B&B Tuesday Update 4/26/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/26/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Justin walks into Bill’s office and sees that Deacon is there. He is glad that he showed up. Deacon guesses that when Bill Spencer calls you show up. Deacon assumed that he was going to offer him a job. Bill would but all the janitorial positions have been filled. Bill wants to know where Quinn is. Justin found out that they are married. Bill thinks that Deacon might need an attorney for himself. Deacon has nothing to hide. Bill asks where Quinn is then.

Steffy looks out her living room window. Liam texts saying that he cannot wait for her visit. They have much to talk about and he loves her. Steffy tells him that she will be there a little later. Wyatt walks out and asks if she is ready. Steffy forgot about it for a second. Wyatt thinks it will be so much fun. Steffy guesses that it will be painfully fun.

Liam sets up some champagne and looks around. He thinks that he is all set.

Deacon feels that Bill’s henchmen he means lawyer probably knows as much as he does about Quinn. Bill wants to know where she is hiding. Deacon asks why she would be hiding. He wants to know what is going on. Bill thinks that he is testing his patience. Justin just wants him to tell them what he knows. Deacon only knows that Quinn ended their marriage. Bill wonders when the last time he saw her was. Deacon asks if he is on trial and why he has to answer these questions. Justin feels there is only one reason why he wouldn’t. Deacon has another reason and it is because he doesn’t like Bill. If he wants to find Quinn, he can. Deacon asks if they are done. Bill tells him to get out. Justin says he better go. Deacon says good and leave. Justin tells Bill that he actually thinks that Deacon might be telling the truth. Justin wonders about Wyatt. He feels that Quinn has to have been in touch with her son.

Wyatt thinks that the two of them will be late. Unless of course they are Steffy Forrester and what she says goes. Steffy guesses that he aims to please. Steffy kisses him. He tells her that they are off and grabs her hand. Steffy giggles.

Liam looks at his wedding photo to Steffy. He thinks about their time in Aspen together. Liam thinks that he is getting his life back tonight. Liam gets a phone call from Bill. Bill wonders how he is feeling. Liam is doing pretty good. Bill wonders if he wants to grab some dinner. Liam has plans with Steffy. Bill hopes that Wyatt will be with her. Liam explains that it will just be the two of them. Bill reminds him that Wyatt is his brother and Steffy is Wyatt’s wife. Liam doesn’t think she should be and it is Quinn’s fault. Quinn will never pay if her plan worked. Bill thinks that they are Spencer’s and they have each other’s backs. Liam believes he was robbed and he will not stand for this. Liam hangs up.

Bill slams his phone down. He asks Justin if he sees what he is talking about. Bill will not allow Liam’s legacy to be the destruction of his family. Justin realizes it is two brothers fighting over the same man. Justin will straighten all this out when they find Quinn. Bill thinks that what Quinn did to Liam was sick and he cannot stand the idea of her taking a victory lap over what she did. Justin asks if there is anything they can do about Liam. Bill can’t do anything so long as he is pursuing Steffy. Justin wants to know if there is another way. Bill feels that Liam is on a mission. If it wasn’t for Quinn, Liam and Steffy would be married. Bill shoves his chair out of the way. Justin wonders why he doesn’t bring Quinn out of hiding. Bill thinks that it is too hard. Steffy might not even go for it. Justin asks where they leave her. Bill guesses in the middle, caring about both of them but committed to Wyatt. Quinn brought this into his life. He wants her found and dealt with.

Deacon walks into a room and is annoyed with Bill. Deacon would pay a nice buck to see Bill go off. Quinn walks out from the light and thinks that he must have enjoyed himself. Deacon feels she would have too. Quinn guesses she would have had he not tried to kill her first. He probably would have. She wonders what he had to say. Deacon explains it was the usual threats. Quinn asks what he had to say Deacon didn’t have much to say. He didn’t throw her under the bus even though she threw him off a cliff. Quinn believes that was a mistake in judgement. She doesn’t normally say she is sorry more than once but she gave him three. Deacon asks what they will do. Quinn is going to take some down time. Deacon assumes they police will find her. Quinn believes that the police have enough on their hands. Deacon thinks they need to get out of LA. Quinn cannot now. Maybe never.

A man tells Bill that Forrester informs people when their manufacturers change. Bill gets that information sent to him. He asks what this is all about. The man explains he likes the face to face. Especially when it gets him out of Rick’s meetings. He will let him get back to it. Justin walks in as he walks out. Justin wonders if things at Forrester are ok. Bill doesn’t think that anything will be ok until he gets justice for his son. Liam is pursuing his brother’s wife. Justin corrects him and explains that technically it is his ex-fiancé or current depending on who you ask. Bill thinks that he needs to stop this. Bill doesn’t want to hear this. Bill would dedicate his life to finding who do this to him. He thinks there is only one consolation. He will find Quinn and get his hands on her.

Deacon wonders what she means that she can’t go. She cannot stay. Wyatt is with Steffy now. He doesn’t need her holding his hand anymore. Quinn knows that. Deacon is glad she does. He suggests that they fly down to some sunny beach. Quinn cannot and will not leave. Deacon wonders why. Quinn says it has nothing to do with Wyatt. Deacon thinks that she is still in love with her Adam.

Steffy walks into Liam’s house and notices all the little things he did to make a romantic evening. Liam admits that he may have picked up a few small items. Steffy thinks she is beautiful. She asks if he did this all for her. Liam doesn’t think this is the first time he has done something like this. Liam has red and white wine and champagne if she wants. Steffy will have red. Liam offers a toast. Steffy guesses to friendship. Liam can settle for that for now. Liam thinks that it was really nice of Ridge to throw the party for him. It was awkward though. Steffy asks why it was awkward. Liam is just trying to get his life together and he can’t do that without her. She is everything. He tries to replay moments in his head and he keeps ending up in the same spot of planning a future with her. Liam asks what these memories mean to her.

Bill asks himself where Quinn is. He is looking outside the window.

Deacon explains that Bill tracked him down. It is only a matter of time before he finds her. He is obsessed. He is like a dog with a bone. Bill gets answers. She knows that better than anyone. Quinn is not worried about Bill. Deacon knows there is only one reason why she is staying here. She still has feelings for the wimp Liam. Deacon asks why not. She has said it before herself. He asks if she is going to kill him for saying that. Deacon thinks that they have each other. They can go find something for themselves. He knows she wants that. Deacon feels that this is unbelievable She is really in love with this guy. Quinn remembers Liam as Adam saying that he would like to stay with her as Eve.

Liam isn’t trying to put her on the spot. It is just he couldn’t remember for so long. Then suddenly there she was. Steffy thinks that some moments are crazier than others. Liam thinks that she can say that again. The two remember a bunch of moments from their past together. Liam still felt it inside of him even when he couldn’t remember. Something was missing inside of him. It turns out that was what brought him back. Steffy did. Steffy walks away from him. Liam doesn’t need her to say anything. He knows she loves him. He knows she will never stop loving her. Liam thinks they are cheated and manipulated. Liam doesn’t hate Wyatt. It is just that his time is over. He knows that he will be upset but Liam is the love of her life. He wants to make him his wife. Liam looks down and sees the ring tattoo.

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