B&B Monday Update 4/18/16

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/18/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Last Friday, Ridge feels that he is being blackmailed. The doctor isn’t blackmailing him. He is giving him an opportunity. Ridge insists that Douglas is his. The doctor tells Ridge that he better come up with the cash or he is blowing the horn. Later while Ridge is walking he hears a horn behind him. Someone has been run over by a truck.

Thomas is not trying to be pushy but he knows that something is bothering her. He hopes that it has nothing to do with Douglas. Caroline promises him that Douglas is fine. Thomas asks why his mother isn’t then. He hopes that she knows she can trust him with anything.

Katie reminds Brooke that she asked her not to say anything. Bill won’t let Katie blame Brooke. He would have found out eventually. Katie assumes that he means that his wife is lying to him. Bill means that his wife is still drinking even after she said she wasn’t. Bill slams the bottle on the counter. Katie did stop. Bill assumes that she tried. Katie asks if that doesn’t count for anything. Brooke promises that it does but that is the nature of the disease. Katie insists that she isn’t sick. Bill knows that she is not herself either. The Katie he knows wouldn’t sit across the table lying to him while she is secretly drinking, and asking her sister to cover for her. Katie guesses that if they want to hear the words she will say it. She has been drinking. What drives her to drink though are the two of them ganging up on her. Bill doesn’t think that anyone is ganging up on her. Brooke knows that quitting is never easy. There are days where she is still tempted. Katie knows that drinking was never Brooke’s real temptation. Her real temptation has always been men. One man in particular, who just so happens to be married to her baby sister. Bill tells him to stop it. Katie feels this is as much about the two of them as it is her. Bill doesn’t think there is a Brooke and him. Katie believes that if she had waited another minute to enter the room the two of them would have been in each other’s arms. Brooke pleads with Katie to stop. Katie knows that Brooke is only pretending to care about her. That way when her marriage falls apart she won’t fell to guilty about being there for Bill. Probably in something silky and see through. Bill demands that this is enough from Katie. Katie agrees that this is enough. She isn’t going to pretend like there isn’t something going on with the two of them when clearly there is.

Caroline doesn’t want Thomas to worry about her. Thomas knows that he doesn’t have to worry. She is just special to him. She is the mother of his new little brother. If it isn’t about Douglas it might be about his father. Caroline asks what she means. Thomas knows that she mentioned that Ridge went to meet with someone. Caroline did. Thomas asks if it was something important. Caroline tells him it possibly is but that is all he is going to say.

Ridge views the accident from a distance. Two people are trying to figure out if the doctor is alive. They say to call an ambulance. Ridge gives a little smile over the whole thing.

Bill doesn’t think that this is going anywhere. Katie asks if they thought it would after she walked in on the two of them. Brooke promises that they were just talking. Katie notes that it was over her secret stash of vodka. Brooke couldn’t wait to betray her in Katie’s mind. Bill doesn’t think that Katie should have done that. She put her sister in an unfair situation. Katie will not allow him to defend her. She is using this to under mind their marriage. Brooke doesn’t think that is the case at all. Bill is concerned about her. Katie wants them to stop pressuring her. Bill isn’t doing that. They are trying to help her get better. Katie is too, but she can’t do that with Brooke hovering. Brooke can see that she is not wanted so she will leave. She just wants Katie to know she has been here before. She understands the struggle. Katie’s life is fine. She cannot get those words out of her head. Bill understands that she tried to stop drinking on her own. Obviously it didn’t work. Katie assumes that he is giving up on her. Bill is not doing that. She is the love of his life. They are a family. Katie knows. He can’t do this to her though. Bill wants to get her treatment then. Katie thinks that today is going to be different. She thinks that she will be stronger but then she sees things like Bill and Brooke together. She wishes that she could believe that Bill believes in her. Bill does believe in her. It doesn’t work though. Katie cannot be in rehab. Bill points out that they have tried but it doesn’t work. Katie will try harder. Bill wants her well again. He wants his Katie back. Katie wants that too. Brooke wants that as well. Katie blames Brooke for all of this. She wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her. Brooke is her problem.

Caroline is looking at a sketch. It was by Ridge. She starts to remember her conversation with Ridge from earlier that day. He promised her that nothing bad would happen. Thomas walks back in. He tells Caroline that he found it. He thought he left it at home but he found it in the other office. Caroline asks what it is. Thomas explains that it is a design that he has been working on forever. He is hoping that Ridge might consider it for the show stopper. Caroline wonders why he has shown it to him. Thomas is getting up the courage right now. It doesn’t really follow the design notes they worked on. It just compliments them though. He needs feedback. Thomas understands that she has a different design method but he really wants her opinion. Caroline explains that she has zero pull with Ridge. Thomas knows that Caroline can get him to do anything she wants. That isn’t what he is trying to do. He is trying to up his game even further. Thomas shows her the design. He tried to show off the design. She starts to think about trying to convince Ridge that she wants to tell Thomas. Thomas tells her that he thought about going a little more casual but he realized that might not pop out enough for a Forrester show stopper. He doesn’t know but wants to know what she thinks. He wants her to say what she needs to say. Ridge walks in and sees that a party is going on. Caroline asks Ridge what happened. Thomas knows that Caroline said that Ridge had a meeting. He can tell that it was rough. He assumes that this is the wrong time do something. Ridge needs some time to spend with his wife alone. Thomas will swing by another time. Thomas leaves. Caroline asks what happened with the doctor. Ridge tells her that he is dead.

Brooke feels terrible about what she said. She promised her though that nothing would come of it. Katie guesses that Brooke Logan always keeps her promises. Brooke does because she has been where she is. She is a recovering alcoholic too. Katie is not an alcoholic. She needs to save her words. If she was really concerned about her then she wouldn’t have said what she did in the first place. Bill reminds her that Brooke has said sorry about that over and over again. Katie knows that is what Brooke does. She does something terrible and then she gets caught. Then they have to pretend like no one’s life was ripped apart. Bill wants Katie to listen. Nothing has happened that can’t be fixed. Katie knows that Bill would rather be with Brooke. Bill promises that isn’t true. He is committed to their family. He loves her. He wants her. Bill never wants her to doubt that. Katie will not talk about this in front of Brooke. Katie demands that Brooke leave. She shouldn’t even be here. Brooke loves Katie too. She just wishes that Katie knew how much. Bill thanks Brooke for letting him know what has been going on. Bill will walk her out. He looks back at Katie before leaving. Katie looks at the bottle on the counter.

Caroline asks if he is really dead. Ridge says that he met him in the park and he tried to blackmail him. He gave him twenty-four hours to pay him. Caroline wonders what happened next. Ridge says that he stepped into the street and got hit by a truck. Caroline hopes he had nothing to do with it. Ridge didn’t. It was a total accident. Caroline hugs him. Ridge guesses that the doctor lost his practice. He isn’t sure if it is because of his drinking or what. Ridge guesses that he thought that he was going to be his big payday. Caroline hopes that no one saw him. Ridge doesn’t want her to freak out. Ridge isn’t sure if he wanted him dead but he is and now no one will find out their secret. Ridge promises that they can do this. Douglas is their son. No one knows the truth but them.

Katie grabs hold of the bottle. She starts to take a sip. Bill walks in and screams what she is doing. Bill tells her to put the bottle down. Katie will not do that after what just happens. She needs something to take the edge off. Bill demands that she gives him the damn bottle. Bill grabs it. Katie wants to know what Brooke just said to him. Bill asks what she is talking about. Katie means when he walked her to the door. Bill is frustrated with Katie. Bill wants to reach her. He is sick of the fact that she refuses to see what this is doing to her. Katie feels that Brooke does this to her. Bill doesn’t think this is about Brooke anymore. It is about this. He holds the bottle. Bill thinks that she has a problem. Katie has a problem. Her name is Brooke. Katie has every right to be paranoid. She is the reason why she is depressed and drinking. It is all because of her. Bill asks if that is what he therapist is saying to her. He wants to know if she is seeing her therapist. Katie doesn’t need a therapist to tell her what she already knows. Bill doesn’t think that is how it was. Katie knows that Brooke will come on to him. Bill asks if they can please address the actual issue. Katie is having a difficult time. Brooke is targeting him. Katie can feel it. He has to understand. Bill is trying to understand. Katie begs him to hold her. He is all she needs. Bill knows it is him and the drinks. Katie insists it is just him. He doesn’t want to live without him. She can’t live without him. Bill hugs her back while she sobs.

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