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Quinn begs Liam not to let them do this to her. They want to put her in jail because they think she hurt him. She wants him to tell them the truth. She wants him to tell them how he feels.

Caroline walks down to the pool at the Forrester mansion. She finds Sasha. Sasha asks if she is going for a swim. Caroline needs to get back in shape. Caroline assumes she is waiting for someone. Sasha is surprising Zende. Caroline guesses they have enough people to play Marco Polo. Sasha guesses so. Caroline was just kidding. She is only going to swim a couple laps. She doesn’t like being away from Douglas for that long. Patty is awesome though. She has seen Zende’s abs and doesn’t want to get in the way of any woman with him.

Pam runs down the hall at Forrester holding a giant ball. She stops at her desk and tells Zende to get a bunch of hot wash clothes. Zende asks why. Pam explains that Nicole is in labor.

Nicole holds her stomach in Rick’s office. Rick says they are fifty seconds apart. Maya guesses they should get to the hospital soon. Pam walks in and gives Nicole the ball to sit on. Zende wonders if she is ready. Nicole guesses she has to be.

Caroline gets out of the pool. Sasha tells her she doesn’t have to leave right away. Caroline guesses that she may stay in front of the pool for a little bit but she will leave when Zende gets here. Caroline gets a text. She says that Ridge just texted that Nicole is in labor. Sasha thinks that this is a moment for her to share with Maya and Rick. Caroline thinks the whole thing is amazing. Sasha understands why it was a deal breaker for Zende.

Maya is going to take her to the car. Rick will pull it up to the entrance. Zende would like a moment alone with Nicole.

Wyatt asks Quinn what she is doing. She has no right to ask Liam to do this. Quinn thinks that Liam is the only one who knows what happened. She nursed him and helped him. The police officer tells her that Baker wants her for questioning. Quinn just needs one minute. She should have told him who he was from the beginning. She should have done so many things but she didn’t think it was right to put her in Steffy’s orbit. They had their chance but it didn’t work out. She wanted Steffy to be close to Wyatt. Steffy thinks that she is digging herself into a hole. Quinn is just telling the truth. She wanted Steffy for her son. They are a much better match. She didn’t expect to find a better match for herself. She didn’t know that taking care of him would change her. She opened herself up and it was the greatest thing that ever happened. If she goes to jail because she fell for him then it is worth it.

Nicole tells Zende that if he has something to say he better say it quick because she is having another contraction soon. Zende wonders if they hurt. Nicole has had more enjoyable experiences. Zende is proud of her and hopes it goes well. Nicole suggests that he have Pam call him. She will probably be the first to know. Zende says he will do that. Zende wishes her good luck.

Sasha thinks it is crazy for her best friend to be pregnant. She is in labor right now. Sasha cannot imagine being in that position. Being the biological parent and then stepping aside to let someone else raise the child. Caroline believes that in many cases that is what is best. This was Nicole’s plan from the beginning. Sasha loves Nicole but sometimes she doesn’t think things through. She is having a child for someone else and it is her first child. It is no wonder Zende ran. Caroline guesses that he didn’t run that far.

Quinn needs to say sorry to all of them before she leaves. She admits that the only good thing that came out of this was the pain and emptiness being gone. Wyatt asks what she means. Quinn means being a bad person. She was so bitter. The only way she survived that was shutting off her feelings and not caring about anyone but herself and him. Until now when she was with Liam. She was able to show her feelings and she knows it started off as a deception. She doesn’t regret how it turned out. She understands if he presses charges but it doesn’t change the way she feels. She wants them all to know how her time with Liam changed her. She has so much hope of what is to come. Liam tells them to take her away. Wyatt asks if Quinn hurt her or touched her. Steffy promises she didn’t. She just wanted her help to convince them to forgive her. She is delusional. Wyatt thinks she is used to it because he forgave her. Liam thinks she is going to pay for it. He understands that she is his mother and her mother-in-law. They can forgive her but he is glad he doesn’t have to.

Quinn is put into a room down at the station. Baker is in the room. He tells her to have a seat. He tells her that she can wait for her lawyer. Quinn says there is no reason to wait. If Liam wants her in jail so be it.

Zende walks into the mansion and Caroline asks if Zende heard. He assumes she means about Nicole. He did. He saw her at Forrester. He doesn’t need to be there. Caroline tells him that Sasha is down by the pool but he didn’t hear that from her. Caroline suggests that he go to the hospital to support Nicole. He can also go swimming with Sasha. He probably is the distraction he has been needing but there might be something more meaningful he could be doing with his time. He needs to think about it.

Nicole breathes heavily while in the hospital room.

Zende got Sasha’s text. Sasha asks if he is surprised. Sasha explains that they could enjoy the sun and relax. Sasha wants to forget about their troubles and soak up the delicious California sun.

Wyatt holds Steffy. Steffy has never seen Quinn like that. She was affectionate and vulnerable. It was like her feelings towards Liam were real. Wyatt doesn’t know what is going on around here.

Liam walks into his living room. He starts to think about all the good times he spent with Quinn. He starts to think about Quinn telling him that she loves him and begging him not to take her away from him.

An officer asks how Quinn got out of the closet. Quinn lies and says it wasn’t hard to get the door open. The lock was basically useless. Baker asks if there is anything else she would like to add. Quinn explains that she took care of Liam. If the state thinks that it is worth it to send her to jail. If Liam thinks it does then fine. She hopes it doesn’t turn out that way. Baker thanks her. The other officer looks at him. Quinn starts to think about the times she said she loved Liam when he was Adam.

Zende walks back out in his bathing suit. Sasha asks if he wants a root beer. Zende isn’t in the mood. Sasha assumes he heard about Nicole. Zende says it is her big day. Sasha knows it for Rick and Maya. It is so crazy that she is giving birth to his cousin right now. Sasha is going to go up and grab something else. She is going to get some ice tea.

Nicole continues to breathe heavily and tries to push. Maya asks what happened with Zende earlier. Nicole says that he would be thinking of her. Nicole doesn’t want him to feel uncomfortable here. Nicole asks if the nurse is bringing ice chips. Rick will go and ask. Maya will come with him. She has some questions she wants to ask the doctor. Maya asks if she is ok. Nicole says she is. The two leave Nicole. She asks herself if she should have asked him to be there. She remembers all the moments of their relationship.

Zende frowns.

Nicole continues to breathe and hold her stomach. She looks conflicted.

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