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Crazy Quinn tries to convince Wyatt to leave Liam with her and forget about them

Quinn begs Wyatt to just leave and forget that he saw anything. Wyatt asks if he is supposed to forget that he saw Liam. Quinn wants him to do this. Wyatt cannot forget that he is here or that he saw the two of them in bed together or the fact that Liam has no idea who he is. Quinn just wants him to leave and live his life with Steffy. They can both have what they have always wanted if they are smart and never look back.

Liam looks at a picture of Quinn over Steffy’s face on a motorcycle during their second wedding. Liam remembers a memory of Steffy. He says her name. He remembers. It was Steffy. He smashes the picture.

Steffy believes that Bill is imagining things. Bill wants her to explain this then. Steffy guesses that Liam is at some retreat. Bill wonders if she has any idea where or if she has an address. He asks if he is even in the country. Steffy doesn’t even know. Bill feels that is the issue. Caroline has the baby and Wyatt gets married to her. Liam doesn’t show up for any of this. None of this sounds plausible to him. He goes and searches the house. Steffy sighs. Bill walks back in. He doesn’t even know what he is looking for. Steffy admits that she is worried too. It does seem odd that Liam would just take off and not say anything to his family or her. Not the old Liam. This new Liam who is distant and angry does seem plausible. Bill can understand him not contacting Steffy because relationships do go bad. However, to not contact him or Caroline is odd. Steffy explains that Wyatt has a theory that Liam is trying to find himself. Bill knows that something is wrong. He feels it. Bill knows she feels it too.

Liam starts to fall to the fall as his memories of Steffy start to come back.

Quinn wants Wyatt to walk away. No one would ever know and he could live his life in piece with Steffy. Wyatt wonders if living in silence is really living in peace. She will leave him. Quinn knows and that is what she is saying. Wyatt doesn’t mean because of Liam but for lying to her. Wyatt asks if Quinn really doesn’t think he will keep Steffy if Liam comes back. Quinn wonders if he really wants to take that chance. Wyatt thinks that she is crazy. She needs to be put into a mental hospital. Quinn doesn’t want him to say that. Wyatt wants to know how he turned out half way normal with her as a mother. He demands to have the keys to the lock. Quinn says no. Wyatt steps back and kicks the door in, breaking it. Liam storms out from the bedroom. Wyatt tells him that he realizes he has no idea who he is, but he has to trust him and come with him right now. Liam thinks he can manage that. After all he is his brother. The two smile at each other.

Steffy realizes that it is weird that Liam would not stay in contact. They have to accept this though. She wonders why he would text and call saying that he doesn’t want to be talked to anymore. She asks why he wouldn’t call for help. Bill did a credit card check on Liam. He hasn’t spent any money since he left. No retreat or hotels or anything. Steffy guesses that he is paying cash. Bill wonders whose cash. No money has left his account. Steffy wonders if he got another credit card. Bill thinks that Liam is missing, and they have to find him.

Wyatt and Liam have had enough of Quinn, so they lock her in the closet

Wyatt asks if he really remembers. Liam remembers that Wyatt is his brother. He remembers more and more. He knows Quinn is insane. Quinn took care of him. Liam needed a doctor. Quinn went to a doctor. She researched his case carefully. She loves him. She still does. He asks how she could say that or think this is love. Quinn knows it is true. She got to know him. Liam asks how she got to know the man with no memory. Quinn feels that he was still him. Adam was the best part of Liam. He was so kind and gentle. He talked to her. He got to know her like no man ever has. Liam reminds her that he was kept here against his will. Quinn didn’t plan on it. She didn’t plan on any of this. He fell and she didn’t know what to do. Wyatt thinks going to a hospital would have been a good choice. Quinn thought she could handle it. Liam had no idea who he was and she lied to him. She told him that they were married, and she acted like they were married. He had no idea how far she was willing to go. She is a monster. Liam thinks he was robbed of his life and family. Quinn wants to be his family. She waited on him hand and foot. Liam will not let her pretend that she loves him. Quinn reminds him that he called her his angel. They were happy once and still could be. He doesn’t have to be Liam anymore. He can still be Adam. They can have a life together. This time without any lies or anything hidden. Liam doesn’t think she is his Eve. She tried and tried to convince him. He couldn’t shake things. He knew that his Eve was somewhere out there waiting for him. He is going home now to Steffy. Quinn thinks that he is confused. He was with Steffy once, but it was a long time ago. Liam tells her that he remembers enough. He knows what Steffy had. She is probably worried sick. Wyatt says that they all but… Liam says he has to see her. He has to explain to her. Quinn wants him to rest and get his memory back. Liam demands to go now. Quinn wants Wyatt to talk some sense into him. Liam belongs with her. They share something so special together. He will forgive her. He needs to remember how he feels. Quinn begs him to help her. This will benefit all of them. Liam promises that she is going away. She is going to prison. Quinn asks him to help. Liam thinks that Wyatt knows this is where she belongs. Quinn thinks this is Wyatt’s chance. He needs to do the right thing. Wyatt will. Quinn starts to run. Liam and Wyatt grab her. Quinn is crying and begging Wyatt not to do this. They open a closet door and shove her in. Liam says that the key is in the drawer. They lock the door. Liam begs to be taken to Steffy. Wyatt agrees.

Bill tells Steffy how worried he is about Liam

Steffy asks what they suggest they do. Bill thinks they should call the police. Steffy thought he wanted nothing to do with her. She can’t think about this. So much has changed. Bill knows Steffy says to call Liam and say that he is getting the police involved. If he really needs space, he will get back to him. Bill doesn’t think it will do any good, but he will try it. Bill wants an actual phone call though. He wants a live conversation where he explains what he is up to. Steffy agrees. She doesn’t want to deal with this. She is going to go to the beach. She asks him to let her know. She leaves.

Wyatt and Liam are on the road. They try to call Steffy but get her voicemail. Wyatt says that Steffy’s phone must be off. He will call Bill. Bill gets the phone call. Bill says that he was just about to call Liam. He wonders if he has any suggestions on what he should say. Wyatt says he should say hello. He is in the car with him. Liam says he is here thanks to Wyatt. Wyatt explains it is a long story, but he is driving him back to his house. He asks if he wants to meet them there. Bill is already there. Steffy is with him. Bill says that she is down at the beach. She will be happy to see him.

Steffy sits on the beach, worrying about Liam

Steffy walks along the beach. She takes her hair out of a ponytail and asks for Liam to be ok. She remembers begging Liam to take her back with all the things that have happened since. Steffy wonders where he is.

Wyatt and Liam are outside of Liam’s home. Liam asks if this is his house. Wyatt says it is. Liam thinks this is wild. He looks out on the beach. He knows that is where Bill said that Steffy is. Wyatt tells him to go down the path, and it will take him right to her. Wyatt tells Liam that they all have been worried about where he has been. Steffy most of all. He better get down there and let her know he is home. Liam walks out.

Steffy sits down on the beach. She looks around.

Bill is on the phone when Wyatt walks in. He ends the call. He wonders where Liam is. Wyatt explains he is on his way to see Steffy. He showed him the path. Bill wonders what he means by showing him the path. He has been down it a thousand times. Wyatt doesn’t think Bill will believe what Liam has been through.

Steffy is sad. She sighs. Liam walks down a path and sees the beach. Steffy touches the sand. Liam walks on to the beach and looks out. He spots her from a distance. He starts to run over to her. Steffy turns her head and notices Liam running to her. She says his name. She gets up and runs to him as well. Steffy runs into his arms. The two hug each other.

Liam and Steffy reunited

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