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Julius asks Sasha if she thinks that she can turn his family against him. Sasha doesn’t think that he has ever needed help doing that. Julius guesses she told Nicole everything and wonders if she told Nicole about the life he saved her from. Sasha feels that she saved him from being a whole person. Julius supported her during her whole life. Julius asks if she thinks she would have been better off not knowing the man she came from. Sasha would have been different and been her own person. Julius doesn’t think she would have Zende or any of this that is the trouble with being a truth teller. There is always more truth to tell. He feels that Nicole will understand him. Vivienne needed to be kept from the truth. The path he picked was the right one. Sasha begged her not to say anything. Julius knows this must be very exciting for her. He demands that she pack her bags and leave today.

Nicole is ok. Vivienne remembers being pregnant and how she would start crying at all the dog commercials. Nicole points out that she doesn’t even like dogs Vivienne guesses that some of them are ok. She knows that there are a lot of hormones. She asks if that is what is going on with her.

In Ridge’s office Caroline gets done finishing Douglas. He enjoys watching her feed him. Caroline guesses that he can get up at three AM and watch her then. Ridge doesn’t think that it is the same. Someone knocks on the door and Caroline opens it. Thomas asks what is going on in there. Caroline wonders why. Thomas asks why Douglas gets to be in there. Caroline will ask him when he is old enough to speak. She slams the door on him.

Katie looks at the article for the doctor’s death. Ridge is in the background. Katie remembers the conversation she had with him about how Ridge is not Douglas’s father. She then remembers how Ridge claimed that the doctor was only looking for money.

Nicole doesn’t think that it is hormones but people. Vivienne asks if it is Sasha who is making her unhappy. Nicole says no. Vivienne wonders if it is Zende then. Nicole feels it is hard to know who you can trust. Vivienne asks if she ever told her about the day she knew she would marry her father. Nicole says no. Vivienne explains that they had only been on a few dates and he never showed up for dinner one night. Then he finally does and she wasn’t going to let him in. She asked what happened to him. He explained to her that he was buying some girl some drinks It occurred to him that Vivienne was the one. Vivienne thought it was a lame excuse. Vivienne guessed that he would be a handful but at least he would tell her anything.

Sasha says all right. Julius wants her car keys. He will drive her and help her pack. He needs to make sure she keeps her promise. Sasha thinks that if his character involves him lying about his daughter then maybe he didn’t have much to begin with.

Ridge tells Caroline and Thomas if they want to work on their sketches they can because he has things to do. Thomas suggests that since he has so many CEO things to do that they should take the baby. Ridge tells Caroline that she needs to make sure that he doesn’t goof off with the baby. Katie walks in and sees the baby. She says hello to it. Caroline and Thomas leave. Katie asks if Ridge has a minute she can borrow. Ridge says ok. Katie explains that his doctor made the news again and that he was involved in a lot of shady things. Ridge is not interested in any of that. Katie asks if he is interested in the fact that the police aren’t going to arrest the driver. Ridge asks why they would. He thought it was an accident. Katie isn’t so sure about that. She wonders how the procedure the doctor refused to do works. Ridge doesn’t think she would ever have to know about that. Katie doesn’t think he would either because he didn’t have it done. Katie knows she loved him once. That feeling doesn’t go away even if it changes. She knows that fear can drive a good person to do some bad things. She can help him but he has to be honest. She wonders if he killed him.

Nicole asks if Vivienne and Julius ever fought. Vivienne explains they did over Maya but not really. They did have disagreements then they got tired of bringing it up. Nicole looks at an app to see where Sasha is. Vivienne notices that is the Forrester house. Vivienne asks why they are looking for Sasha. Nicole tells her that they have to go and she leaves. Vivienne gives her a strange look.

Julius wonders why she couldn’t have gratitude. Sasha asks what she didn’t thank him enough for. She assumes he means sleeping with her mother when he was married to Vivienne. Julius will not allow her to bring up Vivienne. Sasha is living proof that he isn’t a good person. She is the only one who knows other than Nicole. Sasha wants to know if there is any little part of him that likes having her around. Sasha asks if he knows that she would do anything he wanted if he would just say he loves her and he appreciates all she has done for him. Julius is offended by that. Sasha knows he keeps talking about how he gave her life but it hurts to not have people in their life or care about them. She should be ashamed to admit that she is his daughter but she isn’t because it is real.

Caroline tells Thomas that the first thing that Ridge looks for in a design is the vertical line. It is how they are as human beings at least in their evening wear. Thomas is looking at Douglas. He thinks he has little hands. He wonders how he will ever hold a pencil. He knows he will though because his father is one though.

Ridge asks what he has ever done to make her think that he would have killed someone. Katie doesn’t think that. She wants to help though. He was with him when he died. Ridge denies he did. Katie shows him the picture. Ridge claims it isn’t him. Katie enlarges the picture and he tells her that he heard the commotion and kept walking. Katie wants to know why he is lying to her. He was with him. Ridge was asked to meet him. Katie doesn’t think that someone throws themselves in front of a truck. If the police suspect foul play it is only a matter of time before they look at the doctor’s record and find him. They will find out what happened. She wonders what he plans to say about the procedure that the doctor refused to perform. Ridge explains that doctor and patient confidentiality is protected by law. Katie points out that it isn’t if a murder is suspected. Ridge didn’t kill anyone. Katie believes him. Ridge knows she doesn’t. Katie can tell that he is lying. Katie asks how much money he wanted. Ridge says that he wanted a hundred thousand he would have paid him because he was so full of himself. Katie asks if he isn’t Douglas’s biological father. Ridge admits he isn’t. Katie asks who is then.

Thomas continues to play with Douglas. Caroline walks over and smiles. Thomas is sorry he just likes playing with the baby. Caroline thinks he is a good designer but just easily distracted. Thomas wonders if he wants to much. Every time he is around he wants what she has with Ridge.

Julius wonders if she really wants him to discuss loving her. He knows she wouldn’t believe her if he did. Sasha wouldn’t. Julius has always been there for her. Sasha knows he never claimed her though. She wonders if she should be grateful to be alive. No one asks to be born. You don’t get points for that. Julius can see there is no point to this. He is getting her packed up. Vivienne walks in with Nicole. Vivienne asks what is going on. Julius tells her that Sasha is getting ready to leave. Things didn’t work out the way she had hoped. Vivienne thought she loved living here. Sasha guesses that they wore off. Sasha has been homesick. Nicole feels that she is home. Vivienne wants what is best for Sasha. Nicole doesn’t think it is. Julius will not have Nicole contradict her mother. He wants her to say her goodbyes. Nicole hugs her. She whispers to trust her. Nicole tells Sasha that she isn’t going anywhere. Vivienne thinks that sometimes unfinished business is best left unfinished. Nicole tells her that Julius will explain. Nicole tells him that no one is going anywhere. She tells Vivienne that Julius has something to tell her and he needs to do it now.

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