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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/13/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge walks in circles in the mansion living room looking at his phone. Eric walks in. He was hoping to get some grandpa time with Douglas. Ridge promises that Caroline will be home with him soon.

Thomas thinks that Douglasís little hands are so cute. Caroline feels that they are Thomas'.

Liam opens his front door to find Wyatt. Wyatt asks if he can come in and Liam says he can. Liam wonders what brings him here. Wyatt is just checking in to see if he is ok. Liam explains that he has been better. Wyatt knows that is expected but it will get better. Liam knows that he means that he will learn to live with it. Wyatt asks what other choice he has. He needs to accept what is. Steffy is married to him. Liam asks if it was important for him to come here and give his victory lap. Wyatt just doesn’t want him to hope for something so unrealistic. He and Steffy are never going to happen.

Steffy sits in her living room and drinks tea. Someone knocks on the door and it is Quinn. Steffy screams for her to get out but Quinn pushes past her. Quinn explains she needs her help. She needs Wyatt to be convinced to forgive her. She doesn’t want to lose him or Liam either. Steffy asks what she means. Quinn tells her that she is in love with him.

Caroline gets a text from Ridge. She needs to call him back and say that they are ok. She hopes they are ok. Thomas tells Caroline that Douglas can always think of him as a father. Caroline promises that he will. Caroline calls Ridge. She explains that she is with Thomas and they are fine. He understands. They will be home soon. Ridge will be waiting. She hangs up. Caroline thanks him for letting Ridge and her being the parents. He really is the greatest gift.

Liam points out that Wyatt acts like his marriage is so solid then he comes over here and tells him to back off. He wonders what it is. Wyatt is just trying to tell him how it is. Steffy is taken. He can call Ivy or Hope. Liam isn’t interested. Wyatt tells him to call anyone. There is a woman out there for him but it isn’t Steffy.

Quinn knows that Steffy has influence over Liam and Wyatt. That is why she is begging her to help them understand. Quinn has learned and grown. Her time with Liam has changed her.

Eric is sure that Stephanie must love this. Ridge assumes he means her being up on the wall again. Eric means everything else. She must know what is going on in their life right now. He thinks it is great to see him thrive. He is the CEO and father he was always meant to be. Eric knows he has taken the family through his own scandals. Ridge knows he is his father no matter what Rick says. He hopes that he taught his own children what is right. It isn’t always about blood but being there.

Caroline tells Thomas they need to get back. Thomas hands Caroline, Douglas. Caroline tells him this is what is best for everyone. He will get married one day and have a family. That is how he should have children. He doesn’t need a scandal. Caroline doesn’t want him to have that. She is going to take Douglas home. She thanks him for understanding this is the way things have to be. She thanks him for being his brother. Caroline leaves.

Liam asks if Wyatt honestly thinks that he would be married to Steffy right now if Quinn hadn’t taken him. Wyatt admits they probably wouldn’t be. They would be well on their way. He wasn’t in a good place with Steffy. Quinn did push the process and Quinn shouldn’t have done what she did. Liam is glad that Quinn at least took care of him and nursed him back to health. Wyatt asks if he is actually defending his mother.

Steffy asks if she really thinks that she would help her with anything. Quinn thinks that she might now that they are family. Steffy thinks she was manipulated. Quinn gave her freedom to make the choice. If she wants to call it manipulation, then she can. Steffy was waiting for Liam. Quinn thinks that they wouldn’t have. She has done this with Liam before. She said the vows. Steffy meant the vows but would have never said them if it wasn’t for her. She asks how she can think this is ok.

As Ridge holds Douglas in his arms, he kisses Caroline. He tells her that he cannot even tell her how happy he is to have them home. Ridge asks if they are alright. He wonders what Thomas was thinking. Caroline doesn’t know but he did the right thing. Caroline thinks they have to be understanding. Ridge won’t understand this. He kidnapped their kid. Caroline feels that Thomas knows what is best for Douglas. Ridge asks if he agrees that Douglas is their boy. Caroline nods yes.

Thomas looks out the window and calls Douglas his son. He tells himself he has a son.

Quinn thinks that it is ok. If she didn’t like being married to Wyatt, then she could have gone back to Liam. Steffy doesn’t think that it is about liking being married to Wyatt. Quinn knows it is also about how she doesn’t like being with Liam. She had the option to go back to Liam. An annulment would have faulted her. She didn’t go back though because she followed her heart. Steffy asks if she is supposed to thank her. Quinn doesn’t think so but she could use some support. Steffy tells her that Liam hates Quinn. Quinn thinks that he likes her. Steffy tells her that she needs help. Quinn tells her that he could have called the police. Quinn believes that this was meant to be. It was unexpected and she never would have thought this would be ok. Steffy texts Wyatt to call the police because Quinn is there.

Liam isn’t defending Quinn. He just knows that she could have let him die but she didn’t. She didn’t have to care for him. She confided in him and shared with him. Wyatt gets a text that Quinn is with Steffy. He tells Liam to hurry up and come on.

Ridge asks how Caroline convinced him. Caroline just said what needed to be said. He should have seen him though holding their son. She told him that one day he will have a child of his own. Ridge thinks that he owes them his silence after what he did. Caroline knows he will only ever be his brother. Ridge promises that nobody will ever take him again.

Thomas looks on the floor and finds a baby blanket.

Caroline looks over at Ridge and Douglas and clearly feels conflicted.

Liam tells Wyatt that the cops should be there any minute.

Steffy asks if Quinn really thinks that Liam could ever return those feelings. Quinn does. He just needs to remember what it was like when it was just the two of them. Steffy asks if she thinks Liam will just forgive her. Quinn feels it is possible. Quinn is asking her this as the mother-in-law. Liam cares about her. She finally has a man who wants her for her. Someone knocks on the door. Quinn asks if it is Wyatt. Steffy screams that she is in here. Quinn tells her not to scream. The police walk in and read Quinn her rights. Quinn asks why she is doing this. Steffy screams that she took Liam away from her and wanted him for herself. She will never get him. Quinn was never going to hurt her. Liam and Wyatt walk in. Quinn begs Liam not to let them take her away from him.

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