B&B Wednesday Update 4/27/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/27/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Liam asks what is on Steffy’s finger. He wonders if it is a wedding band. Steffy nods yes.

Wyatt looks at his tattoo. Someone knocks on the door. He assumes it is Steffy and asks if she forgot her key. Caroline says no but wonders if he will settle for his favorite cousin. She brought another wedding present. Wyatt thinks that is so sweet. He wonders where Douglas is. Caroline explains that it is past his bedtime. Wyatt asks if Ridge is babysitting. Caroline confirms he is. She guesses that she doesn’t have to ask how marriage is going because he has a big dumb goofy smile on his face. Wyatt is rugged and manly. He shows her his wedding band. He thinks it is pretty cool.

Deacon thinks that Quinn has lost it. They should be getting the hell out of LA. Instead they are still here. Quinn cannot be pressured. Quinn feels something for Adam. Deacon reminds her that his name is Liam. Adam is someone that she conjured up. Quinn didn’t conjure up how they feel about each other. Deacon knows he cannot stand her for what she did to him. Adam and Eve are done. They have to save themselves if there is still time. Quinn still has time. Deacon thinks she is delusional. He has no idea why he has any loyalty for her after what she did. Quinn asks why he is still on that. Deacon still cares about her. Quinn wonders how she is the delusional one then. Deacon guesses she is right. He cannot figure out why he still cares about her. She wonders if anyone followed him. Deacon didn’t. Bill is obsessed with finding her. He found him It is a matter of time before he finds her. Deacon wonders what there is to think about. She is going to be in big trouble if they find her. Quinn isn’t going anywhere. Not until… She is staying put.

Wyatt knows that they could have gotten traditional wedding bands but he wonders who wants traditional. That isn’t who he and Steffy are. Caroline thought their wedding ceremony wasn’t very traditional. Wyatt knows but that was because it was for everyone they care about. This was about their commitment to one another. Caroline asks when they got that. Wyatt says it was today. Caroline feels that is a big statement. Wyatt wonders if she is jealous. Caroline is just happy Ridge didn’t tie a damn ribbon around her finger like he did with Katie. Wyatt knew that wouldn’t last. This will last though. Caroline wonders about Liam.

Liam asks when she did this. This wasn’t here at the party earlier. Steffy says it happened after. Liam knows it was his idea. Steffy wasn’t pushed. Liam asks why. He wants to know why.

Wyatt is glad that Liam is back. He went through a lot because of Quinn’s demented scheme. Caroline still cannot believe that Quinn has not been caught yet. Wyatt hopes the police find her before Bill does. Caroline asks if he can really blame him. Bill loves his sons and Quinn messed with both his and Liam’s. She wonders what would have happened had she not. Wyatt assumes she means if Liam was married to Steffy instead of him. Caroline isn’t saying that. Liam and Steffy had their own issues before things happened. Wyatt reminds her that Liam called it off. He thinks it was over between them for good. Caroline guesses that Steffy would have realized that and things would have turned out the same anyways. Wyatt thinks what is meant to be is meant to be. He has a tattoo for life. Just like his marriage to Steffy.

Deacon hears a siren outside. He wonders if she believes him now. They have to get out of here. It is her only chance. Quinn asks why. She wonders what the point it. Bill will find her. Deacon asks if she is giving up. Quinn is looking for a different situation. Quinn isn’t worried about her. She is worried about Liam. She needs to go to him tonight.

Liam thinks that Quinn did this. This wedding band is her victory. Liam will not let her win. He doesn’t think that Wyatt would want that. She took his future and handed it to her son. Steffy nods that she understands. Steffy doesn’t know what to say to him. Liam wants her to say it hurts her. Steffy is hurt. She doesn’t want to hurt her. Liam thinks that she loves him too.

Caroline thinks it is good to see Wyatt like this. He deserves to be happy. Wyatt feels that Steffy gets all the credit. She is everything he has ever wanted. Wyatt doesn’t need a long engagement when you know. Caroline knows that Liam still has feelings. He knows that puts her in a weird place. Caroline would never pick sides. It is just hard. She loves him but he hopes that Quinn is put in jail for all the heartbreak she has caused.

Deacon asks what happens when Liam sees her. She is the woman who stole this guy’s life. Liam doesn’t despise her according to Quinn. He is just angry and she can explain things. Deacon thinks she can explain until now to the end of time it won’t change anything. Quinn leaves. Deacon yells for her to come back.

Steffy tries to get Liam to understand. She thought he was gone. Wyatt was there and good for her. Liam gets that but it doesn’t matter now. Liam hopes this doesn’t mean what Wyatt thinks it does. He had a future planned for them. Steffy made vows. Liam thinks she made them before she knew. Liam wants to know she still loves him. Steffy will always love him. They will always be a part of each other. They shared so much. They made a baby together but things are the way that they are. Steffy is sorry. She doesn’t want to hurt him. She leaves.

Wyatt agrees that Quinn should be in jail. Caroline guesses that Liam wants Quinn in jail like yesterday. Wyatt knows that Liam wants something else too. Liam wants to pick up right where he left off with Steffy. Just roll back the clock. Ignore the fact that he left her and he is now married. Caroline is sure that he reminded him of that. Wyatt did repeatedly. He doesn’t think it got through to him. Caroline thinks that Liam needs time. Wyatt understands to a point. He has been on and off with Steffy so many times. He needs to let her go and allow her to have happiness. Caroline asks if Bill took a side. Wyatt claims that Bill said he had to accept her marriage. Caroline wonders where Steffy sides with this. Wyatt isn’t sure. He cannot wait for Steffy to come home though.

Steffy walks into Ridge’s office. She walks over to the desk and turns on the light. She thinks about Liam running to her when he finally came back.

Liam is drinking from a wine bottle. Someone knock on the door. He doesn’t open it right away but then decides to open it. It is Quinn. Quinn tells him that before he calls the police she just wants to talk to him. She just wants him to know how sorry she is. She is ready to accept the consequences. Something the old Quinn would never do. This woman standing in front of him is changed because of him. He had such an impact on her life. She will never be the same again because of him.

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