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Written By Anthony
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In Ridge’s office a party is set up. Ridge tells Rick, Maya, Zende, and Eric that they shouldn’t get on Liam very hard. Rick is sure that Liam will enjoy this. Maya agrees. Ridge hopes so. Caroline walks over to Ridge and whispers. She asks if he saw the news coverage over the doctor’s death. It was all over the internet. Ridge reminds her that he had nothing to do with his death. Caroline wonders what happens if they find out he was his doctor. Ridge doubts they will. Thomas walks in carrying a box. He tells Ridge and Caroline that he will have the guys bring down more. Ridge thanks him. Thomas asks where Douglas is. Caroline explains he is in the photo studio being looked after by models. Thomas thinks that he is already taking after his father.

In the lobby Pam tells Charlie that she made Liam some special lemon bars. Charlie thinks he will love them. He probably never thought he would have another one. Pam knows he has been through a lot. Charlie always knew that Quinn was crazy. Pam knows that Charlie was the one who discovered the footage. Bill walks over. Pam assumes that he is here for Liam’s party. She offers for him to come in with them. Charlie says brains before beauty. Bill gives him a dirty look before walking in.

Caroline says hello to Bill. She asks where Liam is. Bill tells her that he texted him. He will be here in a little bit. He thanks them for doing this for Liam. Ridge thinks that after Quinn he needed this. Bill agrees he really does need a support system. Caroline asks if there is any word on Quinn. Bill guesses that she is still on the run. Caroline finds it creepy that she is just out there somewhere. Ridge offers to get him a drink. Rick walks over to Ridge. He has a question. He wonders if Ridge was at the restaurant the other day. Ridge says no. Rick asks if he wasn’t there at all. Ridge doesn’t have time for this right now.

Brooke is in Rick’s office working. Katie walks in. Brooke assumes she is here for Liam’s party. Katie is but she wanted to talk to her first.

Eric tries to put this all together. Quinn takes Liam and puts him in a cabin all this time. He asks why she would do this. Bill guesses that she thought she was doing this for Wyatt. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Steffy walk in. Steffy says hello to Ridge. Wyatt is here to handle the situation the best he can. Liam walks in confused. Bill hugs him. Liam notices Wyatt and Steffy together and he looks angry. Bill wishes both the Spencer’s and Forrester’s well.

Brooke would love to hear her out but now isn’t a good time. Everyone is in Ridge’s office and she has to get something somewhere. Katie is sorry. Brooke says it is ok. They can talk later. Katie means she is sorry for the other day. The way she treated her. She over reacted and wasn’t fair. Katie knows she can’t blame all her problems on Brooke.

Liam thanks them all. It is great to see all of them. He doesn’t think that they had to do this. Maya says they were all worried about him. Liam says that he is remembering more and more. Zende thinks it is crazy that he didn’t remember anything. Pam feels that Quinn is a monster. Eric knows that Quinn will be found and charges will be filed. Wyatt agrees. This was insane. It was off the charts crazy. Caroline knows she would come into the office and wear bright colors. Liam doesn’t know. It is Quinn at the end of the day. He is back and better. He is going to get his life back. Bill would like to thank Ridge for doing this for Liam. It means a lot to him. All of them have been good to Liam and made him feel at home. If he can survive Quinn then he can survive anything. He is proud to call him his son. Liam gives Wyatt an evil look. Wyatt wants to say something too. What Quinn did was criminal and insane and he wishes that he never had to go through it. What Bill said was true. Liam is strong and a survivor. They will help him pick up the pieces and move on.

Brooke wants the best for Katie. She never wanted to offend her. She never meant to make her feel disrespected. Katie knows. She is sorry for her behavior. Brooke is here for her. Anything she needs. She will always take care of her. Katie is seeing her therapist and working through everything. Katie realizes that she is a little depressed and it makes her feel insecure. Brooke doesn’t want her to feel that way. Nothing will ever happen between Bill and her. The two hug.

Liam cannot believe that Caroline thought that he would choose to miss out on Douglas’s birth. Caroline knows. It seems unlike him but he has to wait to meet him. He is such a Spencer. Thomas feels that the boy is all Forrester. He is just like his big brother. Bill asks if he has felt the grip on the kid. He is all Spencer. On the other side of the room, Eric asks Maya and Rick how Brooke’s house has been. Maya tells him that Brooke has been very welcoming. Eric is sure that she enjoys the company. Rick thinks that Brooke has been great but he wants to go back to the mansion. He wants to go back to the home that he and Maya made. Only he can’t because Ridge stole it from them just like the company. Eric doesn’t think this is the time. Rick notes that Ridge has only been in the office three times in the past three weeks. Maya understands that he just had a baby. Rick doesn’t care. People are coming to him with their questions. He is running International and acting like the CEO. Eric understands that he is upset. He will be back before they know it. He is just enjoying his new born son. Rick feels this is more than that. Something else is going on with Ridge. Elsewhere, Ridge asks Steffy and Wyatt if Liam knows about the wedding. Steffy told him last night. Ridge asks how that went. Steffy says he is not happy about it. Liam will not stop looking at Steffy from across the room. Bill asks how things are going. Liam notes that he wasn’t even gone that long and Steffy married his brother. He thought they would have at least waited a minute. Bill knows it is hard to accept and might not seem fair but he needs to respect their marriage. Steffy sits down and Ridge walks over. He asks if she needs something stronger. Steffy tells him she is not there yet. Ridge asks how she is doing. Steffy is fine. Ridge knows that Quinn manipulated the situation. He asks how she is feeling about her marriage now. Katie walks in and hugs Liam. She thinks it is so good to see him. Caroline shows Maya a picture of Nicole playing with Douglas. Maya thinks she is getting ready for her auntie duties once the baby is born. Rick tells Eric in the corner that Ridge is always up to something. Eric doesn’t want Rick talking about his brother that way. Rick asks if he happened to hear about the doctor who got hit by the truck. Eric wants to know what this has to do with anything. Rick saw him having a conversation with him at a restaurant the same day it happened. Ridge denied it ever happened. Eric guesses that Ridge is telling the truth then. He asks if Rick is implying that Ridge had something to do with this doctor getting killed. Rick thinks that Ridge is mysterious like that. Eric thinks that Ridge is an artist. Steffy is president. Rick feels that Steffy is a little busy right now and Ridge just had a baby. Rick wants to know who is steering the shift here. One day Ridge will do something that even Eric cannot forgive. Liam goes into the hallway. Caroline walks over to Ridge. She asks why Rick keeps looking at him. Ridge explains that he was just asking if he was at the restaurant the other day. Caroline asks why he would ask that.

In Rick’s office Wyatt tells Steffy he could see that she needed to get away. Steffy thanks him. Wyatt knows this will be hard on her with Liam being back and him seeing them. She knows he feels bad about Liam hurting. He does too. They made a promise to each other that this wouldn’t have anything to do with their life. Liam is healthy and back but he needs to accept that she is his wife. The two hug. Liam walks in. Wyatt turns around. Liam tells Wyatt they need to talk.

Pam tells a group of people that Charlie is the one who found the video of Quinn and Liam in the parking lot. Zende asks why he was looking at the security footage. Charlie tells him that Rick wanted to find out who dinged his car. Rick still doesn’t know who did that. Zende promises it wasn’t him. Thomas didn’t do it either. Pam asks if he thinks it was Rick. Rick wouldn’t put anything past him. On the other side of the room Caroline thinks that Rick must be suspicious of something. Ridge knows that he is always when it comes to him. Caroline wants to know why he would ask about this because it makes no sense. Ridge knows he is always keeping tabs on him. He is just being nosy. Caroline thinks it is more than enough info. Ridge promises that their secret is safe. Ridge kisses Caroline and walks away. Katie tells Bill on the other side of the room that Brooke didn’t think she needed to say sorry and she understood. Bill is glad that the two of them are working things out. He hopes that Liam and Wyatt can do the same. Rick walks over and asks if he can ask Katie a question. Bill walks away. Rick wonders if she went out to lunch the other day. Katie says yes and wonders why. Rick said that his friend saw her and Ridge there. Katie was at a different table than he was. Rick notes that Ridge claims he was never there. Katie doesn’t know why he would do that. Rick asks if she heard about the doctor who was killed by the truck. Katie gets a little frantic. Rick asks if she knew the guy. Katie met him that day. She saw Ridge talking to him.

Ridge walks into the lobby and asks what Steffy is doing out here. Steffy explains that Liam wanted a moment alone with Wyatt. Ridge knows she never answered his question. Liam is here. Steffy asks if that changes anything. The two sit down. Ridge would never suggest that she married someone she is not in love with but now that Liam is here she wonders how she feels. He means about him. He asks if she wants him hack.

Wyatt thinks that Liam looks good. They were all starting to worry about him. Wyatt gets it. He tells him to stop looking at him like that. If he wants to dig at him he can. He knows Liam is pissed. Liam wants to know what makes him think that. Wyatt knows this is a shock to him but there is nothing they can do about it now. It is done. She loves him and he loves her. They need to move forward. Liam asks if he is telling him to back off. Wyatt doesn’t want to fight him. Liam doesn’t either. Wyatt saw the way he looked at her in the other room. Wyatt is asking for respect that she is his wife now. Liam cannot believe she is his wife. Liam thinks the only reason he is with Steffy is because Quinn held him captive. That was her whole plan. Steffy was manipulated. Steffy thought he would never come home but he is and he is here to take back what is his.

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