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Written By Anthony
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Bill and Katie have lunch.

In a restaurant Bill and Katie have lunch together. Bill tells Katie that he feels that Liam looks good, especially after what he was put through. Katie asks him if the police have any idea where she might be. Bill doesn’t think that they have. He mentions that they were going by Adam and Eve. Katie doesn’t even want to think about them being a married couple. She cannot believe the lengths that Quinn went to. She needs to be put away for a long time. Katie notices that Bill has a look on his face. Katie wants to know what is wrong. Bill just thinks that Katie is acting sort of animated. Katie asks if that is a bad thing. Bill just has to wonder. Katie wants to know why she cannot enjoy lunch with her husband without drinking. She promises him that she hasn’t had a drop. Katie has a sip of her water. Bill smiles at her.

Brooke stands in Rick’s office and starts to think of when she found Katie’s secret stash of vodka. Thomas walks in and asks if Brooke has seen him. Brooke wakes up from her memory. She asks what he means. Thomas thinks that it looks like he caught her daydreaming. Brooke was just thinking about things. Thomas can tell that she seems upset. Brooke just isn’t comfortable talking about it. Thomas understands. Pam walks in. He asks her if she has seen Ridge or Caroline. Pam explains that they managed to leave the baby alone for a while and are having lunch. Thomas is shocked.

Ridge gives his doctor the evil eye.

Caroline looks at pictures of Douglas on her phone. Ridge’s doctor just so happens to be at the next table and spots Caroline. She is sitting alone. He walks over and introduces himself. Caroline remembers that he was here the last time they were here. Caroline asks how he knows Ridge. He explains to her that he was his neurologist. Caroline gets a little quiet. Ridge sees him talking to Caroline from a far and walks over. Ridge tells Caroline something came up and they have to go. Caroline sounds confused but is ok with it.

The waiter walks over and asks if he can offer Katie a glass of wine. Katie awkwardly says she is fine. The waiter then offers Bill a glass. Bill tells him that he is fine for right now. The waiter walks away. Katie promises that she is fine. Bill just wants her to know that she can tell him if she is struggling. He isn’t going to pass any judgment on her. Katie does know that. She knows that both he and Brooke are worried. They do not have to be, though. She has no desire to at all.

Brooke chats with Thomas about Ridge and Caroline

Thomas tells Brooke that he is glad for both Ridge and Caroline. He thinks it's a good thing that Ridge was able to get Caroline away from Douglas for a little bit. Brooke really cannot blame her. Pam adds that he is one adorable baby. Brooke would never have thought that Ridge would have another child at this point in his life. Pam feels it just goes to show that anything can happen. Thomas suggests that Pam get things going with Charlie. Pam smacks him and tells him to bite his tongue. She leaves. Thomas is glad, though, that the baby could come into their lives and change things for the better.

Caroline asks Ridge what is going on. Dr. Wolin tells Ridge that nobody likes secrets. Ridge tells Caroline that Rick made a mistake so they have to get back to Forrester. Caroline understands. Ridge asks her to go and get the car. Caroline says it was nice meeting Dr. Wolin and leaves. Dr. Wolin thinks the pleasure was all his. Ridge tells him to stay away from his wife. Dr. Wolin believes that if Caroline’s child is really his then he has nothing to hide.

Bill wants to do this more often. Katie giggles. She knows he says that often. Bill realizes that and he could do better. Katie believes that he is doing just fine. It is always busy at Spencer. Bill asks if she wants to go back to the office with him. They could take his car. Katie actually saw a dress in the window next door. She thought she would try it on and see if she likes it. Bill tells Katie that she means more than anything in the world to him. Katie thinks that he does as well. Bill loves her. Katie loves him as well. Katie loves moments like this. Nothing will interfere with their happiness.

Ridge sits down next to Dr. Wolin. Ridge doesn’t think he needed to be told that. Dr. Wolin feels that younger women can be fun but they expect a lot. He knows that Ridge didn’t impregnate his wife. They both know it. Ridge can tell that Dr. Wolin seems a little buzz. He asks if his partners would appreciate him drinking on the lunch house. It turns out that he ran into trouble with his practice. Katie walks over and sees Ridge talking to them. Ridge tells him that he doesn’t want to mess with him. They are not discussing them. If they do, then he will see another side of him that he won’t like. Ridge leaves.

Thomas tells Brooke that every once in a while he is reminded that he still has a long way to go with the sensitivity training. Brooke turns to him and asks what he means. Thomas is going on and on about Douglas. He never stopped to think how Brooke might feel. Brooke wonders if he means she might be jealous. Thomas knows that Ridge and Brooke had so many years together. Brooke knows and it was an incredible time in her life. She wouldn’t trade it for anything. She however, is delighted. All she has ever wanted was for Ridge to be happy. Thomas asks if it is not that then what is it. He is here to talk to her if she needs someone. Katie explains it is something with her sister. She actually needs to go and see her.

Ridge and Caroline walk into his office. Caroline wonders if Ridge wants her to rub his shoulders. He seems kind of tense. Ridge promises that he is fine. Caroline asks if he is sure. Ridge is just in work mode now. She should know how he gets. Caroline is aware of how he gets. This is not that though. It seems like something else is going on. Something to do with that doctor. She wants to know what is going on.

Katie decides to walk over to Dr. Wolin. She introduces herself. He goes to introduce himself and she tells him that he doesn’t need to get up. She was wondering if she could join him. She has a question. Katie noticed that he was having a bit of an argument with Ridge. Katie wants to know what it was about.

Ridge promises that there is nothing going on that she needs to worry about. Caroline doesn’t think that is the same as nothing going on. Caroline asks what is happening. She knows that the excuse about Rick isn’t true. She wants to know who this doctor is and why he made him so upset. Ridge sighs. He didn’t tell her because he didn’t want her to know about it. Ridge asks if she remembers the last time they were at the restaurant. Caroline remembers that he was looking at them the entire meal. Ridge knew him from somewhere he just couldn’t tell. Caroline remembers Dr. Wolin saying that he was Ridge’s urologist. Ridge tells her that he knows that Douglas isn’t his son. Thomas walks in. He doesn’t even have to ask. He can tell that he is interrupting something.

Dr. Wolin asks if Katie is close to Ridge. Katie guesses that you could say that. She has known him for a very long time. He is kind of like family. She wants to know what was going on between the two of them. Katie protects people that she cares about. If there is a problem she could help. Katie wonders how he knows Ridge. He explains to her that he was his doctor. Katie notes that it was past tense. He isn’t practicing anymore. Katie wants to know why Ridge would be angry at him then. Dr. Wolin feels that men with secrets can be touchy.

Brad chats with Brooke.

Brooke is tearing apart Bill and Katie’s kitchen. She looks through the cabinets but so far hasn’t found anything. She starts smelling the inside of bottles. Brooke looks to be really worried. Bill walks in. They both ask each other what they are doing there. Brooke thought he would be at the office. Bill had to pick up some paperwork for a business meeting. Brooke has to drop something off for Katie. Bill just came from lunch with Katie. Brooke asks how she seems. Bill feels that she is good. She hasn’t been drinking at all. Brooke is glad to hear that. Bill is as well. He is going to get something to drink. Brooke would love some sparkling water. She prefers room temperature. It is in the cabinet. Bill goes to pour a glass. Brooke looks at him hoping that he will notice that it smells like liquor. Bill tells her it is flat. He will get her a new one. Brooke stops him. She puts the glass up to his nose. Bill starts to smell. He can tell it is vodka. Bill wonders if she knew about this. Brooke only just found it. Bill sighs.

Thomas asks if everything is ok. It seems pretty intense. Ridge and Caroline both say things are fine. Thomas hopes that things are ok with Douglas. He can come back later. Ridge wants to know what he has. Thomas needs advice on a design. He wonders if it should be a halter or one shoulder. Ridge tells him it should be ne shoulder. Thomas doesn’t think he even thought about that. Ridge has a great instinct. Thomas was going to do with the same thing. Ridge guesses they are both great minds. Thomas will let them get back to whatever they are getting back to. He leaves. Ridge guesses they are all good. Caroline wants to know how things are all good. His doctor knows about Douglas.

Katie thanks the waiter. He wonders if she needs anything else. Katie feels that is all she needs. Dr. Wolin asks if this martini was made with her approval. Katie believes it is more than he knows. Katie knows that he was saying that Ridge has secrets. Dr. Wolin wants to know why he should confide in her. Katie could possibly help. She doesn’t think he had much of an effect on him. He asks if she knows that Ridge has a vasectomy. He came to him because he wanted to have it reversed so he could have a child with Caroline. Then he realized that Ridge was not able to have a child. Katie doesn’t think that is possible because Ridge and Caroline had a child. Dr. Wolin wants her to connect the dots. Katie is shocked that Ridge isn’t the father.

Ridge didn’t want Caroline to worry or freak out. Caroline asks how she is not supposed to freak out. There is a doctor out there that could blow their lives up. Ridge won’t let that happen. Ridge doesn’t want her to worry. He won’t let anyone destroy this. He is just another guy who thinks he can shake down a wealthy family. Caroline hopes he has this under control, because after all they have done to keep this a secret. Ridge promises that everything is fine. Their family is fine. He hugs her. They both look worried.

Caroline looks like she's losing faith in Ridge...

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