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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/28/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn doesn’t want to run anymore. She tells Liam that he can call the police. Liam attempts to slam the door on her but she stops him. Quinn needs him to hear her out first though. Liam asks if that is what she thinks he wants. An apology. Liam tells Quinn that she ruined his life. Steffy is married to Wyatt.

Steffy starts to think about earlier that night when Liam found her wedding band. Ridge walks in. Steffy asks what he is doing there. Ridge thought he would get some work done in his office. He wonders what she is doing. He assumed that she would be home with her new husband. Ridge asks what is wrong. Steffy thinks she made a terrible mistake. She went to see Liam and he saw her ring tattoo.

Wyatt looks at his finger. Bill walks in and asks if everyone is decent. Wyatt wonders if he knocks. Bill isn’t much of a knocker. Especially when he owns the house. He didn’t even see Steffy’s car outside. Wyatt mentions that Caroline was over checking up on him. It is funny that Liam is back and yet all people want to do is check up on him instead. Bill asks how Wyatt is doing. Wyatt is doing great. He explains he got his band today. Bill looks at it. Bill thinks that is a nice piece of art. Wyatt tells him that Steffy has one just like it. Bill asks if that is supposed to help him feel better. Bill knows that Liam is determined to get Steffy back. Wyatt sighs. Bill knows he claims there is nothing to worry about. He wants to make sure he is sure about that.

Steffy explains that the tattoo artist had an opening so they took it. Ridge asks why she did that and then went to see Liam. Steffy explains that they did that and then Liam called to see her. Steffy tried to explain it to him. Ridge wonders if he realized that she was married to Wyatt. Steffy guesses that he thought he could change her mind. She wonders what she is supposed to do. She made a commitment to him. Ridge can tell that she loves Wyatt but she is also in love with Liam too.

Liam grabs the wine bottle and starts to drink. Quinn thinks this is a bad time. Liam tells her that she is not leaving. Quinn knows what she did was wrong. Keeping him to herself. Keeping him away from Steffy. She should have known that he would still love her. Liam doesn’t think it matters now. Quinn asks what he means. Liam breaks a plate. Then he breaks another. He starts throwing them all over the place. He explains that he set this all up for Steffy. While he was doing all this Steffy was out getting a permanent band with Wyatt. Liam guesses that it doesn’t matter to Steffy anymore. He starts to throw a glass against the wall almost hitting Quinn.

Wyatt doesn’t think that Bill as to warn him about Liam. He isn’t clueless. He knows that Steffy still cares about him. Steffy is his wife though for good. The two click beer bottles together.

Steffy wonders if Liam is right. If Quinn hadn’t kidnapped him, then Wyatt and her probably wouldn’t have gotten together. Ridge thinks that Liam might have had a point but he probably doesn’t remember how things were between the two of them before he disappeared. Steffy knows how they left things. Ridge guesses that they could have worked things out but they will never know. Steffy blames Quinn. Steffy wants to go back to her husband but another part wants to go back to Liam. She would never tell Wyatt but that is how she feels. She is married yet she is thinking about her ex. Steffy thinks she is making it worse. She wants to help Liam every time she sees him. Steffy asks what happens if Liam cannot handle it. Steffy has never seen Liam like this. It was like something broke down inside of him. She is scared he will do something crazy.

Liam tells her that Steffy came to see him. All she had to do was show up. Instead though Steffy went to make her marriage permanent and came here to explain it to Liam. To make him understand. Liam does understand though. He knows exactly how all this happened. She did this to him. Quinn is sorry. She wanted to help him. Liam tells Quinn that she will pay for it. Quinn already is the way he is looking at her. Liam reminds her that that this was her plan. This is what she wanted. Quinn thought she could live it. She isn’t that woman anymore. It wasn’t an act. They were in love. She misses him. It kills him to see him hurting this way. She came here to make things right. She suggests they run away together. They get away from all this unhappiness. She hasn’t ever felt this way about anyone. She cares about him so much. She can make this up to him. She will give her life to him. She will do whatever he needs. She needs him to give her another chance. She won’t screw it up this time. She knows they can be happy together.

Bill doesn’t think that a tattoo is a commitment. Wyatt thinks that it is. It is a commitment that he is never taking it off. Bill feels that it is a symbol. It is a very nice symbol but it won’t solve every problem he has ever had. It will be up to him to do a lot of work every day. Wyatt asks if Bill is giving him advice. Bill wonders who else would do it. Quinn has never had a good relationship. Wyatt will never be able to get over all the things Quinn said about Liam when he found them. Bill spits his beer. Wyatt asks if he really has no idea where she is right now. Bill will not stop until he finds her. Wyatt thought that she seemed better. Bill will worry about Liam and his mother. All Wyatt needs to worry about is Steffy. He asks where she is.

Steffy notes that Liam was completely torn up by the tattoo. Ridge asks if she is shocked by that. Steffy thought he would be upset but she wanted to help him. There is nothing she can say though. Ridge thinks Liam should do this on his own. She married Wyatt because she loves the man. She meant her vows. If it gets to be too much she needs to think about the promises she made. Steffy just thought that none of this would have happened had it not been for Quinn.

Quinn thinks they were happy together and they can be again. Liam doesn’t think that it was real. Every word out of her mouth was a lie. Quinn doesn’t think it was a life. Everything she told him about her mother was real. Liam will not be manipulated this time. He knows who he is. Quinn doesn’t think this is who he is. Quinn wants him to come with her. Liam asks why he should go with her. Quinn points out that there is nothing left for him here. Steffy is gone. She didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt but she is. She came here to make things right. She couldn’t just disappear. He can send her to prison if he needs to. That woman in the cabin was real though. She was the best part of her. She never allowed herself to be so kind and gentle. He uncovered that part of her. She needs him to look at her the way that he looked at her before. They can start over. Neither of them have anyone. She begs him to give her another chance. She loves him. Liam cries.

Wyatt doesn’t have to keep tabs on Steffy. Bill realizes that he has no idea where she is. Wyatt doesn’t but he is sure that she will be home soon. She probably got hung up on something. Bill suggests that he give her a call. Wyatt thinks he is full of advice tonight.

Steffy gets a phone call it is from Wyatt. He asks where she is. Steffy explains that she stopped by Liam’s. She showed him the tattoo and he is in pretty bad shape. Wyatt wonders if she is still with him. Steffy is at the office with Ridge. She will be home soon. Wyatt tells her to be safe. They hang up. Ridge asks if she is going home. Steffy will soon. She just cannot shake this feeling. She wonders if she shakes Liam too far. She is worried about what he might do.

Liam asks if she really loves him. Quinn just wants a chance. Liam hates her. He really hates her. Quinn understands. He is going to press charges and send her to prison. She understands. It doesn’t change anything though. He is the love of her life. If she has to spend the rest of her life in prison that is fine. She will think of him every minute. She tries to touch him but Liam screams that she not touch him. Quinn tries to remind him of all the things he said to her. Liam pins her against the wall and grabs hold of her face. Liam tells Quinn to go before… He tells her just to go. Quinn leaves. Liam looks in the mirror.

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