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Julius doesn’t know what Nicole is thinking. She might be an adult, but he is still her father, and she will still respect that. Nicole knows he has taken the role of father so seriously over the years. Vivienne asks what Nicole is getting at. Nicole demands that Julius tell Vivienne or she will.

Katie now knows the doctor was telling the truth and the baby isn’t actually Ridge’s. She wonders who the father actually is then.

Thomas looks at Douglas. He wonders what he dreams about. Caroline supposes he dreams of feedings. Thomas feels that he dreams of his mother and father. The two people who keep him safe. Thomas laughs. Caroline wonders what is so funny. Thomas is just thinking about how much he has changed. It used to be models that he let distract him but now it is sleeping babies. Caroline guesses that he really is different. Thomas knows it is because of Douglas. He wonders what he would be like with his own child.

Ridge wants Katie to promise that this is just between them. She cannot tell anybody. Including her idiot husband. Katie asks if he really did push him then. Ridge says that he didn’t push him. He was just there. A lot of people were there. Katie reminds him that a lot of people weren’t blackmailing him though. Someone is going to recognize him from that photo. Katie thinks that they can get a good lawyer. Ridge says that the doctor didn’t know who the biological father was and neither did he or Caroline. They had a donor. It was anonymous.

Julius feels that he should speak to Nicole in private. Nicole is fine with that; she is sure that Sasha will have a lot to say when they are gone. Julius suggests that they both leave and he will talk to Vivienne alone then. Nicole will be here for her. Sasha will too. Vivienne wants to know what is going on here. Julius takes Vivienne and sits her down in the living room. He asks if she remembers when she bought the wrong size fridge and had to put it in the dining room. He wonders if he complained. Vivienne knows it was daily. He wonders if she remembers the time she bought him bowling shoes instead of golf and they couldn’t bring them back. Julius feels the point of this is that they can bring up all these things in last. Vivienne asks why they are bringing this all up now. Julius tells Vivienne that they are because of Sasha. Sasha is his mistake.

Thomas shows Caroline a design. Caroline thinks that Ridge will approve. Thomas just wants him to be happy but he also wants to get criticism. Ridge is the best designer and father. He sees how Ridge has stepped up for him. He just hopes when the time comes that Thomas is the kind of father that Ridge is.

Katie wonders why Ridge and Caroline didn’t just tell people they got a donor in the first place. Ridge didn’t plan on telling anyone. Katie points out that a lot of people get donors. Ridge just doesn’t like the questions like right now. Katie was just worried about him. He thinks it is sweet that she would think he pushed a guy into traffic. Ridge wants what is best for Douglas. He doesn’t want to talk about this ever again.

Vivienne doesn’t understand how Sasha is his mistake. Julius explains that he mother was. Vivienne realizes what he means and asks if Sasha is his. Julius nods. Sasha cannot believe that all these years behind her back he was with Lucy. Julius promises that it was just an affair and he stopped until he found out she was pregnant. He was going to give her money to move away. She wouldn’t do the right thing. Vivienne thinks it was on him. He cheated on her. Julius prays every day for forgiveness. He never wanted to hurt her. Vivienne feels he is a liar. He just wanted to protect himself. Julius wanted to protect his family. He wants them to get through this.

Ridge is looking off into the distance. Thomas doesn’t think he likes his design. Ridge does. Thomas gets it. He has a new baby. He is over tired and full of adrenalin. He gets it. If he was in his shoes he would be just as distracted right now.

Katie walks into Rick’s office and asks if she can get her baby fix. Caroline explains that he is just sleeping right now. Katie admits she would love a second baby but with her heart Bill won’t even let her talk about it. She wonders about her. Caroline is happy right now. Katie guesses that with everything she has already been through… Caroline wonders what she means. Katie closes the door and says she is sorry. She was just with Ridge and he told her. Katie explains that he told her about Douglas’s paternity.

Vivienne asks if he wants her to tell him that they can get through this. A secret that he has kept for most of their marriage. Julius did it for their marriage. They had children together. He didn’t want to do this to them. He didn’t want to be a part time father. They already knew they had a child who was challenged so he lied. Vivienne remembers the BBQ’s, holidays, and birthday parties. None of them said anything. She asks if Sasha knew. Sasha admits she did. Vivienne allowed her into their house and treated her like her own. Julius tries to touch her and she pushes him away. She wants to know who he is. She wants to know what was real between them. All of her suffering because he refused to allow Maya suffering. She allowed him to kick Maya out while he had this secret. Julius tried so hard to keep this family together. He was trying to keep a good name in the community and church. Vivienne asks about her name and herself. Vivienne thinks it all makes sense now why he treated Sasha so badly. He was always so angry and wanted her to leave. Now she knows why. He is a coward with his own daughter. Julius was afraid of losing her. Vivienne thinks he was afraid of losing his reputation. He didn’t have a good reason as to why she left him. The good news is that he doesn’t know as many people here. So there will be less people to be embarrassed around. Julius thinks they have been together for to many years to let it go now. They need each other. Vivienne just needs him to leave. She screams for him to go. Julius thinks that these secrets and lies have been harder to deal with then any of them will ever know. He did it for her though. Julius leaves. Vivienne tells Sasha she could have told her. She is just like her father lying to her face. Nicole thinks that Sasha was to afraid to say something because of Julius. Nicole tries to help Vivienne as she falls apart. Sasha does as well. Vivienne grabs both of their hands and they all cry together. Vivienne then hugs both of them.

Thomas wants Ridge to let him know if there is anything that he can do around here now that he has a baby around. Ridge admits that he is impressed with the designs. Thomas thanks him. He wants to be as involved in his brothers life as he can. Ridge appreciates how much he cares about his son.

Caroline asks what Katie just said. Katie doesn’t want her to be mad. Katie met the doctor the day he died. She had spoken to him and he let it spill that Ridge wasn’t the father. At first she thought it was crazy then she wondered if Ridge was involved but then Ridge explained he wasn’t involved and Douglas isn’t his. Caroline cannot believe he told her. Katie doesn’t think that it is a big deal. Caroline thinks that Thomas being the father is a big deal. Katie asks if Thomas is the donor. Caroline wonders what she means by donor. Katie realizes what happened. Katie asks if Thomas is her baby’s father.

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