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Katie thought that Ridge said that there was a sperm donor. Caroline wants her to forget what she said. Katie thinks it is the truth though. Thomas is the father of her baby.

Thomas can do this. He knows that Ridge can do this. He can call it paternity leave. If he were a new father he would want the same thing. Rick walks in. he is sorry that he is late. Ridge wonders why he was. Rick was dealing with fatherhood. Thomas says they were just talking about that. He was trying to convince Ridge to take a little time off. Rick feels that is a great idea. Rick can take care of being CEO and Thomas can run design. He wonders when they start. Ridge gives him a dirty look.

Liam looks outside the window of Bill’s office and notes that it has been a while. Bill thinks it is time that Liam get back in the saddle. He needs him here. Liam reminds him that he has Wyatt here now. Bill needs both of them. It will be good for him. It will help him get his mind off of everything that happened with Quinn.

Quinn plays with her hair while looking in the mirror. Deacon admits that he is worried about her. Quinn claims she is touched. Deacon wants to know what happened with her when she went over to Liam’s. He is still shocked that Liam didn’t call the cops. Quinn guesses that wasn’t the outcome. Deacon wonders if she didn’t go there then. Quinn did. Deacon wants to know if she isn’t in jail what she could have done to Liam then. He asks if she pushed him off a cliff. Deacon thinks that he would either be dead or she would be in jail. Quinn feels that there is a third alternative. Deacon wonders if he really forgave her. Quinn explains that when she got there were candles lit and champagne. Deacon knows they weren’t for her. Quinn says that Steffy was just there but it didn’t work out for either of them. Steffy got her wedding ring tattooed to her finger. Deacon assumes that is a good thing. He thought that was what she wanted for Wyatt. Quinn explains that Wyatt was crushed. Deacon hopes she isn’t starting to feel bad for Liam.

Bill has people looking for Quinn everywhere from the boarders of Canada and Mexico. They will find Quinn and he will never have to see her again. Except when he testifies in court. Liam looks worried. Bill can tell and wonders what is bothering him.

Ridge is sorry to inform Rick but he isn’t taking a paternity leave. Rick reminds him that dads can take paternity leaves these days. Thomas tells Rick to ease off. The man knows his limitations. He can be in charge of a company and design as well as take care of a child.

Katie is shocked that Thomas is Douglas’s father. Caroline cannot believe this is happening. She will not discuss this with Katie or anyone else. Katie asks if Thomas knows. Katie realizes he doesn’t and tells Caroline that Thomas needs to be told.

Deacon thinks that it is a miracle that Liam didn’t turn her in. Quinn admits that she gave him every opportunity. She suggested that he call the police. Deacon assumes that he was to downed out from Steffy. Quinn thinks it is a possibility but there may have been another reason. Deacon explains to her that Liam cannot give her what she wants. Adam is gone. He is not there anymore. It is Liam Spencer. Deacon can touch her all not long though. Quinn tells him to stop it. Deacon reminds her that the guy is her sons half-brother. Quinn isn’t even kind of related to him. Deacon feels that the guy is gutless and vanilla. He is a wuss. Quinn feels that Liam is a gentlemen and treated her with respect. Deacon doesn’t think that Adam is real. He was a fantasy that will land her in prison.

Bill wants to know what she did to him. He can handle it. Liam doesn’t even know. Bill asks if she abused him. Liam says that Quinn told him they were married and he believed her. Bill knows he couldn’t remember anything. Bill asks if he was abused in the bedroom. Liam was treated like a husband. He felt safe around her and loved her like a wife and she loved him. He thinks she still does. It is so twisted. Bill will have her pay for this. She will go to prison for a long time. He knows he wants that. Bill knows there is something he is not telling him. Liam admits that Quinn paid him a visit.

Thomas walks into Rick’s office and sees Caroline crying. He wonders what is wrong with her.

Ridge tells Rick the meeting is over. Rick feels it might be for Thomas but it isn’t for them. Ridge wonders what it is then. Rick thinks it is him. He never thought he would give up on this company. What will be an issue though is the way that Ridge manipulates and operates. It will all catch up to him. All the things that he did to Brooke and Taylor. What goes around comes around. Ridge wonders if Rick is implying that he has been a saint all these years. Rick has never done anything as bad as he has. He feels bad for Caroline and what she will have to eventually go through. Ridge tells him that they are done here. Rick feels that he is going to have karma catch up to him. Katie walks in. Rick tells her that he is all hers. He then remembers that was actually a long time ago and tells Ridge it is just one more of his victims. Katie closes the door. Ridge wonders what he can do for her. Katie wants an apology. Ridge wonders for what. Katie knows he lied to her. Thomas is Douglas’s father.

Quinn has never felt more alive. Deacon asks if this is all because of little boy Liam. He could put her in prison. Deacon realizes that he could as well for what she did to him. Quinn knows he won’t though and neither will Liam. Quinn thinks that the fact that Liam didn’t call the police and it speaks volumes.

Bill asks if Quinn really came to his house. Liam confirms that she did. Bill assumes she is in custody then and wonders why he didn’t say anything. Liam tells him that she isn’t in custody and has no idea where she is. Liam could have killed her. Bill asks what happened. Liam says that she was at his front door and she wanted him. She still has feelings. Bill thinks that they will call the police and report it. He wonders if she will be back. Liam doubts it and he doesn’t care. His focus is on Steffy. He wants his life back.

Katie knows that Thomas is Douglas’s father. She saw Caroline after she spoke to him. She told him that she knew about Douglas’s paternity and she freaked out about that. Ridge doesn’t think she understands. Right before he married Caroline they broke up. One night Thomas made his move. She took an anxiety pill and Thomas took advantage of her. Ridge doesn’t think this is anyone’s business. Katie still feels that Thomas deserves to know. Ridge thinks that Katie needs to forget about this. He is his son. Katie points out he is his grandson. Ridge wants to think about his poor little boy. Katie can tell this secret is destroying him. She doesn’t want this for him. He has to tell Thomas the truth. Ridge tells Katie that he will tell him. Katie says ok and leaves.

Thomas wonders what is wrong. He doesn’t mean to pry but weeks at a time it seems like she is carrying something on her. He wonders if this is about her marriage. Caroline promises it isn’t about that. Thomas is glad because he knows that Ridge adores her. He gave him a child. Thomas asks if it is Douglas. Ridge walks in. He needs to talk to Thomas alone in his office. Thomas walks out. Caroline starts to ball her eyes out.

Quinn looks at a picture of Liam on her phone.

Liam looks at a picture of Steffy in his living room.

Katie walks back into Rick’s office. She asks if she told Ridge. Katie did. Katie is really sorry but wonders how long she expected to keep this a secret. Caroline was never going to tell the truth. Katie explains that Ridge told her what happened. She asks Thomas took advantage of her. Caroline promises that he didn’t. Katie didn’t think so. She assumes that drinking was involved and she was in a bad place. Katie doesn’t think there is any excuse not to tell Thomas. He needs to know that he has a son.

Thomas knows that Ridge wanted to clear some things up. Ridge does. Thomas wonders what things. Ridge has plans for Thomas. He could run this whole company one day. He wants to mentor him and help him succeed. Thomas didn’t think that he could forgive him. Ridge can because he is his son. Thomas knows he has done a lot of unforgivable things. Ridge knows they are family and family forgives. He doesn’t want him to ever forget that. Thomas has only ever wanted his love and support. Ridge says he has it and assumes he has is. Thomas would do anything for him. Ridge explains there is one thing he did that he finds horrible. Ridge knows about the night with Caroline. He knows about the hotel room. Thomas is shocked he knows. He explains that was the biggest mistake of his entire life. He said he was sorry. Ridge knows that Caroline is good. When Caroline and him got married she said that everything that is her is his. He wonders what Thomas thinks of that. Thomas agrees with it. They have a child together and he is lucky to have him as a father. Ridge says he is his son. His. Nothing will ever change that. Thomas asks what he is saying. Thomas knows that night was a terrible mistake. Ridge says that mistakes have consequences. Thomas wonders if he is saying that… Thomas asks if Douglas is his son. Ridge nods yes and gives him a stern look.

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