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Steffy tucks Liam in.

At Liam's place, Steffy tells Liam to lay down on the couch. She asks if she can get him anything. Liam was going to get more water, but Steffy tells him that she will get it. She thinks that he needs to relax. Liam thanks her. She kisses him on the forehead. Bill and Katie arrive. Katie asks how he is doing. Steffy explains that he is still shaky. He doesn’t know that she is married to Wyatt. Katie imagines that is for the best. Bill suggests that she go home to her husband. Steffy looks shocked.

Wyatt walks into his living room. He sits down by the window. He starts to think of his wedding to Steffy. He remembers them both being so happy that they married each other.

Zende looks at pictures of Sasha and Nicole. Maya walks in and says that she thinks that Zende misses Nicole.

Nicole puts a design away in Ridge’s office. Sasha walks in. She realizes that she is probably the last person that she wants to see right now. Sasha doesn’t blame her for being mad but she is happy. For the first time she is with a great guy who appreciates and cares about her. She hopes that Nicole can be happy for her.

Maya thinks that it is obvious that he still has feelings for Nicole. Zende never wanted to end things between them. Maya assumes the pregnancy became too much. Zende wanted it to be ok with them. He didn’t want it to get in the way but it did. He ran and couldn’t handle it.

Nicole confronts Sasha.

Nicole can’t be expected to be happy for her because she is with Zende now. Sasha realizes how it looks. Zende made the choice all by himself. She wonders if she can honestly blame him.

Bill sits down next to Liam. He wakes up. Bill promises that he is right here for him. He hugs him. Bill was afraid that he had lost him for good. Liam promises that he is still with him. Katie is so glad he is home. Liam is as well. Katie brought him food. Liam thanks them. Liam wonders where Steffy is. Bill is sure she will be back soon.

Steffy storms into her living room and tells Wyatt that they are lucky he is still alive. He could have been killed. He hates Quinn. She needs to go to prison. Wyatt would take her himself if he could. The image of walking in on them in bed together was too much. Steffy doesn’t want to think about that. She doesn’t need to think about that. Wyatt says that she was planning on running away with him. She has never met anyone kinder in her life. She had fallen in love with him. Steffy doesn’t think that she knows what that word means. Wyatt assumes that Liam had multiple head injuries with the last one happening in the Forrester parking. Steffy asks how he knows that. Wyatt saw some security footage that Charlie showed him. Steffy asks how he could have seen Liam and not told her.

Katie brought him a few things and she wants him to eat. Liam isn’t really hungry right now but maybe in a little bit. Bill asks how he is doing. Liam is a little foggy and out of it. He is glad to see them and Steffy. Bill wants to get him checked out to make sure that there are not any issues. Liam sure isn’t sure why Quinn put him through what she did. Bill can get him to give a statement when he is ready. Liam wants her caught. He is home now and with his fiancé and he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t because of Wyatt.

Wyatt explains that Charlie showed him some footage and he went right to Quinn to confront her about it. She claimed to be concerned and offered to take him to the hospital. Steffy thinks it is so obvious that she was lying. Wyatt didn’t realize it then. Steffy thinks she must have come up with this plan then. Wyatt asks what plan. Steffy knows she wanted them to have a wedding. She kidnapped Liam just to see them get married.

Zende chats with Maya.

Zende explains that the more that time went by, the baby became more of a reality. Maya supports him for trying to support her. He made those first few months easy for Nicole. Zende thinks that she hates him. Maya believes that hate is a strong word. Nobody thought he would end up with Sasha. She is sure that Sasha flirted but she is Nicole’s best friend and they were like sisters. Of all the people that was who she had to end up with. Zende didn’t pursue Sasha. It just happened. Maya doesn’t want to know.

Nicole knew that Zende would move on but didn’t think it would be with her. Sasha wouldn’t have gone there if they were still together. Sasha hopes she knows that. Nicole thinks that it is hard. She pretty, funny, and not pregnant. Sasha has been spending quality time with him. Nicole understands. Sasha knows that she doesn’t want to hear this but she wants to be honest. Her friendship means the world to her. She didn’t ask Zende to fall in love with her. Nicole asks if he is in love with her. Sasha claims he is. Nicole thinks that Zende hardly even knows her. Sasha isn’t making this up. That is what he said exactly. He hates seeing her so upset. Nicole is fine. Sasha knows that she isn’t fine but she understands why she is upset. She hopes that one day she can be happy for her. She is her girl and her sister. Nicole doesn’t think they are anything like sisters. They have nothing in common. Sasha feels that they do. Nicole asks if it is Zende. Sasha is so sorry that she is sad. She is so sorry that she hurt her but like it or not Zende and her are together. Whether she wants to believe it or not it is true. He has fallen in love with her.

Katie and Bill wish Liam sweet dreams. They go into the kitchen. Bill realizes that he has no idea. Katie thinks that Liam needs to know that Steffy and Wyatt are married.

Wyat chats with Steffy

Steffy asks how Liam found her on the beach and knew she was there. Wyatt tells her that he brought him to her. Steffy asks if he really did, and Wyatt replies that he really did. Steffy thinks that was nice of him. Wyatt explains that Liam is his brother. He is important to both of them despite what has happened in the past. The two of them will always take care of him. Steffy realizes that Liam has no idea that he is her brother-in-law. Wyatt thinks they have to tell him. Steffy says they will. Wyatt tells her that he has to know they are married and started a life together.

Nicole walks into Rick’s office to find Zende. She says hello. She demands to know if it was real between them. Zende promises that it was. Nicole asks how he could fall in and out of love so quickly then. Nicole heard from Sasha that he loves her. She wants to know if it is true. Nicole asks if that is how he feels. Zende didn’t say that. Nicole tells him that Sasha said he did and she isn’t sure why she would make that up. Zende thinks she didn’t understand. When Sasha and him were together he said that they made love. He was trying to be a gentlemen. He isn’t in love with her. The only person he ever had feelings with was Nicole. He can’t get over the fact that she is having his uncles kid. He can’t get over this. Nicole knows it wasn’t right for her to put him in this position but to go to Sasha… Zende will never stop loving her. He hugs her. He looks down at the baby.

Liam dreams about all the times that he spent with Steffy in love.

Steffy doesn’t want to tell Liam anything right now. It could set him back. Wyatt reminds her that he is home. He is getting a good night sleep. Wyatt thinks that he will be fine by tomorrow. Steffy hopes that Quinn is in custody by then. This is just sick. To hold Liam against his will. Just so they could have a wedding. Wyatt knows. He doesn’t doubt that she did this just so they would marry but they are together now. They committed themselves to each other. Knowing what Quinn did shouldn’t change anything. She decided to be his wife. They did this because they wanted to. Her life with Liam was all those issues with Hope and Ivy and the back and forth. He doesn’t need to tell her that because she lived it. He meant his vows to her and he hopes she meant them too. Steffy did. Wyatt is glad. They have all been victims of Quinn before. Steffy thinks that Liam was the worse. Wyatt feels that is why he should hear the truth. They will tell him together as husband and wife. Their marriage should remain strong. He wants her to promise him. Steffy hugs him.

Liam and Steffy hug.

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