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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/12/16


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Suzanne

Liam and Steffy talk about Quinn and how she kidnapped him.

Steffy asks how Liam could think Quinn was his wife. Liam has no idea. He just listened to what she said and he thought she was taking care of him. Steffy cannot believe she took advantage of him. Liam promises that she won’t get away with it. She is getting arrested and going to jail.

Bill and Wyatt walk into Quinn’s cabin. Bill asks what happened to the doors. Wyatt says that he did that. He needs to find the keys. Bill wonders why he has to find the keys. Wyatt screams that is what he has to do. Bill tries to open the door and easily does it. Bill tells Wyatt that the closet is empty. Wyatt screams and looks around. He has no idea how she got out. Wyatt looks down and sees seaweed on the ground. Wyatt asks what is happening.

In Ridge’s office, Maya tells Nicole that they got her a pregnancy massage tomorrow. Rick knows she has been dealing with a lot lately. Nicole thinks that is really sweet. She doesn’t want them to worry. Maya just wants her to be has happy and excited as they are. She is coming close and is so big. Nicole is as big as a house. Just like Julius says.

In Rick’s office, Sasha looks at pictures of herself. Julius walks in. He thinks that she has made herself comfortable here. Sasha works here. She is a model and is dating the CEO’s nephew. She has every right to be here. Julius asks if Nicole has to feel miserable. Sasha is sure she does. She is blown up like a balloon. Julius didn’t mean that. Nicole is miserable because she lost Zende. When Nicole is not happy, he is not happy. Sasha reminds him that she is his daughter too.

Maya asks if there is something else Nicole needs. Rick promises that all she needs to do is ask them. Nicole promises that there is nothing other than Zende. She misses him a lot.

Julius should have known better. He doesn’t even know why he bothered. Sasha knows that one of his daughters is sad. She is sorry about that. However, one of his daughters has never been happier. She asks if he can take any pleasure in that.

Wyatt shows Bill one of the fake wedding photos.

Bill tells the police on the phone that they don’t want him to find her himself. He hangs up. Wyatt walks back in. Bill explains the police are close. Wyatt says that Quinn’s car is gone. Bill isn’t going to let her get away from this. Wyatt finds a picture on the ground and shows it to Bill. He rips it out of his hands. It is Quinn and Liam’s fake wedding picture. Bill thinks that they finally know for sure that Quinn is completely out of her mind. Wyatt agrees with him. He doesn’t think that Quinn has any ideas what she is doing.

Liam doesn’t want to talk about Quinn. He is home. He asks if they can put this nightmare behind them and just move on with their life together. Steffy reminds him that he said he lost his memory. Liam did but it is coming back. Steffy explains that the day he went missing she was here waiting for him. All he had to do was come home and they could have continued their life together. He never showed up.

Maya is so sorry. Nicole doesn’t want her to be sorry. She did this for her. To make her happy. Rick knows if she is hurting they want to help. Nicole knows there is nothing they can do. Zende is with Sasha now.

Julius gives Sasha a hard time.

Sasha says that she didn’t ruin Nicole and Zende’s relationship. Julius isn’t fooled by Sasha one bit. He has taken Nicole’s bad choice and turned it into something good for her. Sasha doesn’t think that Zende is a conquest. Julius wants to know how she lives with herself. Nicole gave her everything. Sasha has to take the one thing that meant more than anything to her. Sasha is aware that she is lucky to be with a guy like Zende. A guy who finally cares about her. She didn’t want it to be Nicole’s ex but he comes from a good family. He is a real man. He can actually love her. Nicole made her choice and Zende made his. She is not letting him go.

Baker chats with another cop as he eats his hot dog.

The police are all over the cabin taking pictures. Lt. Baker asks what they have. Another office says that they have packed boxes. Bill tells them that they better find her soon before he does. Baker has already issued an APB. Baker asks if Wyatt and Liam actually locked her in the closet. Wyatt says yes. Baker looks around. He guesses that they should get going. Baker wonders about the seaweed. He asks if it is evidence or if it is just Quinn’s. Wyatt doesn’t know. It wasn’t here before though. Baker tells them to bag it. Wyatt asks if he is good. They can call if they have any questions but he thinks that he should get back to his brother.

Steffy was so certain he would show up. That is all he had to do. Liam is sorry. Steffy knows it isn’t his fault. Liam only remembers waking up in the cabin. Steffy asks if he remembers how he got there. Liam doesn’t. Liam doesn’t understand why Quinn did this. He knows she hates him but to hold him hostage and pretend to be his wife is sick. Even for her. That is just really sick. She had to have known that he would find out. He wonders why she would keep it up. He wonders what she wanted. Steffy looks a little frightened. She remembers Quinn saying that Wyatt has always been her priority and it has all been worth it as her wedding. Liam asks why she would do this to him.

Rick reminds Nicole that she did have her reservations about Sasha working with Zende. Nicole doesn’t blame Zende for breaking up with her. She saw how he reacted every time the baby came up. She just hoped they would get through it. Maya thinks that things would have maybe worked out had Sasha not been involved. Nicole knows that Zende never wanted this for them. He did his best to accept this and he just couldn’t. She can’t be angry for that. She wonders what man wouldn’t want to be with Sasha. She isn’t pregnant.

Sasha asks why he can’t just support her. Julius thinks that she is doing is unacceptable. Sasha knows that he just hardly accepts Maya for who she is. Now her sister is carrying her brother-in-law’s child. She asks what is so wrong with her. Julius knows she doesn’t want an answer. She just wants him to feel bad. Sasha asks if he can just love her for her or is she forever the love child that was born to the wrong mother. She wants him to forget about what others might think. What Vivienne might think. She wants him to love her for her. Julius has taken care of her his entire life. What she is doing to Nicole is fowl and not right. Zende walks in. He didn’t meant to interrupt. Julius tells him he is just leaving. Zende knows that he is upset with him that he is no longer with her daughter. Sasha tells him that he still is. Zende asks what she means. Sasha means that he still sees her at work. Zende promises that Nicole is still a part of their life. Sasha knows that Julius knows and he is cool with it. Julius has to go. He leaves. Zende doesn’t think that he is ok with it. Zende doesn’t want anyone blaming her for his breakup with Nicole. Sasha thinks he is very protective. She wants to show how much she appreciates him. They start to kiss each other.

Baker says that he's going to need to speak to Liam. Bill phones him. Baker is eating a hotdog, as usual.

Liam asks what Quinn’s plan was exactly. She had him back up the house. He wonders if she was going to kill him. Steffy wants him to take it easy. She has him. Steffy helps him to the couch. Wyatt asks if she needs help. Steffy says he is alright. Wyatt knows that it has been a hell of a day. Steffy knows he is a little foggy on the details. Wyatt looks at her. She shakes her head no implying he has no idea they are married. Liam has to tell him that he wouldn’t know what would have happened had he not found him. He thanks Wyatt for bringing him home.

Maya promises that Zende isn’t with Sasha because she is prettier. It is disgusting what she did. She stabbed her in the back. Maya knows she thinks of her as a sister. She asks how Sasha could do that.

Zende needs her to listen about what she said to Julius. Sasha promises that he already knew about them. Zende reminds her that they are at the office. He is between meetings. He wants to make love to her. Sasha thinks that the way he says that makes her feel special. Zende doesn’t want to rush this. He has a meeting. Sasha wants to see him later. Zende is going home later. She continues to kiss him passionately.

Steffy gets Liam some water. Wyatt has some bad news for Liam. Quinn got away. Steffy looks relieved he didn’t say they were married. Liam asks how, but Wyatt doesn’t know. The closet was empty. Her car was gone as well. Liam cannot believe it. Wyatt promises that the police will catch her. Liam needs to ask why she did this. Liam thinks that if he hadn’t found him he might have been gone forever. He had no idea where he was. Liam gave him his life back. He thanks him. Liam just needs to be alone with his fiancé. Steffy will show Wyatt out. Wyatt tells Steffy that she has to tell him they are married. Steffy feels that he is just getting his memory back. It is too soon. Wyatt rolls his eyes. Wyatt asks what she wants to do. Steffy is going to stay here. She needs to make sure he is ok. Wyatt asks if she is coming home. Steffy claims she will. Wyatt tells her to call if she needs anything. They quickly kiss. Steffy goes and sits down next to Liam. She asks how he is feeling. Liam should be furious with Quinn and he is but he is mostly just relieved and happy to be home with the woman he loves. Liam hugs her and Steffy looks scared.

Liam tells Steffy how much he loves her.

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