B&B Friday Update 4/29/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/29/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick walks into his office. Nicole and Maya follow him in. Nicole thinks that it has to be a girl now. Maya is still getting major boy vibes. Rick tells them that they can always go back to the doctor. Maya tells him that they can wait a little while longer. She is just so happy that things went so well. Nicole knows that he will be adorable. Rick knows he will be healthy. Maya knows she has been patient. They appreciate Nicole so much. How grateful they are to her. Nicole knows that it is a bit more than she bargained for but Zende and her have been getting closer again lately. She doesn’t want to get ahead of herself but she thinks they might have a chance. Maya hopes so. She realizes they both still care for each other very much. Nicole knows the only issue is Sasha. If they are ever going to have another chance together Sasha will have be out of LA and away from their family.

Sasha does a photoshoot with Zende. She looks to be having a good time. Zende thinks they have what they need. Zende tells her they have plenty of shots. Sasha is so lucky to have the most incredible boyfriend in the world. She starts kissing him. Julius walks in. he asks if this is what she does all day. Zende leaves. Julius wonders why he is not surprised. Sasha asks what the matter is and calls him did. Julius tells her to be easy. Zende might be in ear shot. Sasha cannot believe that after all these years she still cannot call him dad. She wonders if that will ever change.

Maya asks if Sasha knows that Nicole wants her to leave. Nicole plans to speak to her today. Maya doesn’t blame her for being angry. She moved in on her ex when she still had feelings for him. Nicole thinks that there is still a chance. With Sasha though she will never be able to forgive her. Zende walks in. Rick asks how the photoshoot went. Zende thinks it went well. He will have the proofs to him soon. Maya reminds Rick that they have a meeting. Rick remembers and says they will see them later. Nicole knows they are not that great at playing it off. Zende is not going to argue with them over some alone time.

Julius wants Sasha to show a little class. Sasha suggests that if she had a father that maybe she would have known better. Julius feels she was raised better. Sasha asks how he can have the nerve to come down to her job and talk to her like this. Julius wasn’t even looking for her. He was looking for Vivienne. They were going to spend time with Maya and Nicole today. Sasha knows that he is proud of them now that they are big shots. Julius doesn’t think that matters to him. Sasha reminds him that his blood runs through his veins just as much as theirs. Julius didn’t come to fight with her. She needs to watch the way she speaks to him. Sasha asks why. She is his daughter.

In Ridge’s office Maya tells Rick that she hopes that Zende and Nicole are having a good talk. Rick is sure that they are. Rick doesn’t want her to be so worried. Maya doesn’t want to be. They had such a positive morning at today’s checkup. She doesn’t want to put a damper on things. Vivienne walks in. Maya says hello. Rick asks how Vivienne is doing. Vivienne is doing much better now that she sees her handsome son in law. Maya asks where Julius is. Vivienne isn’t sure. She came straight from work. She hopes he isn’t around offending anyone. Rick tells her that the baby is healthy. Vivienne is so worried about her. Rick doesn’t want her to be. Nicole is doing really well. Vivienne knows having a baby is not easy. Maya doesn’t think that it is that hard if she did it twice. Vivienne loved being pregnant and will love being a grandmother. She bought the baby a little outfit the other day. Maya tells her that she didn’t have to buy the baby anything. Vivienne wanted to. That is what grandmother’s do. She asks where Nicole is. Rick says she is with Zende. Maya tells her that Nicole thinks they have a chance.

Nicole has a list of things she wants to do when she has the baby. Zende asks like what. Nicole is going to check out the roller coaster on the pear. Zende tells her she needs to go big or go home. Nicole is going to find a sushi place and eat everything on the menu. There is so much she hasn’t been able to do. Nicole asks if she sounds like an old lady. Zende doesn’t think so at all. Nicole misses dancing. Zende asks if she still has those moves. They start to dance then stop and look at each other.

Julius will not have Sasha say he never did anything for her. Sasha never spent any time with him. Julius did better. He clothed and fed her. Sasha doesn’t think that a father could. Julius didn’t want to work two jobs but he did to make sure that he could keep to families fed. Sasha knows he only did that to keep them quiet. To make sure that Aunt Viv never knew and she stayed his dirty little secret. He won’t even hug her. Julius has always cared about her. Sasha doesn’t need him anymore. She just wants him to love her. Like the way he does Nicole. Sasha is doing well. She is a model and is making something of herself. She asks if he can let her in a little bit. She is his child. That has to mean something to him. She is crying. Julius has kept the affair between her mother and him a secret for over twenty years. He will not lose his family. Sasha asks if he knows how it feels to be a secret. Julius is sure that it feels horrible. Sasha needs to remember though that she followed them here. He told her that it wasn’t a good idea but she wouldn’t listen. Sasha made the good idea of coming here and it had nothing to do with him. She wonders how she could think that he would accept her. He isn’t a man. Unlike Zende who knows how to love. He loves her. She knows how he feels. He treats her like a queen. Julius reminds her she is a rebound and she will get hurt. Sasha will never let Zende go.

Zende wishes it didn’t bother him so much. Nicole knows it is getting kind of big. She thinks it is cute though. Zende doesn’t think it is her looks. She is beautiful no matter. Zende guesses he isn’t strong enough for her. Nicole knows he tried. Zende thinks that if it were any other guy maybe he could handle it but his uncles child is different. Nicole reminds him it won’t be much longer. Nicole Avant is making a comeback. She is going to be very hard to resist.

Vivienne would be overjoyed if Zende and Nicole got back together. Vivienne knows how hard it was for her. Maya thinks they might be able to connect once she has the baby. She wants them to spend time together. Maya explains that the only way Nicole thinks she has a chance with Zende is if Sasha leaves town. Julius agrees. Sasha should leave town. She should leave for good.

Sasha takes off her earrings. Nicole walks in and heard the photoshoot went well. Sasha says it did. Nicole thinks she looks good. Sasha thanks her and wonders how the baby is doing. Nicole says it is growing every day. Nicole tells her that she had a doctors appointment this morning and everything is great. Nicole thinks they need to talk. She hates what has happened to their friendship. They used to be close like sisters but ever since she moved here all she has done is take advantage of her and her family. She has built a strong resume and should start a life somewhere else. She should go back to the Midwest or New York or Paris. Anywhere but here. She over stayed her welcome. It is time for her to leave.

Vivienne will never understand the animosity that Julius has for Sasha. Julius asks why he should feel sorry for her. Vivienne knows she has had a tough life and little family. Maya knows what Sasha did was wrong but she is young. They can’t just toss her out like trash. Rick can put in a good recommendation for Sasha at International. Julius thinks that Nicole is the reason that Sasha has the job and repays her by taking her boyfriend. Rick reminds him that they were already broken up. Julius doesn’t think that makes it right. Maya knows family needs to be first so they will support Nicole. Rick says that Sasha is going to be told by Nicole today. Zende walks in and asks if he is interrupting something. Julius explains that they were just talking about how Sasha won’t be around for much longer.

Sasha knows this is about Zende. She feels threatened by her and now she wants her to back off with him. Nicole does want another chance with Zende but it won’t happen with Sasha hovering. Nicole wants her to be real. She has been doing it her whole life. It is best if she leaves. Nicole thinks she should do what is best. Sasha asks what about her. Nicole thinks she has caused so much damage. Nicole wants her gone. She wants her away from her. Sasha will not make her leave like this. Nicole thinks she can sister. Sasha wants her to ask Julius about the word sister. She wonders if Nicole ever wondered why she was always around like she was already a part of the family. Nicole asks what she means. Sasha explains that she is her sister.

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