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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/22/16


Written By Anthony
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Wyatt asks if Liam really plans to reclaim what is his. Liam does plan to do that. Wyatt wonders if this injury set him back a few hundred years because Steffy isn’t property. Liam is talking about the relationship. He doesn’t want Wyatt to pretend he doesn’t know that. Liam knows she thought that he was gone. Wyatt reminds him that he did leave her. Liam didn’t do it by choice. Wyatt knows he is cherry picking what he wants to remember. Wyatt knows that he walked away from Steffy before he started playing garden of Eden with his mother. Liam might not remember everything but he doesn’t care. He wants his life back and Steffy is a part of that.

Ridge wants Steffy to be honest with him. He is worried. Steffy doesn’t want him to be. She promises that her marriage will be fine. Ridge asks if that is true even is Liam is back. Steffy doesn’t think that changes anything. Ridge asks if she is sure of that.

Bill tells Caroline that Ridge made the right choice by welcoming back Liam. Caroline asks if he just gave Ridge a compliment. Bill still thinks he is an arrogant bastard. Thomas whispers that Bill is the same. On the other side of the room Rick asks if Katie is sure that he saw Ridge talking to the doctor at the restaurant. Katie is sure. Katie cannot believe that he is dead. Rick wonders what they were talking about. Katie claims she doesn’t know. It seemed kind of intense. Katie guesses it is a lesson. Rick wonders what is. Katie means that you should live every day like it is your last. One minute he is talking to Ridge the next he is getting hit by a truck. Rick wants to make sure she didn’t overhear anything. Katie claims she didn’t. Rick knows she said it was intense. Katie thinks that was just an exaggeration. Maya walks over and reminds Rick they have a meeting with Carter. Rick tells Katie to tell him if she remembers everything. Katie asks why he is so curious. Rick just finds it interesting. That is all. Rick and Maya leave.

Ridge doesn’t think it is too late. No one would fault her for changing her mind. She knows now that Liam didn’t give up on her. Steffy asks him to drop it. She is fine and married to Wyatt. Ridge asks about the way that Liam feels about her. Steffy was misled. They were all misled. It isn’t like she can pretend nothing happened. She can’t pretend she doesn’t have feelings for Wyatt. Ridge wonders about her feelings for Liam.

Liam asks if he knows what he kept thinking about at the cabin. Liam kept thinking about Steffy. He couldn’t remember her name but he could remember that she was out there. He doesn’t think that Wyatt actually helped her. He just tried to convince her that he was better than he is. Liam thinks that there are healthier ways to work out his anger towards him. Wyatt doesn’t think there is anger. He feels pity towards him. Liam asks how he feels bad when Wyatt is the one who has gone after every woman he has ever been with. Wyatt gets that he has been through hell but he will not let him this out on him or his wife. Liam reminds him that she is only his wife because Quinn tortured him. Wyatt doesn’t seem to remember that being the case. He enjoyed himself. Liam wants him to grow up. He needs to be a man and do the right thing. He needs to step aside and give Steffy what she really wants. Wyatt is sorry but he doesn’t have to give up his life just because things didn’t turn out the way Liam wanted them to. Liam knows that Wyatt was there. He saw what Quinn was doing to him. Wyatt was scared for life at what he saw. Liam won’t let him make light of this. Wyatt isn’t. No son should ever have to see that. Liam knows she did it for Liam. Just so that he could get closer to Steffy. Liam asks if it really means anything when it only exists because of his crazy mother. Wyatt understands that his mother is disturbed but his marriage is still valid. Liam thinks that Quinn put throwing someone off a bridge and multiplied that by a thousand. He asks if that is really how he wants to get the girl again. He wants to know that Wyatt doesn’t want to be married to someone who was tricked into it.

Steffy is eating a lemon bar at Pam’s desk. Caroline walks out and says she never noticed the resemblance before. Steffy wonders what she means. Caroline thinks that her Douglas genes are showing. All she has to do is put on a pearl necklace and she could be Pam’s long lost twin. Thomas jokes that they named her after the wrong sister. Steffy feels that Pam is tough but so was her grandmother. She will gladly take after either. Thomas hopes that she is ok Steffy’s marriage is fine. She doesn’t want anyone to worry

Brooke looks at her phone. Bill wanted to meet her. Bill walks into the photo studio. Brooke explains that she was just walking back from a meeting with a supplier. She really shouldn’t be here. Bill promises that Katie is talking to Ridge. Bill is worried about her.

On the sky lounge Rick tells Maya that Carter is running late. Maya is glad. That means they have time to discuss what is going on. Rick wonders what she means. Maya saw him talking to Katie. She wants to know what is going on. Rick says something has been going on since Ridge took over. He has a feeling that Katie can help them fix it. She might not realize it now but she might have something on him.

Katie thanks Ridge for including them in today’s activities. Ridge knows that it made sense for Bill to be here today. Katie is sure that Liam is really appreciative. Ridge knows that if he hadn’t passed out in front of Quinn they wouldn’t be having this conversation. Katie guesses it is bad luck. Katie heard about what happened to his doctor. She knows he got his by a truck. It must have freaked him out after they spoke together. She even talked to him after he left. Katie was concerned. It looked like he was confronting him. Ridge promises nothing is wrong. Katie asks if something is sure. It seems like something is not right. He told her that Ridge is not Douglas’s father.

Rick asks if Maya remembers when his friend told them that they saw Ridge yesterday. Maya does. He asked Ridge about it and he denied that Ridge was even there. Maya guesses his friend was mistaken then. Rick tells her that Katie was there though and did see Ridge. Ridge is covering something up and he bets that Katie can help him find out what it is.

Bill has to talk to Brooke in private. Brooke asks why. Bill knows that Katie claims to have fixed things between the two of them. Brooke thinks that it was a great conversation. Bill is still concerned about her. Bill feels she needs more than therapy. She should be in AA. Brooke cannot drag her. She is glad they made progress. Bill asks how long this will last. She changes every second.

Ridge is sorry that he bothered her with that nonsense. Katie could see why he was so upset. Ridge could tell he was drinking. Katie asks why he would say something like that. Ridge doesn’t want her to give it another thought.

Steffy is sorry to get angry. Ridge has already discussed this with her though. She doesn’t think she can go for another round. Thomas understand but he is here to talk. Caroline is as well. Steffy thanks them both. Caroline knows her cousins are in love with her and she will have to break one of their hearts. She doesn’t have to pretend this isn’t difficult.

Wyatt thinks that Liam makes it so hard sometimes. Liam asks what he means. Wyatt means trying to keep sympathy towards him. Wyatt was feeling bad but there he goes reminding him how self-involved he is. Liam knows that it is so selfish to feel bad about getting kidnapped. Wyatt feels that it is extremely selfish to ask them all to pretend that life couldn’t go on with him away. He is married to Steffy and maybe Quinn did speed things up a bit. Even if he were here this would have still happened. He goes back and forth between pursuing her and throwing her away until slowly but surely he would have pushed her into his hands. Liam doesn’t remember what he is talking about. Wyatt tells Liam he walked away from Steffy because she wouldn’t follow his orders to stay away from Ivy. He asks if he really doesn’t remember that. Liam thinks that it is fuzzy. He knows he wouldn’t do that. Wyatt knows he has to be the boss of his relationships. When Steffy shows him a sign of having a mind of her own he walks out on here. He asks how many times he thinks she will put up with this. Liam didn’t walk out though, Quinn kidnapped him. Wyatt was victimized by her since childhood. Her love is toxic but he survived it. Now it is his turn so he needs to suck it up. The world doesn’t owe him anything and neither does he. Steffy is his wife. He will respect his marriage. Wyatt asks if he understands him.

Steffy doesn’t want either one of them getting hurt. She knows it will happen though. Caroline thinks that a lot of women would kill to be in her shoes. Caroline knows that two good looking guys fighting over her can’t be bad. Steffy feels bad. She is disappointing someone she cares so much about.

Liam asks why he should respect his marriage. He hit on Steffy two seconds after he left. Wyatt doesn’t think he has any idea what he is talking about. Liam thinks that Wyatt knew about this. Wyatt didn’t have anything to do with this. Liam wonders if Quinn took things further then he thought they would go. Wyatt helped him get back home and took him back to Steffy. Liam knows that he brought him back to his brand new wife. Wyatt will not be blamed for what Quinn did. He saved him. Liam asks if he saved him before. He wants to know if he knew. Wyatt didn’t know. Liam doesn’t think it matters. He wants his life back. Steffy wants him too. Liam will have his life with Steffy. It will be sooner than he thinks.

Brooke wants her life back with Katie and it is going to be hard. Bill knows she is very unpredictable. She says some crazy things when she is drinking. Brooke will be there for her even if Katie slips. They have to support her. Brooke better get going. Brooke doesn’t want Katie to see them together. Bill grabs Brooke’s hand. Bill thanks Brooke. She leaves.

Caroline now has Douglas in his arms. Caroline had to fight him away from the models. Thomas thinks he is a little charmer like Ridge.

Katie asks why the doctor would say that Douglas isn’t his son. Ridge asks if she wouldn’t say that. Someone will think it means something it doesn’t. Katie is sorry but people don’t make things like that up. Ridge thinks he was trying to blackmail him. Katie thinks that is specific. Ridge thinks that the guy was crazy. Katie doesn’t understand why he would come to him in public about this. Katie asks if Ridge isn’t Douglas’s father then who is. Katie sees Thomas and Caroline in the hallway. Ridge tells her this is a dangerous game she is playing. He is his son. Ridge leaves and walks with Caroline in the hallway. Katie watches as they walk away.

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