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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/20/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam asks if Steffy really got married. He is extremely angry in tone. Liam does not think that he was gone that long. Steffy realizes that but corrects him. He wasn’t gone that long this time. He keeps on leaving though. He went to Australia and when he came back he changed. He said that he was done with her. Liam never stopped loving her though. He never will. Liam wants her to tell her new husband that. He wants to know who it is. Liam demands to know.

Wyatt looks at his wedding picture. Bill walks back into the house. Wyatt asks if he heard anything. Bill says that was the office. Bill asks if Steffy has called. Wyatt hasn’t heard anything yet. Bill knows that she is telling Liam that they are married. Wyatt knows it will be tough for him to hear it. Bill believes it will be tough on all of them. Bill reminds him that they are Spencer’s. They will get through it.

 Nicole is in Rick’s office. She walks over to a design table. Zende walks in and awkwardly says hello. Nicole says hello back. Zende explains he has proofs on him. Nicole thanks him. Zende heard some of the interns were going out after work. Nicole asks if he is going with Sasha. Zende isn’t. He asks if she is going. Nicole thinks that a pregnant lady probably shouldn’t go. Zende knows they used to have a lot of fun with this guys. Nicole suggests that he take Sasha. She would probably be a hit with them.

Vivienne reminds Sasha that she has never asked her for anything. She is just trying to tell her to think of Nicole. Sasha asks if she is really supposed to stay away from Zende. Vivienne only wants her to do that until Nicole has Maya’s baby. This pregnancy is difficult enough but having to see Sasha and Zende must not be good for the baby. It is painful for her. She has been friends with Nicole her entire life. They have always treated her like family. Sasha asks if she should be grateful for that. She thinks she has already repaid her. She asks if Vivienne wants to know how she has already repaid her. Julius walks in and tells her to watch her tone when she speaks to his wife.

Nicole assumes that Zende is still seeing Sasha. Zende nods his head yes. Nicole asks if he heard what she said to him. Zende is sure it was a misunderstanding. Nicole guesses that if it is then he needs to correct her. If he doesn’t love her then she deserves to know. Zende is just getting to know her. Nicole tells him to tell her. He was always honest with her so he should be with Sasha too. She guesses that is weird advice coming from her. Zende knows it is the right thing to do. Nicole doesn’t want to be a saint. She wonders what would have happened had Sasha not come to LA.

Vivienne wants Sasha to do what is right. Sasha thinks it is only right for Nicole. It isn’t right for her. She asks if they want to talk about what is right. Vivienne reminds her that they are best friends. Sasha didn’t steal Zende. She decided to become Maya’s surrogate. Julius tells Vivienne they should go. Trying to talk to Sasha is a waste of time. Sasha knows that Zende wants to be with her and she would be a fool not to be with him. Vivienne and Julius leave.

Bill knows that it will be a shock for Liam. He still loves her. Wyatt knows that Liam doesn’t even remember that he left her. Bill wonders if they might have worked things out had Quinn not locked him away in her house.

Liam doesn’t even think it matters. She belongs with him. Steffy thought he left her. He packed his bags and quit his job. She waited for him. He never came home though. She isn’t saying it to make him feel bad. She doesn’t blame him. She just needs him to understand how things were. Liam is back now. He loves her. Liam will not let this person stand in his way. Liam needs to know who this guy is. Steffy tells him it is Wyatt. Liam starts to grasp this. He asks if she married his brother.

Vivienne and Julius are in Rick’s office with Nicole now. Vivienne doesn’t know what got into Sasha. She seems angry. Nicole asks if that is true. Vivienne says yes. She wasn’t like that. Sasha was always so polite and respectful. Julius isn’t even sure why she is acting like that. Vivienne asked her to step back from Zende until the baby was born. She didn’t mean to insult her but she took it that way. Julius knows that nobody can tell that girl anything anymore. Vivienne just asked her to think about Nicole and the baby. Nicole asks if she didn’t listen. Vivienne is so sorry.

Sasha puts on lipstick and Zende walks in. She kisses him and asks what he thinks. She thinks it is pretty hot. Sasha asks if something is wrong. Zende has to ask her something. Zende wants to know why she told Nicole that he loved her.

Bill supports his family. He will not put one son over the other. He feels for what Liam is going through but Steffy is married to Liam. It is a done deal.

Steffy reminds Liam that it is like he said. Wyatt was there for her. He told him not to leave her. She thought he was going to come home. Liam did the second he realized who he was he did. Steffy didn’t recognize him. No one did. His behavior made no sense. Liam asks if that should have told her something. Steffy read and heard the messages. He told her to leave him alone. Liam didn’t send those. Quinn did. Steffy was still hurt and Wyatt was supportive. She needed that. Liam cannot believe she married his brother.

Nicole explains that Sasha thinks her relationship with Zende is more serious than it actually is. Vivienne asks what she means. Nicole says that she claims that Zende told her he was in love with her. That isn’t what he said though. Vivienne asks why she would do that. Nicole doesn’t know. Julius guesses that Sasha’s words are coming back to haunt her.

Zende asks if she was trying to hurt Nicole. Sasha is confused. She asks if he is upset with her. Zende is trying to find out why she said he loves her. Sasha wonders if he doesn’t. Sasha thought they made love and it wasn’t just physical. Zende did mean that. It wasn’t just physical. Sasha thinks he is a good man. He is the kind of guy she has been looking for her entire life. Her mother taught her to find a guy she could trust. Up until him though he never had a guy who mattered. Then she met him and he said the words. She is so sorry but if she didn’t understand it is because no man has ever said that before. He kisses her

Wyatt asks if the doctor said Liam would be ok. Bill guesses he will be physically. Those weeks alone with Quinn were not easy on him. Wyatt thinks that when Liam finds out that they are married he will hate him even more. Bill notes that Quinn didn’t force Steffy to put the ring on. Wyatt knows Liam won’t see it that way. Bill thinks that Liam is lucky to be getting his memory back even if he isn’t remembering things properly. He just hopes that Liam can handle it.

Liam sits down. Steffy is so sorry. Liam can tell this is hurting Steffy too. Steffy knows that Liam doesn’t remember the way things were with them. She wishes she could tell him but she doesn’t know. He wouldn’t tell her. Liam guesses she moved on. Steffy thought it was over. Liam asks when it has ever been over. Liam knew she knew something was wrong. Liam asks how she could do this. Steffy told him what happened. Liam doesn’t think any of this should have happened. Liam thinks she can undo it. Steffy thinks that him being safe is all that matters. Liam is not home unless she is here. Liam will not allow her to stay married to him now that she knows the truth.

Sasha and Zende continue to kiss. Sasha doesn’t think that this is that bad. It can be fun. Zende never said there was anything wrong with it. Sasha knows she got a head of herself but she never meant to hurt anyone. Zende promises that she hasn’t. Zende reminds her that they have a photoshoot. Sasha is going to go freshen up. Zende sighs.

Nicole tells Vivienne and Julius that Zende’s feelings about the baby haven’t changed. Even if he wasn’t with Sasha he couldn’t be with her. She still feels right about giving Maya this baby. It feels right. Vivienne tells her that all they can do is love and support her.

Bill notes that Wyatt is married to Steffy. It is a fact. Wyatt knows that Liam doesn’t have to accept it. Bill knows that Steffy can bring him around. She has always been able to.

Steffy wants Liam to think about what he is asking. Liam wants to know if she would have said no if he was around. Steffy reminds him that he wasn’t here. He wasn’t anything. Liam was close enough to feel her. That is how much a part of him he is. All his memories were erased except for her. He asks if she could feel that. Steffy doesn’t know. Liam asks if she was told to forget about him. Wyatt was helping her. Liam knows that Quinn was helping him stay away. He asks how long he waited. Steffy reminds him that Wyatt saved him. Steffy tried talking. He said that they were over. She waited. She didn’t give up on them. Liam won’t do that either. They were manipulated and he will not give up on her again. He kisses her passionately. He stops and she looks miserable.

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