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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/2/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole asks Sasha what she just said. Sasha claims it was nothing. Nicole knows she just said they were sisters. Sasha thought they were but her sister wouldn’t order her out of her life. Nicole knows that isn’t how she meant it. Nicole asks if she is her real sister. Sasha promises that she isn’t. Nicole wants to know why she would say that then.

Zende thinks it is weird. Sasha didn’t mention leaving. Maya explains that it is a possibility. Vivienne thinks that it is always good to see Zende. Julius asks if he is here to see Nicole. Zende is here to talk to Rick about a photoshoot he has tomorrow. Julius feels that it is too bad. He should be here trying to make thing right. Maya tells him that is enough. Maya wants Rick and Zende to have their meeting. They can have lunch on the sky lounge. Rick wants them to put it on the company tab. Julius likes the way he thinks. Maya, Vivienne, and Julius leave. Rick knows that Julius is not the most discreet man in the world. He is right though. Zende is in a tough spot. Nicole and Sasha are both into him.

On the sky lounge Julius thinks the food is delicious. He has to tell them every time Nicole walks into a room he still has to do a double take. He still cannot get over his baby having a baby. Maya promises that it will be over soon. Julius doesn’t think soon enough. Maya cannot believe they are into this again. Julius wants her to look at what Nicole has been through. She was sick then she lost Zende to her best friend. He is still trying to get used to her sister carrying her baby. Julius asks what the drink he is having is. Maya says it is a California Dreaming. Julius feels that is exactly what they are doing. Vivienne agrees and it is all thanks to Maya. Julius feels it is time for another. Maya goes to get him a refill. Julius tells Vivienne he is starting to like California.

Rick has been where Zende is before. He was caught between two extraordinary women who loved him. Zende asks how he handled it. Rick tells him it ended badly but he is doing well. He loves Maya more than anything in the world. Zende feels he has it pretty good. Maya is amazing and they seem madly in love. Nicole is having his child. Rick is sorry about that. Zende knows Nicole wanted it. He just didn’t expect it to be this way. Then Sasha came along. He enjoys being around her. If Nicole had not made the choice to carry his baby he would only be with her.

Nicole wants to know why she would say they are sisters if it weren’t true. Sasha meant that they are like sisters. Nicole knows that she said they are sisters. Nicole asks if her father and Sasha’s mother… Sasha tells her no. Nicole knows that her mother would never have an affair. Sasha tries to leave. Nicole won’t let her leave until she tells the truth. She asks if they are sisters.

When Zende looked at Nicole he saw the future. Rick asks if that is what he sees with Sasha. Zende sees now with her. He thinks now is pretty good. He wanted Nicole to be his wife and have his baby. Rick thinks that stranger things could happen. Zende still loves Nicole but he has to stay true to himself. He can’t handle the baby.

Julius likes the Forrester Creations sign. He is thinking of having it tattooed on his chest. Vivienne will not all him to do that. Julius is really starting to like it here. He is even starting to like the fashion business. He is still trying to get Eric to be his golfing buddy. Maya sits back down and tells him that Eric is not golfing at all. Julius doesn’t want her to estimate the powers of his persuasion. Julius loves LA minus Sasha. The way she is mistreating Nicole. It just isn’t right. She needs to go back to Chicago.

Sasha wanted to tell her so many times. Like when they were little and she would invite her over to the house. Then she would have to take it back. Sasha always wanted to sign her birthday cards love sis because that is who she was. That is how she felt. She asks if she remembers how much fun they used to have and how much they used to fight. Sasha tells Nicole that she cannot tell Julius. They can keep this secret though. No one else has to know. That is why she knows. She is the only one that matters. Nicole cannot believe she kept this from her their entire life. Sasha explains that Julius claimed that Vivienne would leave him and would be ashamed. He told her it would destroy his relationship with her. Sasha can deal with it. This is the way things have to stay. She cannot tell him that she knows. Nicole hugs her and is crying.

Rick tells Zende it is good to know your limits. It helps people deal with a lot of pain. They are constantly evolving. What might not have worked last year works this year. Zende appreciates his advice. He never has felt anger or judgment from him. Rick is his family. He just hopes that he understands that Nicole is doing a good thing. Zende understands but it is not enough.

Julius hopes they all agree. Sasha should go back home. Maya feels that for once they are in agreement. Vivienne feels bad for Sasha. Julius wants her on board to getting rid of Sasha. Vivienne already went to Sasha and told her to back away from her. She wouldn’t have it. Maya knows that the two of them practically raised her. Julius wants Vivienne to talk to her again. Vivienne has trouble talking to Sasha. Maya asks why. She seems perfectly capable of holding her own. Vivienne thinks that is the front she puts on the outside. To hide the pain that she doesn’t have a father. Like the way Julius is with Nicole.

Nicole cannot believe this. The way that Julius treated her. Sasha explains that Nicole was the one she wanted. She was the mistake that he didn’t want. Nicole cannot believe that Sasha pretended to be some girl from the neighborhood. Sasha wanted him to accept her. She would like to keep what she has but if she says anything then she won’t have him at all. She wants to stay his dirty little secret. Nicole doesn’t think she is dirty. She is not a secret anymore. Sasha wants her to promise that she won’t tell him. Nicole will look out for her and be her true sister. She cannot promise to keep this though. She will not let him disrespect her or Vivienne anymore. After all Vivienne has put up with she deserves to know the truth. Nicole leaves. Sasha starts to ball her eyes out crying.

Maya and Vivienne walk back into Ridge’s office. Rick asks where Julius is. Maya explains that he went back to the motel. Rick hopes that they didn’t have a fight. Maya explains that they are actually in agreement. They both want Sasha gone and Vivienne to be the one to do it. Rick knows she doesn’t want to do that. Vivienne doesn’t in a perfect world. She isn’t saying what Sasha did was ok but she cannot stop feeling bad for her. She grew up in their home being a part of but not being a part of the one thing that was important to her. A traditional family with a father. She never had that and some girls can be damaged without a male role model. She doesn’t want that on her.

Sasha starts to think about when she called Julius out for the first time in LA for being her father. Zende walks in. He tells her that Caroline wants her to check in before the photoshoot to make sure the jewelry is on point. He asks her what is wrong. Sasha is scared. Something bad is going to happen. He doesn’t know how mad Julius will be. Julius asks why she is afraid of Nicole’s father.

Julius is playing golf in his motel room. Nicole knocks on the door. Nicole needs to talk to him. Julius thinks that it will have to wait a minute. He has to sink a couple more balls. He still hasn’t given up on Eric being his golf buddy. Julius asks what is wrong. Julius tells her that he is sorry if he has been angry about the baby. He knows they are sisters. Nicole knows that is how sisters roll. They support and protect each other. They are proud of each other. Nicole throws his gold club on the bed. She asks how he could do this. She has always looked up to him even if he was hard to deal with. Her father was a man of integrity. A man who deserved her mother’s love. Nicole knows his dirty secret. The one who stayed at their house and ate at their table. Who has been her best friend since she can remember. She knows he doesn’t have two daughters. He has three. Sasha is her sister.

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