her the baby. Rick wouldn’t stop crying. She just wishes that he could been. Zende says he was in the corner. Zende watched her sacrifice and he doesn’t know what to say other than he is sorry he left her. He missed the most precious moment of her life. Nicole knows he didn’t though. He was there. Zende couldn’t not be there. He had to see what gift she was giving Rick and Maya. He was only thinking of himself. He was so wrong and blind. Zende is sorry. Nicole holds Zende’s hands. She tells him that he is here now and that counts for something. Zende and Nicole hug each other. They look into each other’s eyes and they kiss each other. They start to kiss passionately They look at each other again and smile.

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