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Julius believes that Nicole has convinced herself that she knows something about him. Nicole never would have thought that he would hurt Vivienne that way. Julius hopes she hasn’t gone to her yet. Nicole hasn’t yet. Julius thinks it is easy to accuse a man of this and a woman will always believe another woman before their man. Nicole reminds him that Sasha is his daughter. Julius believes Sasha is a liar and stole her boyfriend. He wonders if she is going to let her rob her of her father too.

Zende asks what she means about Julius. Sasha feels this is so wrong. Zende asks if something happened. Sasha explains that Nicole was everything to her and now she will never look at her the same way. Zende doesn’t think she is making any sense. He wants to talk to Nicole. Sasha doesn’t want him. She told her that her father is her father too.

Vivienne doesn’t think that Sasha ever had a chance. Maya knows she had it rough but the truth is that she grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same school as Nicole. Maya admits that she didn’t know her and hardly remembers her. It seems like she also had Vivienne in her life. Vivienne knows but children need stability. Maya knows that many children turn out fine in single parent households. Vivienne explains that Sasha’s mother just had life happen to her. Her life was one long accident. She admits that Julius has spared her of that. She hasn’t had one surprise since the day she said I do. Maya feels that Vivienne is a lot like Brooke. Vivienne knows that people can hardly tell them apart. Maya is being serious. The two of them are always making excuses for people who do inexcusable things. Rick is trying to stay out of this. He doesn’t approve of what Sasha did but Vivienne has a point. There were years where his father wasn’t in his life or he didn’t live with him. It made him determined to make people like him.

Sasha isn’t a liar but she has been lying all her life. Zende doesn’t understand. Sasha doesn’t know if she could call it love but it was what he could give her. Julius is her father. Nicole is her sister. She didn’t know about it though until today.

Nicole knows that Sasha is telling the truth. Julius asks how. He wonders if she was telling the truth. Nicole knows she is and she is still her best friend. Julius asks how she proved it and wonders if she showed up in short shorts and seduced the Forrester who was supposed to be with her. Nicole thinks she did by allowing her to have a lifetime of fantasy. She never asked for more than the crumbs he gave her. Julius asks how she would even know. Nicole thinks he would have kept on lying like he is right now.

Maya guesses that for once she is on Julius’s side. Sasha should go home. Or she has a modeling resume now. She could find work in New York or Chicago. Vivienne asks if she really thinks it is work she wants. Maya wonders if she thinks it is Zende keeping her here. Vivienne feels she is searching for the life she used to have. Not with her mother but with them.

Zende asks if Julius knows. Sasha says he does. Zende wonders if she just found out. Sasha explains that her mother had problems when she was growing up. Vivienne was the nicest person in the world and would babysit her. Nicole is practically the same age as her and by the time the school year started she was over their house every single day. Once Julius asked why they keep inviting her over. Vivienne would pull him into the kitchen and then things changed. Vivienne got a job at the county clerks office when Julius got laid off. Suddenly he was the one home every day. Nicole once asked her why she stopped going to school and he overheard them. Zende asks why she didn’t go to school. Sasha says it was hard. People would say some really mean things about her. Nicole went to a fancy private school but her school they didn’t even notice if they didn’t show up. One day Julius was there screaming at her mother to buy her some decent clothes and enroll her at Nicole’s school because no child of hers would grow up ignorant. From that point on they had an understanding that he would do the bare basics that it took to be a father as long as no one knew. No one ever did until today. Zende asks if she told Nicole. Sasha did but she didn’t mean too. Zende wonders where she is now. Sasha explains she went to find their father. She has never said those words out loud.

Julius thinks this is something cooked up by Lucy Thompson. Nicole doesn’t think that Miss Thompson is saying this. Julius feels that she had to have. He isn’t saying she is a bad woman. She is very nice but it is just that nothing ever worked out for her in life. He guesses that those who have more in life should show compassion. Nicole will not all him to discuss compassion. She asks how much he showed Maya. If it hadn’t been for Sasha she would have grown up alone. Julius claims that is why they encouraged that relationship. Nicole cannot believe that Sasha is her sister. She could have loved her if no one else wanted too. She could have told her, her secrets at night. She had no one. Julius doesn’t think anyone loves her more than he does. Nicole feels that he loves himself every single day. He is the one who was dreaming up this lie about them. Nicole cannot believe that he has stabbed Vivienne in the heart so many times. This will be the end of her. Julius is fake and a hypocrite. Julius tried to be strong. She is to young and doesn’t understand the weight of things. How you can start out with love and then you lose and lose.

Zende asks what Sasha plans to do. He wonders if she is afraid of Julius. Sasha explains he has always kept a distance between them. He always kept a little room open though so he could be around Nicole and Vivienne but now that door will be closed with her on the outside. Nicole already hates her. Zende doesn’t think she does. Sasha wonders where her brown bag is. Zende thinks it is at his house with the agency contracts. Sasha guesses she will have to look harder at those papers because Maya and Rick probably won’t want her around anymore. Zende doesn’t think she knows that. Sasha will go get them. Zende wants her to know what she isn’t realizing. Julius loves her. He has his reasons why he didn’t tell everyone but he wanted her close to him. Sasha guesses he did but he won’t anymore.

In the lobby Vivienne guesses she better get home. She never thought she would call that little room home but it is kind of nice to downsize and simplify. Maya asks if Julius hasn’t found any place he wants to rent yet. Vivienne explains that Julius feels that California is in a housing bubble about to burst. Rick has some good investors if he wants to talk. Vivienne doesn’t think that that Julius is someone who is into risks.

Julius took care of that girl and all he asked was for her silence. If she knew the whole story she would forgive him. Nicole knows he always wants to be forgiven. He cheated on Vivienne. Julius explains she doesn’t know what it was like before she was born. Her brother… Sister… After Myron was gone… His father claimed he was to easy but Vivienne thought that she was to hard. She turned away from him in private. Nicole asks where she came from then. Julius doesn’t think that she will ever know what it is like to have a child like that and he hopes she never does. Everyone knew that there was something different about Myron and they said that if he was any kind of man then he would be able to fix it. Everyone except for Lucy. He was weak. There was never a day since he has been married to her mother that he did not love his wife. She will not breathe one word to her. When the time comes he will tell her. Nicole isn’t going to be forbid from doing anything anymore. Julius guesses that he has someone he has to see. Nicole guesses he does. Julius leaves. Vivienne walks in and asks if she is alone. Nicole says she isn’t anymore. Vivienne tells her that Maya said everything went well at the doctors. Nicole guesses it did. She wonders if Julius talked to her. Vivienne tells her no and wonders if he was looking for her. Nicole thought he said he was. Vivienne can tell she looks upset. She asks if she had a fight with her father.

Sasha finds her purse in the Forrester living room. Julius walks in. Sasha tells her that Eric is not here. Julius isn’t looking for Eric. Sasha has nothing to say to him. Julius guesses that if she planned on hiding then she shouldn’t have told Pam where she was going to be. Sasha knows she can’t do anything right. Julius feels that she can destroy things. Life is a dream that they are all dreaming and it is up to them to make the best out of it. He wonders if anyone can make the best out of it. There are too many marvels in ones pocket. They all dream their little dream never getting what they hope for just getting enough to keep them happy. All while trying to keep people happy. Not by taking their sisters first true love or breaking her heart by turning a blind eye about telling slander. She didn’t tell the whole truth. He took care of her. He put food on her table. She was precious to him. He gave her his little girl to be by her side and his wife to take care of her. It was the best that could be done. All he asked in return is one little thing. Just one. For her to keep her mouth closed. She was to selfish to do even that. She may be his daughter but she will never be his family. Sasha starts to cry.

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