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Ridge tries to reassure Caroline.

Ridge promises Caroline that they have nothing to worry about. Caroline asks him how he could say that. Ridge feels that he has no proof. Caroline believes that it doesn’t really matter to him. Ridge knows that it matters to them. Caroline reminds him that he isn’t the biological father of their child. Ridge tells Caroline that Dr. Wolin doesn’t know that. Caroline wonders if that is what it has come to. A man who knows their secret and they just have to tell him that he is wrong.

Katie asks if Ridge really isn’t Douglas’s biological father. Dr. Wolin tells her no. It is virtually impossible. He has a no sperm count. Katie wonders if they used a sperm donor. Dr. Wolin asks if that is what they are claiming. Katie says no but knowing Ridge he probably wouldn’t. Dr. Wolin can tell that Ridge is being angry and threatening towards this. He is an expert and knows what he is talking about. Katie feels that he is taking pleasure in this. She wonders if he plans to blackmail him.

Brooke fills Bill in on Katie's lying and drinking.

Bill wants to know how long Brooke has known about Katie’s drinking. Brooke explains that it was recent. She walked in on Katie in the kitchen. Bill makes sure that it was vodka. Brooke nods her head. Bill wonders how many times in the last week alone Katie has claimed she wasn’t drinking. Brooke was sworn to secrecy. Bill doesn’t think she could have kept it up much longer. He has his suspicions. Brooke knew that the signs were there. He has to be told. She couldn’t keep it from him much longer. She is worried about Katie.

According to Dr. Wolin he suggested a sperm donor. He wouldn’t have it though. Ridge wanted this child to carry his genes. He was insistent which is why he came to him in the first place. Katie suggests that Ridge could have changed his mind. Dr. Wolin feels that he didn’t. Katie doesn’t believe him. He feels that she can believe what she wants but all the facts are there. It only took Caroline a month to get pregnant. It should have been a much longer process. Katie knows that Ridge knows how to get things done. Dr. Wolin asks if one trip to a nightclub landed them a sperm donor. Katie believes that he doesn’t have much respect for Ridge. He guesses that he has about as much as Ridge does for him. Katie wants to know why he should trust him. He hardly knows her and yet is sharing all these medical secrets with her. He better not think that he can cause trouble for Ridge and Caroline.

Caroline realizes that Dr. Wolin is threatening them. Ridge promises that he can’t touch them. Katie knows this isn’t the first time this happened. She wants to know why Ridge didn’t say anything then. Ridge didn’t want to worry her. Caroline will not allow him to keep things from her because he is worried that she will be upset. Caroline asks if he wants money. Ridge doesn’t think it has gone that far. Caroline knows that it hasn’t gone there yet.

Brooke knows that she did this to Katie. Bill promises that she did not. Brooke knows that she did. It is all her fault. Katie’s problems started the moment she told him her feelings. Brooke needs to take responsibilities for this. She has nightmares about that day. Brooke should have kept her mouth shut. She shouldn’t have known how Katie felt. Bill feels that it is how they both felt. They need to take an equal blame in this. If they are going to refocus their priorities, it is unfortunate that Katie heard what she heard but her drinking goes further than that. She was drinking into a depression before that day. Brooke really does think that it is because of her. Brooke knows that it all started when Will was born. Bill reminds her that was post-partum. He suspects that if they had looked deeper Katie should have been on medication years ago. He has a wife and child. This needs to stop. Bill needs to her to stop beating herself up over this. It won’t stop Katie’s drinking problem.

Dr. Wolin thinks that it is nice to have to a guardian angel. Katie cares very deeply about Ridge. His wife is her husband’s niece. He thinks that this goes deeper than that. Katie explains that it does. She wonders if she should call him mister now that he is no longer practicing. He strongly suggests that she stay out of this. Katie wants to know what this is. She can tell that he plans to blackmail him. Dr. Wolin thinks that is an ugly word. Katie isn’t shocked they took away his medical license. He knows Ridge’s condition. He hasn’t done anything yet though. Given Ridge’s status in the world though he doubts there will be any talk of prison. Katie wouldn’t count on that. Dr. Wolin is holding the smoking gun. Katie would be smart to be respectful of him. He will be around. Katie believes that these accusations are unfounded. He should be careful. Katie leaves.

Caroline wants to know what happens if the guy goes to the media with this. Ridge doesn’t think she knows that will happen. Ridge doesn’t want her to stress. He needs her to be calm. The two of them hug. Caroline explains that they are doing amazing things with genetic mapping. Ridge wants to know why she would bring this up. Caroline just feels that if they are being really honest with themselves they can’t keep the secret of his paternity for the rest of his life. She asks what happens if he needs something from Ridge like blood. Ridge will protect his son. Caroline knows that he will but secrets don’t protect anyone. She thinks they should maybe tell Thomas. Ridge asks if she really wants to tell Thomas. Caroline feels that they should at least talk about it. Ridge explains that they have talked about it. They agreed it wasn’t an option. Caroline wonders if it should be. Ridge reminds her of what could happen if they tell him. Caroline wants to know what could happen if they don’t tell him. She wonders if they are fooling themselves. Caroline feels that Thomas could understand. Then they would sign a few papers and Douglas would be legally theirs. Ridge tells her that if the secret gets out it doesn’t just get out for Thomas. It gets out for everyone. The whole world. His dad and Rick. Rick would use this information to rip a family a part. He doesn’t want to have this conversation. All he wants to do is protect his family. Ridge gets a phone call. It’s Dr. Wolin. He tells Ridge that they didn’t finish their conversation. Ridge believes they did. Dr. Wolin tells him he was just rude and he doesn’t stand for that. He needs to meet him by the park off Melrose by Forrester. Ridge is at work right now. Dr. Wolin tells him that he shouldn’t say no right now. He needs to be there. He will be waiting. Ridge hangs up. Caroline knows that was him. Ridge says he wants to meet him. Caroline asks if he is going. Ridge is going to deal with his right now. Caroline wants him to be careful.

Katie tries to tell Bill about her interesting lunch.

Bill is holding the bottle and Katie walks in She is glad that he is here. They need to talk. Bill agrees that they do. Katie doesn’t think he will believe that happened to her. Bill will talk about that later. Brooke walks in. Katie asks what she is doing here. Bill explains that they need to talk to her. Katie would like to know about what. Bill shows her the bottle. Katie looks at Brooke in anger.

Caroline is tempted to tell Thomas the truth.

Caroline looks at pictures of Douglas on her phone. Thomas walks into the office. He asks if Ridge is around. Caroline says that he had to go meet someone. Thomas wants to know if she knows when he will be back. Caroline isn’t really sure. Thomas asks if she is ok.

Ridge goes to the park. He sees Dr. Wolin waking over. Ridge could have sworn he was going to be waiting for him. Dr. Wolin wants Ridge to be patient. Dr. Wolin has nothing but time and an empty bank account. Ridge feels that this is a shake down. He already told him that he went to another doctor and got him the procedure. Dr. Wolin told him that it was impossible given his position. They both know that Ridge is not the biological father of the child. That secret will go with him to his grave. If he meets him here tomorrow with a hundred thousand dollars. Ridge laughs. Dr. Wolin wants it is in a paper bag or the whole world will all know This latest Forrester child isn’t his at all.

Katie can explain all this but not in front of Brooke. Brooke wants Katie to get better. Katie turns to Brooke and tells her that she is the reason that she started to drink in the first place. Bill thinks that whether or not that is true is beside the point. Katie promises that she will stop soon. Bill asks why he is only hearing about this now then. Bill asks why his wife is continuously lying to him. Katie has this under control. Brooke knows she doesn’t. Katie counted on Brooke. Bill thinks this is about them not Brooke. He wants to know how many times he has asked her if she was drinking. He did just today at lunch. She lied to him over and over again. Katie is sorry. Bill doesn’t think that sorry is good enough. He trusted her. He loves her and their family. She is lying to him. She keeps lying. Katie starts to cry. Katie turns to Brooke and looks angry.

Thomas asks if Caroline is ok. Caroline claims that she is. Thomas wants to know if this is her usual happy state then. Thomas asks if there is something wrong with Douglas then. Caroline promises nothing is wrong. Thomas picked up on a vibe earlier. Caroline is just dealing with something. Thomas suggests that she needs some time off. An adult day. Thomas suggests that he watch Douglas tonight. She needs some adult time with Ridge. Douglas and him will chill. They are bros. Caroline asks if they cannot talk about this right now. Thomas changes the subject to the sun. Caroline starts to laugh. She is sorry. She didn’t mean to be snobby. She is just stressed right now and it is nothing he can help with. Thomas asks if she is sure about that. She can talk to him about anything she needs to.

The doctor's last words are to Ridge

Ridge can tell that he is blackmailing him. Dr. Wolin giggles he is giving him an opportunity to keep things ok. Ridge doesn’t think anything is wrong. The child is his. He is done here. Ridge walks away. The doctor informs him that he needs to bring the money in exactly 24 hours to this spot. That is the deal. Dr. Wolin thinks that Ridge must be shocked to go from having total control to none at all. He asks how it feels. If he were Ridge, he would get the money as soon as possible or he is blowing the horn. Ridge walks away and balls his hands into a fist. Someone screams into the distance. Ridge turns around and Dr. Wolin has been hit by a truck.

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