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Written By Anthony
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Steffy is in shock to see Liam again

Liam looks out on to the beach and spots Steffy from a far. He recognizes her and starts running to her. Steffy does the same. They both look like they are happy. Steffy jumps into his arms. The two start to hug again. Steffy was starting to thinking that he was never going to see him again. Liam kisses her. She looks scared.

Wyatt explains that is when Charlie rushed in and explained that he has to show him something. Bill asks who Charlie is. Bill realizes he is the bozo security guard. Wyatt says yes. He stumbled upon some footage of Liam and Quinn in the parking lot. Bill realizes that Quinn is responsible.

Quinn is crying and screaming in the closet banging on the door. She begs for someone to help her. She keeps banging. She says that she is locked and wants to be let out. Nothing works. She hears a noise. She tells them the key is out there somewhere. The door is opened and she screams at the top of her lungs. It is Deacon and he is soaking wet. He knows she thought that she killed him and he washed out to sea. Quinn is shocked he survived. Deacon was thinking about this moment and coming back here for her.

Bill asks if there was really something caught on camera of Liam and Quinn. Wyatt says that he passed out right in from of her. It looked like he hit his head really hard. Quinn insisted that when he came to that he was fine. She wanted to take him to a doctor. She had him at her place this whole time.

Steffy asks where he has been. They were so worried they were going to call the police. Liam didn’t run off. She needs to believe that. He has been sick. He had a head injury. Steffy asks if it had to do with falling on the plane. Liam doesn’t know. He was lied to so much. She convinced him of so much. Steffy asks who did this. Liam says it was Quinn.

Deacon is very angry at Quinn for pushing him off a cliff!

Quinn offers to go get Deacon a towel. Deacon wouldn’t worry about that. She should be more worried about if he is going to run an axe through her head. Quinn knows he isn’t really that mad at her. Deacon reminds her that she pushed him off a cliff. Quinn feels that he was being such a drag. Trying to convince her that things weren’t going to work with Liam. Deacon asks if they did. He comes here and she is locked in a closet while Liam is nowhere to be seen. So he is thinking that he is right. Quinn is really stressed right now so he doesn’t need to hear he told her so. Deacon told her so. She refused to believe him though. Instead she made him think that he had to kill Liam to save herself when in reality she was going to kill him. Quinn guesses that all those years on his school swim team paid off. Deacon is glad that she actually listened to that. Quinn listened to all his boring old stories. Deacon asks where she is going. Quinn has to leave. Deacon demands she stay here and grovel for his forgiveness. Quinn doesn’t have the time. Quinn thinks the cops will be here any minute. Quinn was only trying to scare him. She didn’t want him to die. She is sorry. She got caught up in this fantasy and she should have listened. They should get going. She will beg for his forgiveness in there on the road. He asks if she seriously wants to go on a road trip with her. Quinn wonders if he was just listening. Wyatt was here and rescued Liam. She has no idea how long before they come back with the cops. Deacon won’t go anywhere with her. She will probably try to kill him the first chance she gets. Quinn already told him never again. Unless he does something stupid like threatening to go to Bill again. Deacon knows that Bill will hunt her down like a dog and he doesn’t want to be anywhere near it.

Wyatt explains that Quinn had been talking about this new guy for a while. Bill assumes this was actually Liam. Wyatt says that she was calling him Adam and she told him to call her Eve. He knows that is messed up. He had no memory and he fell for it. He believed everything like they were married. Wyatt needed to check up on them before she went off with him. Then he found him in bed with his “wife”.

Steffy asks if Quinn really had him. Liam didn’t know it was Quinn. She said her name was Eve. She called him Adam. He had no idea who he was. He was weak and broken. Liam still isn’t the same. He remembers them and he has them and that is all that matters. He loves her. Steffy hugs him but looks conflicted. Steffy and Liam walk around. Liam starts to remember his first wedding. He remembers their trip to Aspen. The two of them are holding hands. He then remembers their second wedding and then when the two of them were in Mexico. Eating French Fries in Aspen.

Wyatt tells Bill about how his crazy mom has been living with Liam

Bill thinks she is sick and deserves to rot in jail for the rest of her life. Wyatt thinks she needs help. Bill doesn’t think help. It will be jail. Bill asks if the police have her. Wyatt says that she is locked in a closet and won’t get out. He planned on planning the cops after he got Liam home. Bill is going to call the police after he gets his hands on her. He demands that they go right now. Wyatt grabs his keys.

Quinn tries to persude Deacon to hit the road with her

Quinn isn’t worried about Bill trying to keep her down when she has Deacon to defend her. Deacon tells her that she doesn’t. Quinn asks if he ever thought that maybe they rushed into ending their marriage. They should have tried counseling. Deacon wanted to do that. She said no. Quinn wanted to see him fight for them. Quinn realizes she was wrong. Deacon asks if that is really enough for him. She is crazy. Quinn reminds him that he likes crazy. Deacon wonders about Wyatt. She is pathologically obsessed with him. Quinn knows he is not too happy with her right now. She has found that it is best to keep her distance. She will take tabs on him. Deacon reminds her that Liam is back. Quinn knows that Liam is probably giving a sob story on how he suffered. Quinn doesn’t think that she will let that interfere with her marriage. She better not.

Steffy thought he was at a retreat. Quinn said that… Liam was with Quinn. Quinn realizes she had his phone and was lying. All this time he was held captive. Liam says that Quinn made him believe they were married. She said that she was his wife. Steffy asks what he is saying. She grasps what happened.

Bill asks how much longer. Wyatt says they are almost there. Bill will make her pay big time. Quinn asks if he is coming with her or not. Deacon isn’t. He likes being out of jail. He won’t go to jail because he helped her. Quinn wants her back. Deacon won’t do this just so he can sleep with her. Quinn has money and he has debts. She can make the debts go away. They can live the normal life. The wife he always wanted. Deacon would be an idiot to ever trust him again. Quinn knows he wants a second chance. The chance is now. They need to take it.

Steffy cannot believe he and Quinn did something. Liam wants her to trust him that he was disgusted. Quinn was texting and calling. Liam felt her and knew he needed her. He told Quinn that he needed someone. He had those flashes that they were getting married in Aspen. He saw her face. He is never leaving him again. The two hug and cry.

Liam tells Steffy how much he loves her

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