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Thomas asks if he is supposed to deny his own son. Ridge doesn’t think he is Thomas’s son. Caroline and he are the only parents that Douglas will ever know. Thomas doesn’t think that Ridge knows what he is asking. Ridge is asking for him to give Douglas what he needs and if he is the man that he thinks he is he will let Douglas have it. Thomas thinks this is crazy. Ridge will not let Thomas destroy the family that Caroline has made for him.

Katie walks back into Rick’s office and says hi to Caroline. Caroline thought she left. Katie just had to make a phone call. Caroline really hopes that she didn’t call Bill. Caroline guesses it doesn’t matter. Once Thomas knows it will be over. Katie knows it seems bad but in the long run this is the best. Thomas has a son and he deserves to know it and be part of his life.

Liam can tell that Steffy misses what they had. Steffy didn’t know what happened to him and it was confusing. Liam knows that it was a mistake. She can have the tattoo taken off and the marriage dissolved. It will be like he never left. Steffy thinks that too much has happened. Liam guesses if that is how she feels then she will tell him to back off. He knows that isn’t how she feels though. Liam knows she doesn’t think he has the right to ask this. He needs to know how she feels. Wyatt walks in and asks what is going on. Steffy explains that Wyatt didn’t know she was coming over. Steffy asks if he knows that Quinn was here. Wyatt heard. Liam explains that Wyatt stopped by. He didn’t like the way they left things. They are going to clear things up right now.

Caroline feels that Ridge loves Douglas and he is their son. Katie reminds her once again that Thomas is the father. Caroline knows they share the same DNA however they both know that isn’t what makes a parent. Thomas wasn’t ready to be a father. Katie doesn’t think he was given a chance. Caroline feels this will rip her family a part and asks if this is what Katie wants.

Thomas has felt a connection with Douglas every time he has been around him. Even before he was born. Thomas remembers seeing the baby at the doctors and feeling the baby in her stomach. Thomas didn’t understand it. It didn’t make sense but now it does. Ridge feels that if he cares about the boy like he claims he does then he won’t throw him under the bus. He will raise him for the rest of his life. Thomas doesn’t think that Ridge can possibly expect him to go along with that.

Liam thinks that Steffy has a mind of her own and doesn’t need Wyatt coming here telling him to back off. Steffy doesn’t want them fighting over her. She is here because Bill told her about Quinn. Wyatt assumes she was concerned about Liam. That is why he came back. Liam asks if that is why he really came back or if it was to take another crack at him. Wyatt doesn’t want to be a bad guy but that isn’t what he needs. He needs time to grasp reality but the fact is, is that he is married to Steffy. If he wants to be in their lives, then he needs to respect that.

Katie doesn’t want to harm her family. Caroline believes this complicates everything forever. Katie thinks that they will work through it. It doesn’t have to a disaster. Pam walks into the room and asks if they can hide in here for a while. Caroline asks if everything is ok. Pam is fine but she wasn’t getting any work done with Douglas at her desk. Caroline could have taken him. Pam promises that it wasn’t him. It was the models. Pam thinks the baby is even more popular than his daddy.

Ridge thinks that Thomas wants what is best for Douglas so he won’t throw him into a scandal. Thomas asks if he can never tell anyone including him. Ridge says that it is especially not going to be him. Thomas asks what happens if there is a blood test. Ridge thinks that he has a family he can be proud of and he will never know. Thomas knows what he did. Ridge says she was distraught. She wasn’t herself that night and he knew that but he had to get even with her. Thomas had no idea what was going on. Ridge was betrayed. Thomas realizes this has been why he was so angry. He tried to ship him to Paris. He could hardly look at him. Ridge can’t look at him now. Thomas wonders what happened to forgiveness. Ridge guesses if he was anyone else he would not be here but he is his son. He was with his wife. Thomas reminds him that they had broken up. He broke her heart. Ridge asks if it was two hours after. She wanted a child and he couldn’t give that to her. It was because he had a vasectomy in Paris. He couldn’t get it reversed. Thomas had no idea. Ridge knows that Douglas came from the night with him. What Thomas did was wrong. There is a price to pay. Thomas asks if that price is his son. Ridge tells him that he is his son and it will never change. Thomas worked things out with Caroline. He felt so bad. Ridge feels they did what was right for the boy. Thomas asks if Caroline knew the entire time. Thomas drove her to the hospital. Thomas felt so connected to him. He asks why she didn’t say anything. Ridge feels that a mother does what is right for her son. Douglas has a mother and father who love each other very much. All Thomas can add to this is turmoil. Thomas is becoming a better person. Ridge knows that. So he needs to be one. Thomas can’t do this. Thomas asks why he told him this. Ridge asks why it had to be him. Ridge needs him to understand that Caroline is married to him and they love each other. He knows this is hard but he needs to do what is best for him. Bringing all this up is going to ruin things. He needs to be the man he says he wants to be and do the right thing. Thomas doesn’t think it feels right at all.

Caroline gets a text. Caroline has to go down stairs and check on some silks she ordered. Pam will stay with him. Caroline will be back in a little bit.

Wyatt asks if Liam blames him or thinks he had a part in what Quinn did to him. Liam doesn’t. Wyatt asks what he is doing then. He wonders why he cannot just give it up. Liam doesn’t think that this is about him. Wyatt asks if he thinks the marriage was a mistake. He needs to stop doing this. He needs to heal and put his life back together. Liam is trying to do that and he is sorry if that threatens him. Wyatt will have problems if this continues. He doesn’t want that. Steffy doesn’t either. They will do anything to make things easier but they have moved on and he needs to do that too.

Thomas walks into Rick’s office looking for Caroline but Douglas is the only one in there. Thomas calls him his beautiful boy. Pam walks in saying he lost a toy. Thomas doesn’t want her leaving him alone. Pam says Caroline will be back any second. Thomas thinks he is beautiful. Pam asks if there is something he can help with. Thomas claims that Ridge wants Douglas in his office. Pam says that Caroline wanted him to keep an eye on him. Thomas says it is fine because he has him now.

Liam told Wyatt before. Steffy and him have been through too much to give up. Wyatt thinks that will make family dinners awkward. Liam feels that is funny. Wyatt doesn’t really think it is. Wyatt trusts his wife. He just worries what this is doing to Steffy. He knows they have been through a lot and he respects that. Her future is with him now though. He needs to let go. He asks if he can do that. Liam guesses he can try. Wyatt thinks it is better for everyone. Wyatt says they should go. Steffy agrees. Steffy looks back before leaving.

Caroline walks back in. She asks where Douglas is. Pam says that Thomas took him. He said Ridge wanted to see him. Caroline runs into Ridge’s office and asks where Douglas is. She had to go downstairs. Pam said that Thomas took Douglas to see him. Ridge says he didn’t.

Thomas puts Douglas in his car and drives off.

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